Chapter 1000 - Qualifications

 “Welcome, welcome!” 


When he saw Xia Yingqiu arrive, Gu Li opened his arms as if to embrace him, but Xia Yingqiu paid his enthusiastic greeting no heed. 


 “Ha…..” He smiled derisively and lowered his arms.


Standing off to the side, Xia Yingqiu spoke up as well, “I kept my promise, so you absolutely have to keep yours.” 


“That’s only natural. I can guarantee that after this, the dragons will still tower above the Beast Region as its mightiest clan,” Gu Li smiled calmly. He used his most convincing gaze to reassure Xia Yingqiu of his sincerity.


Xia Yingqiu tightly clenched his fists, then glanced at Dragon City


“Xia Yingqiu,  you traitor.” Xia Yingda let out a long roar.


When he heard this, XIa Yingqiu couldn’t help but lower his head. An apologetic light flashed through his eyes. 


 “Don’t blame me. I’m doing this for the clan too.” 


 That’s right, everything Xia Yingqiu had done was for the sake of the Dragon Clan. 


It happened just half a year ago. Gu Li sought him out. At the time, he flat-out rejected Gu Li’s invitation until, finally, the god standing behind him appeared. 


Xia Yingqiu submitted to his rule. 


In the face of absolute power, as the depths of his very soul trembled…..


He had no way to say with certainty, “I refuse!” 


He couldn’t do it. 


 But his heart still stood with the dragons. Everything he’d done was out of consideration for the future of the dragon race. It was just, he’d walked the past the people of this world were least able to accept. 


In his eyes, however, this was the most accurate path.


“Xia Yingqiu!” 


Xia Yingda appeared before the gates to Dragon City. The former brothers’ eyes met. As he gazed into his older brother’s eyes, Xia Yingqiu could feel his inner rage.


He didn’t dare meet his brother’s eyes, yet his conscience was clear


“Your brother is furious now,” said Gu Li, cleaning his ears as he spoke, “Don’t you two have a pretty good relationship? Didn’t you tell him about our agreement?”


Xia Yingqiu simply shook his head silently, then said, “there was nothing to say. Even if I told him, given his personality, there’s no way he’d approve of my methods. The clan absolutely has to survive. If people curse me for it, I’ll just have to bear it.” 


“Tch tch, you really do care about them,” chuckled Gu Li.


“But you remember our agreement.” His awe-inspiring aura locked onto Gu Li. Xia Yingqiu looked at him, his expression sinister, and said, “if you lied to me, I won’t let you go, not even if I die.” 


Logically speaking, Gu Li could completely disregard a threat at this level. 


In the Beast Region, Xia Yingqiu might be considered a peak-level expert, but that meant nothing at all to Gu Li. Besides, he’d already accomplished his goal. In his eyes, Xia Yingqiu was nothing but a prodigal son. There was absolutely no need pay any attention to someone like that. 


But when Gu Li put on an act, he liked to go all out. Besides, if he really went back on his word now, it might cause unnecessary trouble. 


Gu Li looked him over, then smiled, “you don’t need to worry about that. Your Dragon Clan will definitely live on. If I were really the sort of person who didn’t keep his promises, there’d already be no need to carry on the act any longer, right?” 


Xia Yingqiu snorted noncomittally. He’d been thinking the same thing


Gu Liu had already accomplished his goals. Given his abilities, there was no way Xia Yingqiu could truly threaten him. If Gu Li wanted to go back on his word, he could make it clear right now. There was no need to keep up the act. 


Of course, he couldn’t eliminate the possibility that Gu Li might just have a twisted sense of humor. All he could do now was gamble. 


However, he might be disappointed. Gu Li really was that sort of twisted person. 


“If you stay here it might be dangerous. You’d best hurry and retreat. Once all of this is over, you’ll return to your clan in glory. All of your clansmen will be grateful for your choice.”


“Hmph. Remember our promise.


With that, Xia Yingqiu transformed into a Golden Dragon and left Dragon City. As soon as he was gone, contempt surfaced on Gu Li’s face. 


What an idiot. 


“Xia Yingqiu! You traitor, don’t even think of running away!” 


Instantly, Xia Yingda transformed a golden dragon as well and flew after him. However, as soon as he passed over Gu Li’s head, a giant pair of hands slammed him to the ground. 




A foot pressed down on his body.


Then he heard Gu Li laugh playfully, “Brother Yingqiu is our man now. He’s completed his mission and has gone to get some rest. Don’t bother him.” 


“Demon scum!” 


Although Xia Yingda was fully one hundred meters long, he couldn’t struggle free from beneath Gu Li’s feet. All he could do was glower, his eyes bloodshot, and roar.


“Winners take all. You were once the victors. Naturally, you thought yourselves just. After this battle, however, we'll become the winning side. In one thousand years…. Your ‘justice’ will no longer exist. Who knows? When the time comes, we demons might very well stand here criticizing you in the name of righteousness. Oh no, I’m sorry. You most likely won’t even have the opportunity to be criticized since, after this battle, you’ll all be dead.” 


With a wave of his right hand, a golden rope landed on Xia Yingda’s body. In an instant, he was tightly bound in place.


“Brother Yingda!” 


The people of Dragon City clenched their fists. Then they heard a Dragon clansman gnash his teeth and say, “I never would have guessed that Xia Yingqiu was the true traitor.”  

“Your Dragon Clan is truly great! You’ve got the best clansmen, yet you’ve also produced the most problems,” one of the Xuanwu Tortoise clansmen who’d been preparing the Four Beasts Formation snorted angrily. When the dragons heard this, they were unable to refute.


“We can no longer finish the Four Beasts Formation. Hpmh. This really wasn’t worth our clansmen's’ time. They risked their lives to buy us time. Ha……” 


“Quit arguing.” 


At that moment, a woman’s shout rose up from the crowd. Before long, they saw Li Jiayi stride forth, followed by countless human experts.


“If you have enough time to argue, you’d be better off using it to think about how to resolve the problems we’re about to face.” 


“Where’d this little girl come from? It’s not your place to speak,” chortled someone from the Beast Region. Moments later, he felt something cold at his throat. Gou Yuzhan, with his ahoge on his head, munched an apple with one hand. With the other, he held his staff to the Beast clansman's neck. 


“Are you saying Big Sister Li Jiayi is unqualified?” 


There was a sudden commotion. Many of the Sacred Beast Clan experts frowned, but the next moment they felt weapons at their throats or chests.


Obviously the humans and beasts were now divided into two separate camps. 


Why were all the human experts following Li Jiayi’s orders? That was because her master had saved all of their lives. Quite a few people wanted to step in as peace-makers, but the moment they sensed the two sides’ killing intent, they backed down. 


At that moment, Li Jiayi smiled coldly. With a wave of her hands, the human warriors all put away their weapons.


Then she addressed the people of the Beast Region, “now….. am I qualified?”

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