Chapter 1003 - Kill Anyone Who Moves

Misty rain obscured the skies.


The rain seemed a bit heavier than before. As raindrops splashed against the ground, a white mist rose into the air. 


“Your Excellency, how about I go teach them a lesson?” asked one of the Demon Sovereigns. Those Yao Emperors were truly ungrateful. Black Dragon had given them so much face, yet they still wanted to stand against him?  


People like that needed to be taught a lesson. Otherwise, they’d become unruly. 


“Your subordinate requests permission to battle.” 


“Your subordinate requests permission to battle.” 


One after the other, the Demon Sovereigns stepped forth. The way they saw it, the Three Yao Emperors had no real skill at all. If they were really all that strong, the half beastmen would never have turtled up on Mount Biluo for such a long time. 


This was also an excellent chance to show off in front of Black Dragon. No one wanted to let this sort of opportunity slip through their fingers. 


Black Dragon simply waved them away and took a step forward. “All of you, stay where you are. Without my command, none of you are permitted to attack.” 


The Demon Sovereigns stepped back. They didn’t have the guts to disobey Black Dragon’s orders.  At the same time, they saw Black Dragon purse his lips and look at the Three Yao Emperors in the sky. 


“I’m rather curious to see whether or not your fusion technique is truly as mighty as rumors say. Come on, then!” 


With a wave of his right hand, his spiritual pressure exploded outward. 


When the Three Emperors in the sky sensed his spiritual pressure, they couldn’t help but frown. From the moment they’d first arrived, they’d sensed a mighty spiritual pressure permeating the Beast Region, but they never would have guessed it belonged to Black Dragon himself. 


“It seems we can’t hide it any longer.” 


The elegantly handsome Deer Emperor laughed, a fierce look in his eyes. Judging from the spiritual pressure emanating off Black Dragon, without using their fusion technique, they weren’t even qualified to fight him. 


The Art of Fusion. 


This was a spiritual technique that the Three Yao Emperors researched and developed themselves. It demanded an extremely high level of coordination between its casters. 


From the rate of their breathing to the undulations of their spiritual energy, everything absolutely had to be exactly the same.  


The Three Yao Emperors had grown up together. They’d cooperated for over ten thousand years, and their hearts had long since become one. Only people like that could truly use this technique.


“You still want to hide it at a time like this? You’re the only one who’d even consider such a thing,” teased another Yao Emperor. He was a tall and stalwart man, fully two meters tall and clad in beast skins. He was the trio’s Bear Emperor. 


“But it’s been such a long time since we last used this technique. You’d better not mess up.”


“Brother Xiong, you’d be better off telling yourself that,” said the only woman in the trio. “If we really do run into issues, it’ll definitely be because of you.” 


She pressed her lips into a smile. She had always been petite, but in front of the Bear Emperor, she looked downright tiny and adorable. 


She seemed like she wouldn't hurt a fly, yet she possessed unparalleled speed. 


The Sparrow Emperor. 


That was her title.


As she spoke, the Bear Emperor scratched his head in embarrassment and laughed honestly.


At that moment, though, the Deer Emperor interrupted their conversation. “Quit it, we’ll be in trouble if we make our honored guest wait too long. That said, Brother Xiong, you’d better control yourself. If our fusion technique collapses partway through, we’ll all die here.”


When he heard this, the Bear Emperor’s expression sunk. In his heart, he understood: this was different from when they tested the technique back home.There, they could fail.   


If they failed now, though, they were doomed. 


“F*ck, repaying that Ye kid’s favor is awfully troublesome,” the Bear Emperor 


The tall and muscular Bear Emperor couldn’t help but swear. At that moment, though, his gaze sharped as his soul emerged from his body. 


It wasn’t just him: the Deer and Sparrow Emperors’ souls both cast off their mortal forms as well.


“So that’s how it works.” 


As he watched their souls exit their shells, Black Dragon smiled at the novelty of it all. 


“Then what will they do with their bodies?” As he pondered, the Three Emperors answered his question for him.


The three bodiless souls floated in the air and pointed at their bodies, which landed in front of Li Jiayi. At the same time, she received a transmission from the Deer Emperor. 


“We’ll leave our bodies to your care, miss.” 


The sudden transmission startled her. She looked over at the Deer Emperor’s soul and discovered he was looking right back at her and nodding. 


She nodded slightly, then moved the Three Emperor’s bodies to a comparatively safe location. 


The instant the bodies landed, she could sense the Beast Region looking at them strangely.


“We have to take proper care of the Three Emperor’s bodies. In particular, we have to keep a close eye on people of the Beast Region.” 


The human experts all nodded and reached out with their auras. The people of the Beast Region found themselves completely sealed off. 


The feeling of being kept under surveillance was decidedly unpleasant. When they felt the humans’ lock onto them, some of the beast clansmen shouted furiously, “what do you mean by this?” 


 “Nothing can happen to the Three Emperors’ bodies. I know your relationship with the three of them is someone delicate. To avoid unnecessary trouble, I’d like to ask for your understanding.” 




Some of them frowned, but since she’d already said all that, Li Jiayi didn’t hide her intentions any longer. She simply announced, “If anyone is foolish enough to attempt to harm the Three Emperors’ bodies, kill them!”


“Don’t take this too far!” someone shouted, but the instant he opened his mouth, he felt an ice-cold dagger pressed to his throat. 


Several other presences locked onto him, relentlessly bearing down on him.


“Everyone, listen to that girl.” The dragon Xia Dong chose that moment to try and soothe the crowd, “our grudge with the half beastmen should have ended a long time ago. Besides, they’re here to save us now. Please, give me face and calm your fury.” 


“Hmph. Since you’re a senior of the dragon race, I’ll let it slide.”


The Beast Region experts took this opportunity to back down. When he saw this, Xia Dong smiled, but just as he was about to go to Li Jiayi’s side, he felt a flexible sword at his throat. 


 “Senior, thank you for speaking up on our behalf, but you’re still someone from the Beast Region. I’d still like to request that you maintain an appropriate distance from the Three Emperors’ bodies as well. That will be good for everyone.”  


Her beautiful face was completely solemn. Since the Three Emperors trusted their bodies to her care, she absolutely couldn't let any accidents occur. 


When the other beast clansmen saw this, they frowned. If not for Xia Dong’s words just now, they would have already attacked the humans out of fury, yet now this girl dared threaten him with her sword?




 “All of you, back down,” Xia Dong knit his brows and shouted at them, then took a few steps back.


 Li Jiayi retracted her blade and, despite the glares from the Beast Region, said evenly, “thank you for your understanding, Senior.” 


With that, she returned her sword to her waist and said no more. 

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