Chapter 1005 - Pressure and a Bet

By the time Black Dragon sensed the soul-body’s abnormality, he could already no longer stop his attack. 


His fists slammed into the soul-body’s chest with a bang.. The body, which was already starting to collapse, immediately shattered into three separate souls. 


The Yao Emperors’ newly separated soul bodies’ faces contorted with pain, especially the Bear Emperor…..


His soul was already starting to collapse. 


Black Dragon paid them no further attention. Instead, eyes bloodshot, he looked towards Dragon City.


“Who the hell did this?”


He was furious. 


Of course, he wasn’t angry because he’d suffered a loss at the soul-body’s hands. Rather, he was angry because someone ruined his good time before he got to fight to his heart’s content. 


Black Dragon was so furious, he looked up to the sky and roared. Meanwhile, the moment the soul-body started acting strange…..


Li Jiayi glanced at the Three Emperors’ physical bodies and saw that bulky bear clansmen standing in front of them, the one who’d been making impertinent remarks earlier. She didn’t know when he’d gotten there, but his bear claws had already pierced right through the Bear Emperor’s chest. 


At that moment, there was no need to fuss about just who let him in. Besides, Li Jiayi had no right to blame the human experts. 


After watching them fuse, even she herself had been totally transfixed by the Three Emperors’ fight with Black Dragon. 


Besides, the Three Emperors were here to rescue them. No one would have guessed that someone would try something like this. 


“Take him away!” Li Jiayi shouted furiously. It wasn't just the humans, though: the people of the Beast Region charged at him as well. 


That bastard….


He’d killed them all!


“Hahaha, die! Die, you filthy half beastmen!” that bear clansmen laughed hysterically. His hands were stained with the Bear Emperor’s blood. 


“Kill him!” The people of the Beast Region shouted in fury, but there was absolutely no need for them to do anything. Black Dragon had already appeared in front of them, his eyes bloodshot 


“It was you, wasn’t it?” he shouted darkly, then glared, wide-eyed. The bear clansmen, currently restrained by several human experts, exploded into a bloody mist before their very eyes.


This all happened so suddenly, neither human nor beast clansmen could react in time. 


It wasn’t until the bulky man died right in front of them that their hearts clenched.


Black Dragon had come.” 


Although they’d been going on this whole time about fighting to the bitter end, at that moment, none of them said anything. They just stood on the ground, frozen, their bodies trembling uncontrollably.


Gust after gust of cold wind blew towards them. In an environment so quiet, you could practically hear the sound of falling leaves, all of them could clearly discern Black Dragon’s furious breathing. 


But before long, he laughed. “Nevermind.”


He chuckled and shook his head, then grabbed hold of the Yao Emperors’ physical bodies.


No one dared stop him. At first, Li Jiayi wanted to stand in his way, but her instincts screamed, “don’t move!” 


She couldn’t stop him. She couldn’t move.


“When your true bodies got hurt, it led to your souls’ collapsing. I can’t deny that condensing your souls was an act of genius, yet the drawbacks were too obvious. I really wanted to duke it out with you, but one of you is already dead. Even if you recondense your souls, it won’t have the same effect as before.”




He tossed the Yao Emperors’ bodies onto the ground, then cooly glanced at their souls.


“How about this? The three of you definitely promised to live and die as one. How about I help you? I’ll  let you die together.”


“Stay your hand!” 


At that moment, he heard a woman’s shout from behind him. When he heard her voice, Black Dragon arched his brows in surprise. 


Black Dragon wasn’t paying any attention to those people. They couldn’t even move in front of him. From that alone, it was clear; they weren’t worth sparing even a single glance. 


Yet to his surprise, amongst that group of people he’d scared out of his wits….


One of them actually dared chastise him.


He turned around in fascination and saw Li Jiayi, flexible sword in hand, staring fiercely back at him. 


“Are you the one who spoke just now?”


Black Dragon could see that this girl was weak, weaker than most of the human and beast experts present. Even so, he admired her courage, so he was willing to share a few words with her. 


“It was me.” Li Jiayi’s little face was deathly pale and her heart thudded violently in her chest. 


 “You…. you’re not bad.” 


This was a sincere compliment. It was possible that, the first time she chastised him, she was just being restless. However, even after he’d turned and looked her directly in the eye, she was still capable of answering his questions.


At the very least, her courage far exceeded everyone else present. 


“I admire your courage, but that doesn't mean I’ll tolerate you chiding me. However….. I'm willing to give you a chance. What is it you have to say?”


“You can’t touch their bodies,” Li JIayi frowned.


“Now you’re giving me orders? Little girl, I don’t like your tone. 


“Are you giving me orders? Little girl, I don’t like your tone.” Black Dragon’s expression darkened. Sensing his change in demeanor, the onlookers were instantly on edge.


However, the moment soon passed. Black Dragon smiled once more, then continued, “but I do appreciate your courage. Fine, then. Since you don’t want me to touch their bodies, I’ll give you a chance. So long as you can make me take even a single step backward, I’ll return their bodies to you. I can even let everyone here go too. How about it?” 


Everyone’s hearts shook. Their gazes landed on Li Jiayi. 


They didn’t stop her. Even if they could, what would be the point? They’d still die in the end. Even so, they had no hope she’d succeed.


With just her, how could they possibly make Black Dragon retreat even a single step? 


It was a ridiculous fantasy!


Even so, deep in the bottoms of their hearts, they were hoping for a miracle. It was fair to say that their current mental state was rather complicated. Complicated enough that, even if you asked them to explain how they were feeling, they wouldn’t have been able to do it. 


As the weight of countless lives bore down on her shoulders, the pressure on Li Jiayi multiplied. Despite herself, the image of a boy who always smiled, no matter what, surfaced in her mind…..


Ye Zichen. 


He was the one who’d popped into her mind.


“So, it turns out the weight you’ve been carrying on your shoulders was this heavy,” she couldn’t help but mutter to herself. Then she recalled once more that he’d fallen during his lightning tribulation. The way she saw it, dying…. Might not be a bad thing for him.  


At the very least, his enormous burden, heavy enough to crush a man, was gone. Death was a form of release. 


Just like it would be now, when countless lives weighed down on her shoulders!


Suddenly, a sharp light flashed through Li Jiayi’s eyes. “Alright, I agree.” 


She looked Black Dragon right in the eye, then spoke once more, pronouncing each word slowly and emphatically. 


“Remember what you said.”


The people outside Dragon City were stunned by her response. Even Black Dragon was astonished. 


Black Dragon had only said that to make the girl collapse under the pressure. He never would have guessed she’d agree so decisively. 


 He didn’t see anything special about her, but he was curious to see just what sort of method she could use to make him step back!

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