Chapter 98 - Tread On A Worm And It Will Turn (4)

Chapter 98 - Tread On A Worm And It Will Turn (4)

Lan Jinyao had already anticipated that Shen Wei’an would move against her again, but to her surprise, Shen Wei’an had unexpectedly chosen to play the same old trick.

When she inadvertently saw Shen Wei’an’s gaze hovering above her glass of water, she guessed that Shen Wei’an intended to add something to her drink again. She thought that perhaps the move she’d made against Shen Wei’an the last time must’ve been deeply imprinted in Shen Wei’an’s memories!

When Lan Jinyao went to the hotel bathroom, she received a call from Li Qi.

She quickly picked it up and asked in a hushed voice, “Are the results out yet? What was in the bottle?”

“It’s not anything severe; it’s just a slight aphrodisiac. I still don’t feel at ease with you alone over there, so I’ll rush over now. You should take care of yourself first, and don’t randomly put something in your mouth.”

Following that, Lan Jinyao half-heartedly acknowledged his words, while the look in her eyes became all the more profound.

One horrible sex scandal was enough to totally ruin an artist. Shen Wei’an’s means sure were vicious. It looked like she’d underestimated this woman! To think that she would even stoop so low as to use such a despicable trick.

Shen Wei’an was currently also present in the room, discussing the script with the Director. However, Lan Jinyao reckoned that, very soon, this woman would find a chance to leave, and by then only the Director and herself would be left alone in the hotel room.

Unexpectedly, even though Shen Wei’an was still as ruthless as before, her IQ hadn’t improved one bit after all this time. Previously, Lan Jinyao had thought of Shen Wei’an as a friend, so she wholeheartedly believed in Shen Wei’an and wouldn’t take any precautions against her. But, to Chen Meimei, Shen Wei’an was just a stranger, and they were strangers that had nothing to do with each other. So, this could only give rise to one thought; either rape or theft.

However, since she’d already stepped into the tiger’s den, Shen Wei’an must’ve certainly deployed her scheme. Then, no matter what happened later, there would surely be reporters present to take pictures.

Suddenly, Lan Jinyao remembered the last scandal involving Shen Wei’an and the real estate tycoon’s affair. At that time, the real estate tycoon’s wife had appeared and a heated discussion had abruptly followed. Could it be that Shen Wei’an wanted to imitate that incident and impose all that she had suffered back then on to her? If that was the case, then she estimated that the aftermath would be quite challenging to deal with.

“Don’t tell me that Meimei fell asleep in the bathroom? I'll go and check!”

Shen Wei’an stopped in front of the bathroom and knocked on the door before softly asking, “Chen Meimei, are you all right? The Director has already become somewhat impatient from all this waiting. This opportunity was quite hard to come by, so I hope that you’ll cherish it. I really look forward to working with you again.”

“I understand; I’ll be right out!” replied Lan Jinyao as she lowered her head to fiddle with her phone.

A few minutes later, she leisurely walked out of the bathroom and sat down at the same spot as before. Placed in front of her was a glass of water, and it was the same glass of water that Shen Wei’an had taken along with her when she’d excused herself to refill the glasses not too long ago.

Earlier, Lan Jinyao had asked Shen Wei’an over the phone why they had to meet up at a hotel. Shen Wei’an had explained that this new production was to be kept confidential from the outside world, so no paparazzi was allowed to know about this. Hence, the only safe option would be to meet at a hotel.

That was such a crude reason, yet Shen Wei’an had unexpectedly thought that she’d believed her words.

While the three of them were discussing the plot of the script, only the Director was behaving like a normal person. It seemed that he was oblivious to what Shen Wei’an was scheming.

Lan Jinyao hadn’t touched the glass of water on the tabletop in front of her at all.

After a while, Shen Wei’an glanced at the glass of water out of the corner of her eye and then smiled as she said, “The two of us have already expressed our views, so let us also hear what Meimei has to say about the script. Or, Meimei, you could also share your views on certain parts of the plot.”

Trying to trick her into drinking that glass of water? Lan Jinyao inwardly sneered after hearing those words.

“In that case, I’ll just share some of my thoughts! The plot is that the female lead will win the favour of the male lead due to her delicate and weak temperament, but I still feel that this kind of plot isn’t enough to stir one’s emotions. So, how can we actually get the audience to fully immerse themselves with the character? And, what must be done to make the audience wholeheartedly feel that the female lead is a delicate and pitiful girl?”

The Director’s interest was piqued, and his eyes fell on Lan Jinyao. “Oh? Is the plot still lacking something? What does Meimei think is missing then?”

At that moment, Shen Wei’an’s phone suddenly rang, so she looked down at her phone screen and then said with regret, “You guys continue; I need to excuse myself for a bit to take this call.”

Seeing Shen Wei’an leave, Lan Jinyao then sat down beside the Director and said with a smile, “Director, it seems that we are thinking in the same direction. An actor has to have spirit to fully devote themselves to their art to be called a real actor.”

Lan Jinyao had already lost count of the times she’d said these kinds of extravagant words. But, whenever she said this, it made those listening quite cheerful.

“I didn't expect you to be so enlightened at such a young age, that’s very good!” The Director then said a few more words in succession, “The younger generation will surpass us in no time!”

“Shall we discuss the storyline first?” Lan Jinyao then suddenly thought of something and asked again, “If we make some changes to the plot, will the screenwriter have an opinion on this?”

“That’s no problem at all!”

Taking advantage of Shen Wei’an’s absence, the two of them discussed the development of the storyline.


Once night had fallen, Shen Wei’an put on her hat and sat in the car parked on the roadside. Following that, she made a call.

“Hey, it’s room 303 at the Hundred Fortune Hotel!”

From the car’s rearview mirror, Shen Wei’an’s expression appeared to be sinister and vicious.

“Lan Jinyao, no matter how lucky you are, when the reporters arrive, you won’t be able to explain things clearly even if you have ten more mouths! I said this before, but I won’t be hiding behind your shadow all my life! The moon is shining so brightly and beautifully tonight, so this should also belong to me, hahaha…”

Ten minutes later, the Hundred Fortune Hotel was surrounded by a crowd of reporters.

“Room 303!”

It was unknown who’d suddenly shouted, but the reporters immediately rushed towards the elevator upon hearing that. Meanwhile, the hotel security guards quickly surrounded the crowd of reporters, but they didn’t manage to block all of them. A small group still managed to slip through to take the elevator.

In front of room 303, a reporter who was holding a microphone rang the doorbell.

After a while, someone finally came to open the door, and when the door was opened, the overwhelming built-in lights lit up.

Following that, everyone froze.

Fu Bainian stood in the doorway with a dark expression and said, “I didn’t know that everyone was so interested in Meimei’s and my private life.”

Lan Jinyao poked her head out from behind him and beamed a smile at the reporters.

Seeing this, the atmosphere instantly became awkward.

When Shen Wei’an showed up in front of the hotel together with the Director’s wife, the Director walked out of another room with a script in his hand.

“It sure is lively here…” remarked the Director with a smile on his face.

This kind of scene wasn’t what Shen Wei’an had expected to see, and Lan Jinyao happened to witness her face turn pale on the spot.

“You guys…”

Shen Wei’an pointed at Lan Jinyao and just managed to spit out these two words before she suffered a slap to the face.

She stared at the Director’s wife, baffled. However, the latter didn’t even give her another glance as she immediately dragged her husband away and left.

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