Chapter 1004 - The Three Emperors’ Overpowering Might

Up in the sky.


Rain passed through the Three Emperors’ souls before splattering onto the ground. At that moment, their spiritual bodies stood in a triangular formation. All three had their eyes tightly shut. 


Off in the distance, Black Dragon rested his head in his hands. He instinctively glanced over at Li Jiayi and the Three Emperors’ bodies. 


If they’d left their physical bodies to another person’s care, it was obvious: even after casting off their mortal forms, they couldn’t let anything threaten the bodies they’d left behind. 


This was such a big clue, yet they’d revealed it so fearlessly. Weren’t they afraid that he’d….


Black Dragon chuckled and shook his head. He naturally wouldn’t even touch their physical bodies. He was still rather looking forward to a joyful battle with their new, fused self. 




At that moment, a faint white light appeared between their spiritual bodies. Soon, their souls started peeling off in strips, which accumulated around the patch of white light. 


Everyone, from the people of the Beast Region to Gu Li and his subordinates, were completely shaken by this. 


Their souls condensed. 


Three souls that initially belonged to separate individuals were condensing. After condensing, they even gave rise to a brand-new soul-body. 


Gradually, this new soul-body’s spiritual pressure started to overflow. 


As he watched the newborn soul-body intently, Black Dragon’s gaze brimmed over with excitement. 


“Truly a work of genius.” 


He lightly licked his lips and rubbed his powerful hands together. Others, perhaps, might fail to see just how truly profound and mysterious this was, but with Black Dragon’s experience, he could tell…...


Just how brilliant this technique really was. 


From an outsider’s perspective, everyone’s soul was unique. Yet the three Yao Emperors shattered the bounds of common sense: by completely controlling their souls and vibrating them at the exact same frequency, they flayed, then reformed their souls. 


So long as they successfully condensed their souls afterward, their soul power would be three times greater than an ordinary person’s. 


With such power, they naturally had grounds to look down on all others. 


 “Genius, truly a genius idea,” Black Dragon raved repeatedly. He watched, intently and eagerly….. He didn’t disturb them. He wanted to witness their brilliance for himself.


Just how far could they go? 


Meanwhile, everyone on the Beast Region side, humans included, watched in astonishment. All of them were wondering the exact same thing. 


How on earth had they pulled that off? 


The patch of light curled up like a newborn baby. Once the final wisp of their souls condensed, it was as if the curled-up infant was in a time machine, with dozens of years passing in just a few short seconds. 


The infant became an elegant youth. 


The youth was clad in white robes. Rather, the soul-body was pure white, so others could only assume he was wearing white. His eyes flashed with intense sharpness; it was as if his gaze saw through everything around him.


“Genius, you’re geniuses!” Black Dragon laughed madly. His blood boiled inside him, urging him to do battle with this new-born soul.


“You’re too kind,” it said. The new soul had inherited the deer emperor’s modesty and good matters.


At the same time, Black Dragon asked, “what’s your name?” 


“Actually, we haven’t really thought of a name for this form, but since we’re a refined soul, you can call us ‘Soul,’” chucked the youth.  


At the same moment Black Dragon learned the youth’s name, Black Dragon felt a raging power explode beneath his feet. 


All the ground within a full hundred-meters of him instantly collapsed. He compressed all his spiritual power in his right fist, which glowed as he swung it at the youth.


Black Dragon didn’t hold back at all. He used all the strength he could muster against this newly-formed youth. 


This was just the kind of respect his opponent deserved. 


“So strong!” Gou Yuzhuan, with his characteristic tuft of hair, couldn’t help but gasp. This was the first time he’d witnessed Black Dragon’s full strength with his own eyes.  


That level of strength was enough to numb his scalp. Strong….. On the inside, he felt his soul crying out that very word. 


The others defending Dragon City clenched their fists as well, their gazes fixed intently on the soul-body in the sky.


He was totally calm. 


Even though Black Dragon’s fist had already landed, that soul-bodied youth just calmly and unhurriedly stuck out a single finger. 


Only one. 


Just one single finger. 


His finger gently pressed into Black Dragon’s fist, stopping it for several seconds.




Fierce ripples of energy flowed through the youth’s finger and accumulated in Black Dragon’s fist. The mighty gusts of wind were so fierce, the others couldn’t even open their eyes.




A massive boom resounded through their ears. When the wave of energy dissipated, the crowd saw Black Dragon slam into the ground, blood pouring from his mouth. 


“Your Excellency!” 


Black Dragon reached out to stop the Demon Sovereigns, then wiped the blood from the corner of his lips. His eyes glinted with excitement.


“You’re worthy of being my opponent.


“Thanks for your approval,” the youth smiled back evenly. 




Black Dragon got up from the ground and charged at the youth once more. Shockingly, Black Dragon, who was strong enough to make the entire Three Realms despair, couldn’t even approach the Three Emperor’s soul-body. 


Throughout the whole process, the youth had only moved a single finger.


“Too strong!” 


“We might actually manage to live through this.” Some of the beast clansmen sighed with emotion. The humans gulped, watching fixedly as Black Dragon and the soul-body collided over and over again. 


As the crowd signed with appreciation, a single unharmonious voice shouted angrily, “Hmph. If they save you, will you be proud of yourselves?” 


The crowd looked for the source of the voice. Soon they saw a man with thick, dark chest hair and a scar over his eye, standing there and cursing darkly, “don’t forget, they’re half beastmen! Letting them save you…. Aren’t you ashamed?” 


“You can’t talk like that.” 


 “That’s right, Senior Xia Dong said it too: we ought to accept the half beastmen. Besides, they’re here to save us. We should learn some gratitude and set aside our former grudges.”


“That’s right!” 


One after the other, people of the Beast Region spoke up against the man. The bear clansmen only snorted darkly and disappeared from their line of sight. 


No one paid his disappearance any heed. They simply focused all their attention on the battle in the sky.




Black Dragon slammed into the ground once more. He spat up a mouthful of blood mixed with several of his teeth.


It was clear that, after condensing his soul, the youth was at an absolute advantage.


“Interesting, this is just so interesting!”


Although he was covered in injuries, Black Dragon’s gaze brimmed over with excitement. He strained to pull himself out the deep pit. Then he licked his lips…..


“Your brilliance is befitting of such strength.” 


“You’re too kind, Your Excellency,” said the youth, just as politely and elegantly as before. “I’m sure you can sense it too: you aren’t our match. Let’s end this here. We can cede the territory on the outskirts of the Immortal Region to the demon race. Leave the Beast Region to humans and beasts.” 


“Hmph, we can talk about that later. I’ve yet to get my fill of fighting.” 


Black Dragon blew his nose and laughed madly, then, with a burst of explosive power, shot up into the air. The soul-body sighed helplessly but just as he stretched out his finger….


He seized up.


On the ground, the soul-bodied youth suddenly froze up. The compressed soul body gradually started showing signs of collapse. Then he turned and looked at the Yao Emperors’ true bodies.




Was messing with their original bodies. 

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