Chapter 1 The Deities have a WeChat Group

Bing Cheng Polytechnic University.

There was a white mulberry grove near the university’s second campus. They'd originally planted the mulberry trees to bring more greenery to the environment, but after a few generations of students, it gradually turned into the go-to location for students to go on dates.

You could smell the love floating in the air even from a long ways away.

“Yueyue, I bought the lemon juice you like.”

Ye Zichen held two cups of lemon juice he'd just bought from the school’s drink shop. Just like other university students, he'd found himself a girlfriend.

He'd come here today because his girlfriend had called him over. Enduring his roommate's contemptuous glares, he ran excitedly from the dormitory and bought them cold drinks…



The lemon juice in his hands fell to the ground. Ye Zichen stared blankly at the beautifully smiling girl, the girlfriend that had incited his roommates’ jealousy. Her arms were currently wrapped around another man.

“Yao Yue, what…”

Ye Zichen didn't dare believe what he was seeing. The corners of the girl’s mouth twisted upward, showing a hint of contempt.

“Ye Zichen, let’s break up. We’re not suitable for one another.”

The moment she finished talking, she smiled sweetly, her expression the exact opposite of the contempt that had surfaced on her face just moments before.  She held the man's shoulder tightly as she smiled, “my boyfriend, Guo Qiang.”

Guo Qiang, the captain of the Taekwondo society in school. He had a good family background. They said that his father owned a chemical factory and he always drove a Mercedes X to school.

“Yao Yue, that’s your original boyfriend? He looks pretty mediocre!”

Guo Qiang looked at Ye Zichen with disdain. Since Ye Zichen was wearing a total of less than a thousand yuan, he did not feel the need to be wary at all.

Yao Yue held Guo Qiang’s arm tightly and nodded in agreement.

“Yeah, actually, I was just messing around when I was with him. Qiang-ge is my true love.”

Guo Qiang clearly enjoyed what was happening in front of him a lot. He casually took out several thousand yuan and threw them at Ye Zichen.

“Take these and buy yourself some decent clothes, if you want to pick up a girl, you gotta have the cash to do so.”

With that, Guo Qiang wrapped his arm around Yao Yue’s waist and walked out of the patch of trees towards the hotel outside the school with a savage sneer.


Since seeing Yao Yue with Guo Qiang, Ye Zichen had lain on his bed with a blanket over his head. 

Everyone in the dorm knew his situation. Even though they wanted to comfort him, they were unsure of how to begin.

“Ol’ Five, get up, let’s go eat."

Kang Peng tugged on Ye Zichen’s blanket but Ye Zichen lay there without any reaction at all.

“Never mind, Ol’ Five is in a bad mood. Let’s go out. We’ll bring something back for him later.”

His dormmates left the room with a sigh. Soon, the room was empty once more.




Ye Zichen’s phone suddenly rang. He was still lying in bed. He immediately flipped over his blanket and picked up the phone.

He thought that Yao Yue had just messaged him but when he opened WeChat, he noticed that someone had pulled him into a group.

“What the f*ck.”

Ye Zichen silently swore. However, just as he was about to leave the group, the names of the group-members attracted his attention.

Taibai Jinxing[1], God of Fortune, Kitchen God, Erlang Shen, Lord of the Northern Dipper[2], Old Lord Taishang[3]

What the heck is this group? 

That was the thought that popped up in Ye Zichen’s mind.

However, why isn’t anyone chatting in the group?


A red packet appeared in the group. The person that sent it was Taibai Jinxing.

Ye Zichen decided to click it.

He was too slow! All the red envelopes had been taken!

F*ck, isn’t this group dead?

Ye Zichen casually clicked around to see everyone’s luck. When he saw the results, he was unable to maintain his calm anymore.

Sixty-six red envelopes had actually disappeared in an instant.

However, what really stunned Ye Zichen was what was in the envelopes: cultivation experience…

What is this used for?

He saw, of those who'd snatched an envelope, the luckiest was the God of Thunder. He actually got 1000 cultivation experience!

Could it be money? If that was a thousand yuan, then that was a huge red packet! Had he actually stumbled into a rich person’s group?

