Chapter 94 - Harmed By Someone (4)

Chapter 94 - Harmed By Someone (4)

This was the first advertisement she’d had after she’d become Chen Meimei. Lan Jinyao secretly encouraged herself in her heart; she would do her utmost best to shoot this advertisement well.

Even though she’d silently told herself countless times: Lan Jinyao, press on! You can do it!; she was still too nervous to let go of the pillar and Li Qi, who was standing on the sidelines, was even more anxious than her when he saw her like that. He quickly shoved a bottle of mineral water into the hands of the staff member next to him, and then strode over.

“Come! First, take a deep breath, then close your eyes and imagine that you’re in a large field. Meimei, follow me and try to visualise that!”

When Lan Jinyao closed her eyes, Li Qi’s hand fell on hers. Then, loosening her fingers one by one, he held her hand in his and guided her away from the pillar one step at a time.

Although Lan Jinyao tried her best to visualise that scenery, her steps were still very cautious, and as she walked, the beads of sweat on her forehead glistened under the bright sunlight.

“Can you smell it? The faint sweet floral fragrance floating in the air? It comes from the flowers blooming on the prairie, and under your feet, there’s a large field of lush green grass, can you feel it as well? Are you able to see this exuberant scenery?”

Lan Jinyao nodded, her expression gradually relaxing.

When Li Qi saw the smile on Lan Jinyao’s face, he let go of her hand and softly said, “Great, now, slowly open your eyes.”

When Lan Jinyao slowly opened her eyes, she saw the bottomless abyss under the Glass Bridge, and her pupils instantly contracted as she shrieked, “Li Qi!”

Li Qi was currently standing more than a meter away from Lan Jinyao, so if she didn’t move, she would never be able to reach the hand that Li Qi had extended towards her.

“Hey, relax and walk around a bit; you don’t really feel that scared anymore, right? Look, you’re already in the middle of the bridge now.” Li Qi slowly encouraged her as he added, “I’m right here. You only need to take a few steps forward and you’ll reach me.”

When Lan Jinyao mustered up the courage to take a step forward, Li Qi took another step back.

His smile looked somewhat devilish as he said, “Meimei, don’t tell me that you’re angry now? In that case, come here and hit me then!”

What was that about Li Qi being a gentleman? All that was just a facade! This person with that hateful expression was, in fact, the real him! Lan Jinyao silently thought and spitefully glared at him.

She tried not to look at the view under her feet, and just focused on the scene before her eyes as she walked forward step by step while also chanting, “Nothing will happen; I’ll arrive over there safe and sound.”

The production team had already wasted a lot of time because of her. Meanwhile, the Young Master was enjoying his tea in a pavilion in front of the Glass Bridge, occasionally glancing at her.

After a while, Lan Jinyao finally arrived at the starting point, and Li Qi smiled beside her and said, “Your courage deserves to be praised! You actually used a full ten minutes to finish a one minute stroll.”

“Makeup artist, help her re-apply her makeup!” Jiang Cheng walked over and nonchalantly said, “You’ve already wasted ten minutes, I can’t let you continue wasting our time. Just start right away when you’re done re-applying the makeup.”

Lan Jinyao nodded and took this chance to rest a bit. Maybe it was because she was too nervous at the moment, but her stomach felt a bit uncomfortable.

“Meimei, come over here and have some water!”

Li Qi then handed her a bottle of water.

Lan Jinyao took two mouthfuls of water and then got up to walk to the Glass Bridge. While she was standing there, that uncomfortable feeling had seemingly got worse, and her stomach had started to hurt a little.

No, she had to endure this since she couldn’t waste any more precious time! Otherwise, when the time comes, the people wouldn’t be criticising Shen Wei’an about having found a patron, but her, Chen Meimei, and reprimanding her for taking advantage of her position to enter through the back door.

Outside the tourist area.

A staff member had stopped a woman who was gasping for air. “I’m sorry Miss, access to this area has been restricted today as someone’s filming inside. Tourists aren’t allowed to go in.”

The woman took off her mask and said to the staff member, “Can I go in now?”

“L-Lan Jinyao?”

The staff member was so stunned upon seeing her face that he started stammering.

“Yes, of course, you can go in! But, before that, could you please give me an autograph?”

Lan Xin patiently signed Lan Jinyao’s name on the notebook handed to her by the staff member. When she was done, she put her mask back on and strode inside.

The staff member happily stared at the autograph in his notebook for a while, but then he realised that something didn’t seem right. He looked in the direction that the woman had run towards, and then murmured to himself, “Wait, why doesn’t this signature look the same as the signature on the poster? Could it be that she’s changed her style?”

“What are you talking about?”

“I got Lan Jinyao’s autograph!”

“What? Lan Jinyao?! Isn’t she dead?”

“Huh? Then, who was that woman from a moment ago? Quickly go in and bring her out of there! Otherwise…”

The two staff members then hurried after Lan Xin.

When Li Qi intently stared at the figure on the Glass Bridge, he frowned and muttered, “Could it be that she hasn’t overcome her fear yet? Why does her complexion look even worse now?”

Suddenly, someone appeared beside him and said in a low voice, “It’s not a fear of heights, it’s her tummy aching.”

Upon hearing this, Li Qi started to notice that Lan Jinyao was touching her stomach one moment, and then removing her hand the next moment. It seemed that she wanted to rub her stomach.

Li Qi, who was overly sensitive, realised at once that something might go wrong if things continued like this. He quickly asked Lan Xin, “How did you know? Her drink, did someone...?”

His words were quite vague, but Lan Xin immediately understood what he was trying to say and nodded. “Yes, I just realised that as well.”

“You came all the way here just for this?”

What was wrong with Li Qi’s intuition?

Lan Xin frowned and then said, “Now is not the time to discuss this. But, let me say this, Chen Meimei and I are good friends, so that’s why I’m here to warn her. You had better yell stop now; otherwise, things will only get worse when something happens to her.”

“Director, could you stop filming for a moment?!”

With this, Lan Jinyao was saved, and she immediately ran towards the restroom with a composed expression on her face under the astounded look of everyone present.

Five minutes later, Lan Jinyao walked out of the restroom. However, just as Li Qi was about to drag her back to the set, his hand was flung away as Jinyao turned back and rushed into the restroom once again.

“Li Qi, I think I need some medicine!”

Li Qi rubbed his forehead as he thought: This wasn’t good, she’s seriously unwell!

Lan Xin took out a box of medicine from her pocket and handed it to Li Qi as she said, “I’ve already bought the medicine!”

When Li Qi saw this, he was once again flabbergasted.

“Was this matter related to you?” He stared at the medicine in his hand and was wondering if he should give it to Chen Meimei.

Lan Xin shook her head. “No, but I know who did this! I’ll explain it to her afterwards. I'm leaving first.”

After Lan Xin had left, Li Qi spoke with a voice filled with doubts, “She’s really treating Chen Meimei too well!” So well that he found it strange.

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