Chapter 93 - Harmed By Someone (3)

Chapter 93 - Harmed By Someone (3)

On their way back to the company, Li Qi and Lan Jinyao sat quietly in the van, neither of them speaking. Lan Jinyao glanced at Li Qi, who seemed to be more disappointed than herself.

When she saw him like this, all the unpleasantness in her heart thoroughly dissolved.

“Hey! Say, why do you seem more disappointed than I am? Didn’t you try to persuade me to not participate in this audition before? Saying that the outcome had already been decided? You already knew the results beforehand, right?”

Li Qi kneaded his glabella and sighed restlessly. “Although I knew the results, I didn’t have this kind of feeling in my heart. But, now that you’ve given it your all, with the outcome still the same, I can’t help but feel awful. It feels like all your efforts were in vain.”

Lan Jinyao smiled. “Didn’t you say this before? That none of my efforts will be in vain, because they will turn into the most valuable experiences for me hereafter.”

When comparing it with experience, the results weren’t as important anymore.

Li Qi nodded, yet he was still dispirited and downcast as he said, “Yes! Experience is the most important part, but aren't you upset about this? I heard that the former Chen Meimei hated to see this kind of situation the most. Whoever wanted to compare their background and power with yours would’ve definitely found themselves hit on the head with a ladle. Besides, you now not only have the Chen family backing you, but you also have President Fu!”

“Hmm!” Lan Jinyao nodded her head in a pretending manner as she said, “I’ll think about what you’ve said! Isn't it just a mere Shen Wei’an? Even if she’s found a powerful patron, we can still knock her off her pedestal.”

Li Qi quickly waved his hand and said, “That’s not what I said!”

Lan Jinyao burst into laughter when she heard him.

Although the results for the audition weren’t out yet, the winner had already been predetermined, so there probably wouldn’t be any changes to that. However, Lan Jinyao still had to carry on with the newcomer training.

In the afternoon, when Lan Jinyao was in the middle of practising, Lan Xin walked up to her and patted her on the shoulder. “Although you didn’t get the ad this time, don't be discouraged! The best is yet to come!”

Lan Jinyao nodded and said, "I know; there’ll be more opportunities in the future!"

They stared at each other and then smiled.

And, right at this moment, Xiaomin walked over with a group of girls following behind her. The girls didn’t carry the same arrogance that they’d shown the last time, and instead, a harmonious smile was currently plastered on their faces.

Xiaomin sat down in front of Lan Jinyao and held her hands as she softly comforted, “Big Sis Meimei, I know that you must be very sad right now, but don’t worry, the results aren’t out yet, so, anything is possible.”

Lan Xin couldn’t help but coldly sneer at her words. “That’s right; the results aren’t out yet. Tsk, such an easy thing for you to say! Everyone here already knows that Shen Wei’an had been decided on from the beginning. Say, what do you mean by saying that? Do you want Meimei to feel disappointment all over again? Just cut it out with your act and your ulterior motives!”

“Lan Xin, how can you talk to me like that? Aren’t you just taking advantage of the fact that you have a face that looks like that of the movie Goddess, so you don’t take any of us seriously? What are you-”

Lan Jinyao interrupted the little girl and sternly said, “Okay, stop it, let’s not argue! I know that everyone is worried about me and that you’re doing this for my own good, but let’s not spoil our relationship over something like this.”

As to whether it was really for her own good or not, everyone understood it clearly in their hearts.

“Lan Xin, don’t be angry; they didn’t do that on purpose,” Xiaomin explained with a smile.

Upon hearing this, Lan Xin just swept her a quick look and said nothing else.

After two hours of training, Li Qi hurriedly rushed into the practice room. His eyes were squinted into crescent shapes as he smiled, and everyone could see that he was in a good mood.

“Meimei, there’s good news, the results are out!”

Lan Jinyao was puzzled when she heard this. The results are out, but why was he so happy? Could it be… Her eyes immediately widened, and a daring thought popped up in her mind.

Li Qi’s voice was loud enough for everyone to hear as he announced, “Meimei, the results are out, and the winning candidate of this advertisement is you, not Shen Wei’an!”

“Really?!” Lan Xin walked over to Li Qi, looking even happier than Lan Jinyao.

“It’s absolutely true!” answered Li Qi. He then lowered his voice as he said, “Meimei, didn't you say that Shen Wei’an’s patron was there, sitting behind those judges? Logically speaking, there was no reason for a change then! Could it be that he finds you better-looking than Shen Wei’an, and he’s taken a fancy to you?”

As soon as he finished speaking, his arm was severely pinched by Lan Jinyao. “Uhh, do you really think that’s possible?” she vaguely asked.

Following this, Li Qi quickly shook his head in denial.

“However, now that you mention it, I’ve remembered something. After I finished my dance, that man came up to me and asked me some weird questions. I didn’t say much at the time; I just answered a few questions and then walked straight out of the room!”

Li Qi asked, “What kind of questions did the man ask?”

Hearing this, Lan Jinyao pondered thoughtfully before replying, “Nothing special actually, but he did mention Fu Bainian.”

“Oh! I understand now!” exclaimed Li Qi all of a sudden. He then added, “President Fu must have intervened in this matter. Why don't you ask him?”

Lan Jinyao subconsciously denied this idea as she believed that Fu Bainian wouldn’t have interfered in this. As to why that man would suddenly mention Fu Bainian, that was still unknown.

“Alright then, when I get home tonight, I’ll ask him!”

“Okay! I’ll pick you up tomorrow morning. This advertisement will be shot as a film series, and there’s also a lot of camera shots. They’ve requested to shoot the ad outdoors; our first stop will be the Glass Bridge.”

The Glass Bridge? Isn’t that a bit too extreme to start with?! Lan Jinyao silently cursed. Perhaps, when she was standing there, she’d be so scared that she’d be kneeling on the ground instead.


As a matter of fact, when Lan Jinyao stood in front of the Glass Bridge, she froze and couldn’t take another step further. In front of the Glass Bridge was a sturdy pillar made of stainless steel and, right at this moment, Lan Jinyao had her hands tightly clasped around it. The skin on the back of her hands was very thin, so even her blue veins were clearly visible.

On top of the bridge, the air was very refreshing; one could even smell the faint fragrance of flowers from time to time. Besides, the weather was quite lovely today. It wasn’t overly hot at this moment as a light breeze would occasionally blow over.

There was such magnificent scenery, yet Lan Jinyao couldn’t help but feel her body trembling at the sight of it. She looked at her hands and tried to exert some force to move, but she still couldn't let go of the pillar.

She was too scared at the moment, so much so that beads of sweat started forming on her forehead.

The makeup artist then quickly rushed over to re-apply her makeup.

"You don’t look very well. I don’t want you to make me doubt that I’ve made the wrong decision by deciding on you at the last moment.”

The man who spoke was the same person that Lan Jinyao had seen in the office that day, his voice sounding the same. But this time, she could clearly see the man’s face. It was just an ordinary-looking face, but on his forehead, there was a scar which was covered by his hair.

Lan Jinyao took a deep breath before she said to the man, “I won’t make you regret your decision. Instead, I’ll let you know that you’re a very wise person.”

In fact, Lan Jinyao felt somewhat puzzled. Logically speaking, this man didn’t have to come in person to the set. Li Qi had said that this man was the Young Master of the advertising company, so he was the person in charge.

The man smiled and said, “In that case, I wish you all the best of luck.”

The moment he turned away, it seemed like he’d intentionally swept a quick look at her hands before he left.

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