Ye Zichen suddenly felt a hint of anticipation about being in the group.

Just at that moment, the people in the group exploded!

Lord of the Northern Dipper: Oh wow, God of Thunder, you lurk all the time but I don’t see you sending any red envelopes. How do you always manage to snatch them faster than any of us?

God of Thunder: Sorry, I’m just too lucky. <Insert 3 embarrassed emoji>

Erlang Shen: Damn, you guys took all the red envelopes just during the time I went to take my dog for a walk. 

Damn. In just the time it took to walk my dog, you snatched up all the red packets. Old Geezer Taibai is truly generous but I don’t care about that. Who can send some money? My dog has been starving for days.

Kitchen God: You'd best ask the God of Fortune. He’s rich. 

Lord of the Northern Dipper: Waiting for the rich person to share the wealth!

Erlang Shen: God of Fortune, don’t play dead. I know you’re reading the chat.

God of Fortune: Even a rich person would starve to death after getting screwed like this by you guys. <Insert 3 eyeroll emojis>

Erlang Shen: Then are you going to send it or not!? If you don’t, my dog is going to live at your house!

God of Fortune: Yes, yes, yes!


Another red envelope appeared on the screen once again. At the very moment that the red envelope appeared, Ye Zichen directly pressed on it.


His phone vibrated. For some reason, Ye Zichen’s shoulders vibrated along with it.

10 ingots.

What the heck is this now?

Just as Ye Zichen was wondering what the heck an ingot was, the WeChat group exploded again.

Everyone praised the God of Fortune's generosity except Erlang Shen, who was acting the villain.

Erlang Shen: F*ck, God of Fortune, can you spare a little more? 

God of Fortune: Erlang Shen, you were unlucky. How can you blame anyone else for that?

Monkey King: Haha, my son, do you need your Grandpa Sun to transfer you some?

Erlang Shen: Bastard Monkey, you’re asking to get beaten!

Under the influence of his curiosity, Ye Zichen clicked open to see everyone’s luck, then noticed that Erlang Shen had only gotten 1 ingot.

Following Erlang Shen’s lead, everyone in the group started flaming each other. All of them happened to carry the titles of various deities. Ye Zichen ignored them. He was simply curious to see just what this ingot was.

Ye Zichen clicked open his wallet and found that he had an additional function: Treasure Chest.

After clicking on the Treasure Chest, he saw the shining ingots inside.



Extract the God of Fortune’s God ingot? 1 Gold Ingot = 10 thousand yuan

… 10 thousand!

Ye Zichen sat there in a daze. If this was real, didn’t that mean that he’d just gotten a hundred thousand yuan?

F*ck, this must be a lie, right?

Hands trembling, Ye Zichen pressed ‘extract.' Before long, a withdrawal notification appeared on his phone’s WeChat.

It was actually real!

Before Ye Zichen could react, another withdrawal notification appeared.

Withdrawal successful. Withdrawal of ¥100,000

Bank withdrawn to: Industrial Bank (9467)


Without thinking, Ye Zichen immediately dialed his bank’s number and followed the instructions to check his balance.

Current balance available, RMB 100,000.59.


His phone slipped from his hands and onto the bed.

Real money!

Ye Zichen trembled. All of a sudden, the scene of Guo Qiang throwing several thousand yuan onto him flashed before his eyes.

The next moment, he quickly shoved on his shoes, then ran furiously out of the dormitory with his bank card.

He, Ye Zichen, was going to repay the shame he'd endured several times over!

 [1] Taibai Jinxing (太白金星) is the servant of the Jade Emperor, often acting as a messenger for the Jade Emperor's orders. He is most well known for being the first deity to meet Sun Wukong, the Monkey King.

 [2] Lord of the Northern Dipper (北斗星君) is the God (or sometimes Gods) of the seven stars of the Big Dipper. He is related to the fates of the people as the chosen of each star would take up certain roles within the dynasty.

 [3] Old Lord Taishang (太上老君) is a famous pill refiner deity. He is the one who refined Sun Wukong, the Monkey King, in his furnace for 49 days in Journey to the West.

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