Chapter 97 - Tread On A Worm And It Will Turn (3)

Chapter 97 - Tread On A Worm And It Will Turn (3)

When Lan Jinyao returned to the company, she heard that Shen Wei’an had already cancelled her contract with the company, and that was done precisely on the same day that she’d gone to shoot the advertisement. Shen Yu had not agreed at first, but Shen Wei’an was too resolute about her decision. So, in the end, she’d had to compensate more than 20 million for the breach of contract before she was allowed to leave.

The other staff members also said that Shen Wei’an had planted a light peck on Shen Yu’s cheek on her way out, and before Shen Yu had managed to react, her figure was already nowhere in sight.

When Lan Jinyao heard this, she smiled. It seemed that no matter how Shen Wei’an degraded herself, her feelings wouldn’t change. For such a long time, she’d just remained by Shen Yu’s side and silently watched him from afar. Though she liked him, she’d never openly exposed her feelings.

Lan Jinyao had initially thought that Shen Wei’an was in a hurry to terminate her contract because that incident was exposed, but she later discovered that that was not the case. In fact, no one in the company was aware of the incident where Shen Wei’an had instructed Xiaomin to drug her drink, and there were no rumours at all.

What happened afterwards verified that Shen Wei’an had joined an entertainment agency under the banner of River Group Corporation. And, River Group Entertainment was currently neck and neck with Blue Hall Entertainment.

Lan Jinyao didn’t expect Shen Wei’an to be so bold. Shen Wei’an had not only openly confronted her, but she’d also recommended a new production to Lan Jinyao in a friendly manner. The only thing was that Shen Wei’an was to act as the female lead, and Lan Jinyao the second female lead.

In the past, Shen Wei’an had always complained that Lan Jinyao blocked her path. Even at that last moment, right before she’d pushed Lan Jinyao down the building, she’d still complained.

Without you, my future would become even brighter, and all eyes wouldn’t continually be centred around you. Additionally, people would notice me behind you. Even Shen Yu could only see you.

Anyone who’d ever made Shen Wei’an feel that they were a threat to her had been imposed with a reason along the lines of: You were too dazzling and blocked my path, so without you, I would be better off.

Shen Wei’an felt justified saying such ridiculous and unreasonable words.

In the office, Lan Jinyao was currently reading the script that she’d received from Shen Wei’an. Unmistakably, the investor was also Jiang Cheng, and while Shen Wei’an would be acting as the female lead, Xu Hao would be the male lead.

Li Qi long-windedly said, “Meimei, you can leave this script be and not take part in it. Although the remuneration offered by the investors this time is a sky-high price, you have to believe in your future worth. Besides, a script like this is bad for your current image.”

Lan Jinyao held the script and sneered. Exactly! A vicious, merciless, and evil second female lead, who occasionally made an uproar to sabotage the relationship between male lead and female lead, no matter where she stood, she would be hated by the public.

“It seems that it wasn't easy for Shen Wei’an to find such a script.”

“I know right! I’ve never heard of this screenwriter before!” Li Qi pointed at himself and then added, “You must know that I’m a gold medal Manager in the entertainment industry, so there’s no screenwriter that I’ve never heard of. You can see exactly how much effort she had put into this matter this time around.”

He then sternly emphasised, “I’m seriously telling you, you're not allowed to pick up this script! I will help you find a better one, alright?”

Lan Jinyao shook her head upon hearing that and said, “I want to take part in it, and I’ll make Shen Wei’an cooperate with my schedule!”

This was a rare opportunity that was delivered straight to her door, so how could she not make good use of it? She’d finally gotten a chance to act together with Shen Wei’an again! Haha, their last collaboration must surely be imprinted in Shen Wei’an’s mind even now!

“Oh dear, what are you up to this time? Have you already forgotten about the scandal from last time? That was definitely associated with Shen Wei’an and Xu Hao. You’re clearly playing with fire, so let’s not bother with it, alright?” Li Qi clasped his hands and looked at her with an expression full of hope and anticipation.

“Can’t do it!” replied Lan Jinyao nonchalantly while shaking her head.

It didn’t matter what Shen Wei’an’s goal was; since she dared to exploit Xiaomin to drug her drink, then Shen Wei’an would undoubtedly have another trick up her sleeve. Besides, this was a golden opportunity for Shen Wei’an to make a move, and if she really did, then that would be even better! Wasn't there a saying that goes: Tread on a worm and it will turn?

Lan Jinyao guessed that Shen Wei’an was, most likely, already aware that Xiaomin had revealed everything. Hence, Shen Wei’an would certainly make a move this time, so she only had to patiently wait for that moment.

“I understand now that artists who are too opinionated are truly troublesome to manage. Can’t you just listen to me for once? We don't lack any scripts, do we?”

Lan Jinyao’s choice was firm, so Li Qi had no choice but to compromise as he rubbed his head and said, “However! Let me be frank about this beforehand. If any other news item pops up when the time comes, you’re not allowed to deal with it yourself. You must let the company’s PR team help you handle the aftermath.”

Upon hearing that, Lan Jinyao smiled and rebuked, “Why can’t you just wish me a bit more luck?”

“Fine, fine, fine! Good luck, all the best, and may you have a smooth and pleasant journey!”

Lan Jinyao handed the bottle she’d received from Xiaomin to Li Qi. “Alright! When you have time, please help me investigate what kind of drug this is and, by the way, no matter what the results are, don’t tell Fu Bainian.”


In the afternoon, Lan Jinyao went back to the practice room as it was her last day there. Li Qi had initially told her that she didn’t need to go back anymore because it was her last day anyway, so it wouldn’t matter. But, Lan Jinyao had insisted that one ought to finish what one started.

Truth to be told, she just wanted to see Lan Xin. The two of them had fought over the same guy before but had unexpectedly become good friends now. When she thought of what a bizarre thing fate was, she couldn’t help but sigh again.

Lan Jinyao had just stepped into the practice room when Xiaomin rushed over to her side. She sincerely gave her a bow and said, “Big Sis Meimei, thank you!”

While everyone was looking flabbergasted in their direction, Xiaomin tiptoed and whispered in Lan Jinyao’s ear, “Big Sis Meimei, Shen Wei’an came to find me today; she already knows about the drug incident. Have you found out what the drug was? I’m afraid that she’s going to harm you again!”

Lan Jinyao patted Xiaomin’s shoulder in appreciation and said, “It’s a good thing that you’re able to amend for your mistakes. However, I advise you not to deal with Shen Wei’an in the future; that woman’s simply too unscrupulous. You don’t have to worry about me. I’ll handle it properly.”

In fact, she’d prepared for the worst which was; if she couldn’t win, then she would face death again. But, before this, she’d let Shen Wei’an receive her deserved punishment.

In the corridor behind the practice room, Lan Jinyao and Lan Xin leaned against the wall.

“Hey! The chances are that we’ll see each other less from now on. Don’t you have anything you want to say to me?”

“Say what?”

Lan Jinyao rolled her eyes and smiled as she said, “How about you tell me why you're so interested in Shen Wei’an?”

Lan Xin shot her a glance and didn’t say anything.

“Fine! Since you still don’t want to talk, I won’t ask further.” Lan Jinyao shrugged and added, “In that case, no matter what you want to do next, take care of yourself and be careful.”

She could see that Lan Xin and Shen Wei’an were definitely not standing on the same side.

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