Chapter 91 - Harmed By Someone (1)

Chapter 91 - Harmed By Someone (1)

Today was the day of the audition, so Li Qi went to the company early in the morning to stop her. Seeing that time was running out, Lan Jinyao was anxious and quickly shook off his hand. “What are you doing? I’m going to be late.”

Li Qi grabbed her hand and refused to let go. “Meimei, don’t get anxious and slowly listen to me; don’t go to this audition. The drama you’ll be in next will have an attached advertisement instead. When we shoot that advertisement, we can’t take part in this one.”

Lan Jinyao frowned. “Why?”

Her mind subconsciously told her that the reason Li Qi would say this must be because something had happened.

“If you don’t tell me...then I’ll let Fu Bainian deal with you!”

Li Qi bitterly made a ‘go on’ gesture to her. “If you want to complain, then do it! Anyway, I’m doing this for your own good.”

“Is this related to Fu Bainian?” she asked suspiciously.

Li Qi quickly shook his head in response. “No, this has nothing to do with President Fu. All right, I’ll tell you the truth!” He wasn’t brave enough to let President Fu be the scapegoat. If President Fu were to find out and get angry, the one who would suffer would be him.

“Spit it out, quick!” Lan Jinyao urged as she glanced at her watch.

“I just received some news. This advertisement has already assigned the female lead role at the last moment. So, although this group of newcomers will be going to the audition, it’s just for formality, nothing more. I’m just worried that after you’ve made an all-out effort, but still don’t get the role, how disappointed you’ll be.”

Lan Jinyao frowned and asked coldly, “Who is the person assigned as the female lead role in the advertisement?”

“Sh-shen Wei’an!”

“That’s all the more reason that I have to go!” she smiled coldly. “When the news comes out that Shen Wei’an was able to climb to such a high branch, she’ll be regarded as amazing! Don’t stop me. Even if I fail, at least I have gained experience, right?”

Li Qi reluctantly let go of her. “You still don’t have enough experience? You’ve already starred as the main lead in a TV series.”

“Ha!” Lan Jinyao gave him a look. “Didn’t someone say that I don’t have enough experience, so that’s why I have to come and train with the newcomers?”

Her words choked Li Qi's response. “Forget it. Go, go; I’ll accompany you!”

When Lan Jinyao and Li Qi arrived at the audition venue, all the newcomers under Blue Hall Entertainment were already waiting in the hall. In addition, there were also a few new faces that Lan Jinyao hadn’t seen before that she assumed were sent by other companies for the audition.

“She actually came. It’s really unfair; she clearly has President Fu covering her back, and she’s already starred in a drama before. How come she counts as a newcomer? I can’t believe that she’s here to join in the fun.”

“Lower your voice. Did you forget what happened to Yan Ling?”

Yan Ling was the newcomer who’d spread gossip behind Lan Jinyao’s back. In the end, due to Xiaomin’s acting in front of Fu Bainian, she was finally driven out of Blue Hall Entertainment.

Rumour said that she’d completely changed her profession, and no corporations were willing to accept her.

It was no wonder that everyone would constantly talk about this matter.

Lan Jinyao swept a glance across the two girls who’d spoken, noticing that they were artists from Blue Hall Entertainment. She silently snorted. They were really giving their company a lot of face.

Li Qi, who was beside her, tugged at her sleeve. Then, in a low voice, he said, “You should pay attention to this for later. If, when the results come out, you aren’t selected, don’t be too upset.”

“I know!”

In the entertainment industry, if there was a predetermined candidate, then there was a 99% chance that others wouldn’t be selected. The other 1% was a factor influenced by unpredictability.

She’d initially only wanted to give her career a boost, but now that Shen Wei’an wanted to interfere in this, then her purpose would also change accordingly.

Shen Wei’an wouldn’t care about a small advertisement. In that case, that woman’s purpose definitely wasn’t so simple. Therefore, she had to take a good look this time. The last time someone had exposed her scandal, so this time, who was supporting that woman from behind the scenes?

The first person to audition had already gone in, but Shen Wei’an hadn’t arrived yet.

After waiting for a while, she asked Li Qi, “Why isn’t she here yet? Don’t tell me that the predetermined candidate wouldn’t bother coming at all?”

As soon as she asked this, Li Qi denied it. “No, that’s not possible. Shen Wei’an will definitely come. Even if it’s just a formality, the advertising company won’t allow her not to come.”

Indeed, it would be difficult to appease the great deal of anger that would arise if that happened. Thinking this way, Lan Jinyao’s heart relaxed.

Even if Shen Wei’an were a sly fox, there would come a day that she would reveal her tail. And, what she had to do now was force Shen Wei’an into a desperate situation. She wanted Shen Wei’an to personally admit her crime from that time, and then spend the rest of her life in prison.

It was the third person’s turn to go in. When the two people who’d gone in earlier had come out, they’d both looked dejected. It seemed that the results had come out, and that they weren’t chosen.

Lan Jinyao and Li Qi looked at each other, each seeing an understanding on the other’s face. It seemed like it really was predetermined.

It wasn’t until the fifth person’s turn that Shen Wei’an finally appeared. She was wearing a maxi skirt with an embroidered white t-shirt and a pair of flat shoes that were visible when she walked. Her outfit gave off an impression of youthfulness.

As she passed the group of newcomers, her chin was slightly lifted, making her look like a proud peacock. It was only when she passed Lan Jinyao that she stopped and swept an indifferent glance her way. At that moment, Lan Jinyao seemed to see a corner of Shen Wei’an’s mouth curve ever so slightly.

Although Lan Jinyao was calm and collected on the surface, her clenched hands at her sides tightened, and her nails pierced into the flesh of her palms.

Apparently noticing that little movement, the smile on Shen Wei’an’s mouth widened.

She lightly said, “Chen Meimei, I didn’t expect you to be at an audition for newcomers! You haven’t go in yet, right? Since that’s the case, I suggest you go home now to save yourself from even more disappointment.”

Lan Jinyao stared at Shen Wei’an’s smiling face, unable to take her eyes off her. At that moment, she suddenly felt that she’d never known this woman. She was not only vicious; she was more capable than Lan Jinyao had imagined her to be. It hadn’t been long, yet it looked like Shen Wei’an had hidden her true self exceptionally well.

Consequently, she also smiled. “That’s not certain you know. The results haven’t come out yet, so it’s still unknown who’ll be the one to face disappointment when the time comes.”

The smile on Shen Wei’an’s face faded, and she snorted before walking towards the office.

The moment the door closed, almost everyone sighed.

“Shen Wei’an came too! It seems that we’re completely without a chance!”


Lan Jinyao swept her gaze across all the girls who were sighing, the corners of her mouth lifting.

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