Chapter 100 Turning the tables

Li Jiayi, who was handcuffed to the heater as well could no longer make any sound as she sobbed.

Ye Zichen was looking like he just had been fished out of the water, while huge droplets of sweat fell onto the ground.


The baton in Liu Qiang’s hands prodded Ye Zichen again, who nearly lost consciousness, causing him to shiver intensely once more.

Liu Qiang licked his lips and smiled savagely. He grabbed Ye Zichen’s hair and slapped him.

“Brat, gonna get cockier?”

Ye Zichen feebly opened his eyebrows and moved his lips. Liu Qiang revealed a playful smile, “What do you want to say?”

As he said that, Liu Qiang brought his ear closer.

“F*ck… you…”


Liu Qiang hit Ye Zichen’s stomach with the baton, then squinted his eyes with a snort, “You’re still reluctant, right?”

With that, he picked up the baton and walked towards Li Jiayi, “This is your woman?”

Liu Qiang grabbed Li Jiayi’s chin and laughed, “Hey, if it wasn’t for her other side of the face, she would look pretty good. Especially this body. Zeze… It’s so voluptuous!”

“Let go of me!” Li Jiayi struggled futilely.

Ye Zichen, who had nearly lost consciousness, also stood up with a struggle when he saw this, “Grandson, come mess with grandpa if you dare. Grandpa isn’t scared of you.”



Ye Zichen immediately coughed up a mouthful of blood as the baton struck him once again.

At this moment, Liu Qiang’s phone in his pocket rang. He looked at the caller ID and snorted towards Ye Zichen with a smile, “You got lucky.”

Then he hit Ye Zichen with the baton once again and walked out of the room with his phone.

“Ye Zichen…” LI Jiayi cried.

“Hehe!” Ye Zichen raised his head feebly and smiled. “Don’t be scared. That grandson… will suffer… later!”

At the same time, Liu Qing also floated over and reached out her hand in an attempt to support Ye Zichen’s body, “Ye Zichen, you have to hold on. My dad will come save you very quickly.

“Hehe,” Ye Zichen smiled dumbly with squinted eyes and continuously nodded.

“Superintendent Wang.”

Liu Qiang stood outside the room and answered the phone with a normal tone.

“I’m asking you, did you arrest a suspect called Ye Zichen just now?”

Why would the superintendent mention this?

Liu Qiang’s heart jumped as he gulped, “Yeah, I did arrest someone named Ye Zichen. He is related to a smuggling case, so I…”

“Related my ass!” Superintendent Wang suddenly roared in the phone. “I’ll telling you, hurry up and let Ye Zichen go. The city police department has already sent someone over to get him! Also, you have to say good things to him and apologize properly, okay?”


Liu Qiang’s hand trembled as he opened his eyes wide, and sweat appeared on his forehead.

“I-I understand.”

“Hmmph,” Superintendent Wang snorted and said. “Oh yeah, you didn’t give Mr. Ye a lesson, right?”

Giving him a lesson was exactly what he had done to Ye Zichen just now…

Liu Qiang’s heart was about to explode. He gulped and said, while clenching his teeth, “No-No…”

“Hmmph, you got lucky. Otherwise, even ten lives are not enough for you! Speak properly when the person from the city police station comes over later. Alright, that’s all!”


The call ended.

Beep, beep…

At the same time, a police car parked outside the police station. Lin Xiyue, wearing a police hat, frantically ran in with three policemen in tow.

“Xiyue, why did you came here?”

Zhao Ziming walked out of the office with a smile.

Lin Xiyue frowned and said, “Ziming, did your station arrest Ye Zichen?”

“Ye Zichen? That name is so familiar!” Zhao Ziming revealed a confused expression. Then said in surprise after a long while, “Isn’t that the name of savior? I didn’t hear about anyone arresting him though?”

 “Then hurry up and ask your colleagues, Ye Zichen was arrested by your guys. I came to get him out under orders,” Lin Xiyue’s face was filled with worry. She had rushed over the moment she got Commissioner Liu’s call.

Although she didn’t have a good impression of Ye Zichen before, but ever since last time…

She gained a very different view of him.

Zhao Ziming’s expression darkened when he felt Lin Xiyue’s worry for Ye Zichen, but he still revealed a shocked expression and said, “Alright, I’ll make the call right now.”

Liu Qiang went completely dumb after his call with Superintendent Wang. He sat limply on the ground, while his phone fell to the side.

“Liu Qiang.”

At this moment, Zhao Ziming’s shouting sounded out beside Liu Qiang’s ear.

Captain Zhao.

Yeah, Captain Zhao told him to do everything. Captain Zhao gave him the towel and told him to do it.

He did everything under Captain Zhao’s instructions!

“Captain Zhao, save me,” Liu Qiang kneeled on the floor and crawled over.

Seeing him, Zhao Ziming’s expression grew sullen, “Where is Ye Zichen?”

“There!” Liu Qiang pointed his finger towards the room. Seeing that, Lin Xiyue immediately ran towards it.


Lin Xiyue’s heart felt a sudden pain when she saw the devastation in the room.

“Ye Zichen, wake up… Ye Zichen…”

She hugged Ye Zichen’s neck tightly and shouted out his name.

At this moment, Liu Qiang and Zhao Ziming also walked in.

When they saw Lin Xiyue hug Ye Zichen, Zhao Ziming’s face grew dark once again.

“Give me the keys,” Lin Xiyue essentially roared out.

Liu Qiang took out the keys with a pale expression.

Lin XIyue quickly unlocked Ye Zichen’s handcuffs and continued to shout out Ye Zichen’s name, “Ye Zichen, wake up… wake up…”

At that moment, the other policemen also unlocked Li Jiayi’s handcuffs. Immediately after that, she directly ran to Ye Zichen’s side and pushed Lin Xiyue onto the floor.

“Screw off.”

“You dare to assault an officer!” Zhao Ziming shouted.

“None of you are good!” Li Jjiayi glared at Zhao Ziming and roared, then she cried as she held Ye Zichen’s head. “Ye Zichen, don’t scare me, hurry and wake up… Ye Zichen…”

“You…” Zhao Ziming’s face was dark, but Lin Xiyue held him back with a cold smile. “Zhao Ziming, look at this great team that you lead.”

With that, she turned around to the policemen behind her and shouted, “Hurry up and call the ambulance. Also, arrest him.”

The policemen that Lin Xiyue brought with her immediately dialed the number for the ambulance and put Liu Qiang under control.

Liu Qiang’s entire face was filled with terror as he reached his hand out towards Zhao Ziming, “Captain Zhao, save me. This is all your…”


Zhao Ziming, who stood by the side, kicked Liu Qiang’s stomach, causing the two policemen who were putting him under control to fall onto the ground as well.

“It really is my shame to have a teammate like you under me.”

“Captain Zhao!”

Liu Qiang still wanted to say something, but he was afraid due to Zhao Ziming’s shocking gaze.

He knew!

He no longer had the chance to turn it around.

“Cough, cough…”

At that moment, Ye Zichen, who was lying in Li Jiayi’s arms suddenly coughed intensely. Lin Xiyue hurried over, but she could only watch him worriedly from afar due to Li Jiayi’s hostile gaze.

“Zichen, you’re awake,” Li Jiayi instantly replaced her cries with smiles when she saw Ye Zichen open his eyes.

“Ha… I'm going to turn the tables!”

That was the first thing that Ye Zichen said when he opened his eyes.

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