Chapter 95 - Tread On A Worm And It Will Turn (1)

Chapter 95 - Tread On A Worm And It Will Turn (1)

“Chen Meimei, it seems like my decision was a mistake!”

After Lan Jinyao had finished drinking the medicine, she heard Jiang Cheng say those words to her which in turn made her feel as if she was struck by lightning. She was brain-dead at the moment, staring at Jiang Cheng’s back as he walked into the distance.

“What was that?” she asked while tugging at Li Qi’s collar.

Li Qi heaved a long sigh as he explained, “What else could it be? That person must be disappointed in you. You said that he’d initially decided on Shen Wei’an, but then… Let’s assume that that person had been convinced by your acting skills and thus chose you, but then, things turn out like this instead. Say, in such a situation, do you still think that he would look at you in a good light?”

As he was talking, his tone grew all the more agitated, and it was to the point that he even brought up Lan Jinyao in front of her. “You know the artist who I used to lead in the past, Lan Jinyao? She’d never encountered this kind of situation at all, but, even if she had, she would’ve done her utmost to turn the tables. Although she normally appeared weak and gentle, she was a very tough woman beneath the surface!”

“Do you reminiscence the past a lot?” Lan Jinyao suddenly asked, her expression somewhat perplexed.

Li Qi didn’t even think before he replied, “Of course, the past is for reminiscing. Ah, I don’t mean it that way. I just think that you shouldn’t give up like this. This is an opportunity that you’ve fought very hard for. I think you should go over and fight for it one more time.”

In the end, he added, “Of course, the precondition is that you have to overcome your own mental hurdle first. However, the issue about your diarrhoea is relatively more serious at the moment.”

Lan Jinyao subconsciously rubbed her stomach and frowned as she asked, “How could this be? Somebody must’ve drugged me, right? Also, why would Lan Xin especially come all this way to bring me medicine? Could it be that she knows something?”

Li Qi shrugged in response to her consecutive questions. “You have to ask her that yourself; how would I know?”

However, as someone had drugged her, then this matter was more severe than expected. It was known that artists must have the appropriate tricks up their sleeves in order to survive in this industry, but if their methods were meant for harming others, then it wouldn’t matter even if they fell from grace.

When Lan Jinyao went to find Lan Xin, Li Qi secretly gave Fu Bainian a call.

“President Fu, nothing serious has’s just that, someone slipped laxatives in Meimei’s drink. Luckily the situation has already been alleviated!”

Soon after that, Li Qi heard the man’s cold voice on the phone. “You’re telling me that being drugged is not considered a big deal? What if it wasn’t laxative but poison or a drug that causes an allergic reaction instead?”

Li Qi was scolded speechless by Fu Bainian, and he couldn’t help but silently think: Were things really as grave as President Fu imagined?

He suddenly felt that making this call was a complete mistake.

“Who drugged Meimei?”

“This...we don’t know yet, but we’ve already checked if it was an artist from our company.”

“In that case, you don’t have to worry about this anymore. Stay close and take care of Meimei; I’ll send someone else to proceed with the investigation.”

“Okay, I’ll closely follow Meimei.”

After hanging up, Li Qi breathed a long sigh of relief. In the future, he ought to do this kind of thing less often.


As night fell, Lan Jinyao was the only one left standing in front of the Glass Bridge. Behind her was a large plain, but in front of her, apart from a platform made of glass, there was only the bottomless abyss that could make one’s body numb just by staring at it.

Lan Jinyao was currently trying to overcome her fear, so she worked hard to not think of the abyss below her feet by looking ahead and trying to move forward step by step. Li Qi was right; even if she were able to convince Jiang Cheng to give her another chance, it would be useless if she wasn’t able to overcome her fear.

Under the night sky, the visibility was much lower, so the fear in her mind decreased by quite a bit.

And, eventually, she managed to stroll all the way to the middle of the Glass Bridge. She then realised that her legs weren’t shaking anymore. There was a light breeze caressing her face, bringing her a very comfortable and soothing feeling.

Following that, she closed her eyes and embraced the tranquillity.

After a while, a beam of light suddenly lit up the night sky, making her abruptly open her eyes and, right at that instant, her gaze fell on the person standing in front of her.

“That visage from earlier was gorgeous! If you can keep this up, then that would be great!”

The person who’d photographed her was the Director for the advertisement series.

“But, it’s evening now. Won’t the lights and so on be an issue?”

“It’s no problem. Our Big Boss is standing over there, so who dares to object?”

Lan Jinyao’s eyes followed the direction that the Director was pointing at and saw Jiang Cheng standing at the end of the bridge. Jiang Cheng, who’d had a disappointed expression on his face during the day, was now fervently staring at her.

When their gazes met, Lan Jinyao suddenly waved towards him and shouted, “Thank you for giving me another chance!”

However, when Jiang Cheng saw her wave at him, he merely looked away indifferently. He then turned and walked toward the pavilion before he quietly sat down. Upon seeing this, the smile tugging at the corners of Lan Jinyao’s mouth brightened.

Lan Jinyao’s condition was very good this time, so they completed all the shots on the Glass Bridge in just half an hour.

“Wonderful! I think we should’ve done it like this from the start. Chen Meimei, you’re really amazing! The most difficult obstacle that one has to overcome is their inner fear. You did an outstanding job. Looks like President Jiang didn’t choose the wrong person after all.”

Lan Jinyao smiled at his words.

She’d truly had a hard time before she’d passed this hurdle. Following this, it was time to settle the scores! That person who’d slipped drugs in her drink, she must find them.

When Lan Jinyao returned to the practice room, things were still the same. The group still acted indifferent towards her, while Xiaomin rushed up to her and said, “Big Sis Meimei, congrats! I’d heard that this ad originally belonged to Shen Wei’an, but you ultimately seized it. You’re truly amazing!”

Lan Jinyao just casually acknowledged her words before she glanced around the practice room, trying to make out a difference in someone’s expression. However, she was soon disappointed because everyone’s gazes looked more or less the same; they were either filled with envy or jealousy.

“Big Sis Meimei, why do you look so unhappy?”

As soon as Xiaomin asked that, Lan Jinyao replied, “You’re right, I’m certainly very unhappy because this advertisement almost fell through due to some mishaps. Apart from my personal reasons, there was another reason behind this, and that is: someone slipped drugs into my drink! If that person comes forward now to admit her mistake and promise that she won’t do it ever again; I’ll forgive her. But, if she doesn’t step forward, then I’m making it clear right here today that, from now on, there won’t be any more room for her in the entertainment industry!”

Lan Jinyao’s gaze finally landed on Xiaomin when she’d finished looking around the room.

“Xiaomin, what do you think?”

Xiaomin fervently nodded at her question and answered, “Yes, what Big Sis Meimei said is right; the person who drugged you is really too despicable and hateful.”

“Haha, I know right? Wait until I catch her! By then, her future is game over.”

As she was talking, Lan Jinyao’s lips curled up into a chilling smile.

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