Chapter 90 - Chen Meile’s Choice

Chapter 90 - Chen Meile’s Choice

Chen Meile leaned against the couch in Fu Bainian’s office, her legs crossed. A pair of crimson high-heeled shoes covered her feet, and one leg was stretched under the coffee table, while the other leg was hanging over her knee.

She was just about to light a cigarette when Fu Bainian stopped her. “Smoking isn’t allowed in the office!”

“Oh! Sorry, I forgot this was your office.” Chen Meile put the cigarette away and smiled, slightly coldly. “I feel agitated when I don’t smoke, so if President Fu has something to say, please be quick!”

The woman’s expression looked a little impatient, completely different from her previously easy-going look. Perhaps, as he’d suspected, Chen Meile already knew about that matter.

Fu Bainian’s pupils shrunk. If things really were like what he thought, it would be difficult to handle. Chen Meile was somewhat difficult to deal with compared to Chen Meimei.

“I presume you already have your suspicions about that matter? I hope you can help hide it,” he said, directly getting to the point.

“Which matter? Why I don’t understand what President Fu means?” Chen Meile smiled, pretending not to understand.

She wants him to personally admit it!

Realising this, the corners of Fu Bainian’s mouth raised slightly.

“You obviously know already, so why should I say it? Since things have become like this, it’s God’s will.”

As he finished saying that, a red high-heel flew towards his head. Fu Bainian’s body dodged quickly to the side, and the high-heeled shoe hit the wall behind him, leaving a shallow scratch.

“What’s God’s will?! Fu Bainian, I’m telling you, Chen Meimei died because of you. The reason she was in a car accident was also your fault. She loved you so much, yet you didn’t see her at all. Chen Meimei was just slightly fat, but besides that, she couldn’t be compared with other women-”

Fu Bainian interrupted Chen Meile before she could finish.

He said faintly, “I’m truly sorry for Chen Meimei’s death. However, loving someone can’t be forced. Chen Meimei is no worse than any other women, but, in my heart, there is already someone whom I’ve loved for a long time. My heart can only fit her alone.”

Upon hearing Fu Bainian saying this in such a faint tone, Chen Meile was inwardly shocked.

I see. Of course, with such an outstanding man, it was weird how he didn’t have any scandals. There wasn’t a single woman that he liked? She should have guessed it long ago. At this moment, Chen Meile suddenly recalled when she got a phone call from Chen Meimei. It was a weird phone call. Chen Meimei had asked if Chen Meimei had ever mentioned Lan Jinyao before. Although she was puzzled at the time, she’d subconsciously ignored it. Now, thinking about it again, perhaps at that time, her body had already become occupied by another soul.

Chen Meile suddenly wanted to slap her own face. As a sister of Chen Meimei’s, it was ridiculous that she’d never guessed about this.

“You can’t escape the responsibility of Chen Meimei getting into a car accident!” Chen Meile repeated loudly, her eyes slightly red.

Fu Bainian said in a low voice, “The way I acted towards Chen Meimei before was my fault. I shouldn’t have told her that I would never fall for her. I should’ve just told her that there was still a possibility between us. That one day, I might’ve fallen for her, and then let her wait for an impossible reason. That is what I should’ve done, right?”

To his response, another high-heeled shoe flew towards him, and Fu Bainian barely managed to escape danger once again.

“You shouldn’t have appeared in Chen Meimei’s life!” Chen Meile began to weep. “But, who should I blame? It was me who introduced you to her. If there weren’t that drinking party to begin with, our Chen Meimei would still be that simple-minded little girl that wouldn’t be sad nor cry for any man, and she wouldn’t have ended that!”

Fu Bainian breathed a sigh of relief. It seemed that Chen Meile understood everything, so he didn’t need to worry about the exposure of Lan Jinyao’s identity for a while. At least, he didn’t have to worry about how to deal with Old Chen for the time being.

“Fu Bainian…”

Just as Fu Bainian’s body started to relax, he heard Chen Meile call his name. He then looked up, only to see the corners of Chen Meile’s mouth raising slowly to form a sly smile.

She asked, “If she died once again, could Meimei come back?”

The ethereal voice was filled with a creepy chill, and upon hearing that, Fu Bainian’s clenched hands suddenly tightened.

“Killing people is illegal. Chen Meile, I hope that you can understand this. Don’t let emotions dominate your proud rationality.”

Chen Meile lifted her head, seemingly wanting to hold back the tears in her eyes. However, from Fu Bainian’s view, he could still see the tears that were continuously escaping from the corners of her eyes.

The most painful thing in the world is to be parted by death. Everything in this world was trivial except for life and death. He understood Chen Meile’s current feelings very well; it felt as if the whole world had utterly collapsed. He had experienced this feeling before, and it had felt like his heart had been hollowed out and that his soul had left his body.

He didn’t say anything more and instead went to pick up her shoes and place them next to her feet.

“Chen Meimei is already dead; what else can you do? Could it be that you want to kill another person? Can’t you…” he paused, realising that his words were a little bit coldblooded. He then mulled it over for a moment before continuing, “Let Lan Jinyao be your sister. Her soul is now in the body of Chen Meimei, living happily.”

Chen Meile stood up on her bare feet and looked him right in the eyes. “Fu Bainian, put yourself in my shoes, can you treat Chen Meimei as Lan Jinyao and love her? Let me ask you: If Chen Meimei was still Chen Meimei, but she was just pretending to be Lan Jinyao and living in your world; how would you react? Have you never given a thought about how soul possessing could ever exist in this world?”

Fu Bainian was instantly stunned by her outburst.

He’d never thought about this possibility like Chen Meile had said, but, it wasn’t impossible either.

As if he’d been silent for a century, Fu Bainian let out a long sigh. “If you love someone, you just know. Although this situation might be impossible, you’ll never mistake the person you love.”

When he was with Lan Xin, he’d always had a strange feeling. Although Lan Xin had the same movements and the same face, he’d felt that that person before him was becoming increasingly unfamiliar.

“After you’ve said so much, what is your choice, Chen Meile?”

Chen Meile stared at him as tears continuously rolled down her cheeks. She quickly put on her shoes, pushed Fu Bainian away, and then ran out of the office.

When Lan Jinyao arrived, her body was knocked into, and she saw Chen Meile crying as she passed by.

She pushed the office door open, and asked as she walked in, “What was her choice?”

“Maybe choosing to conceal the secret, or maybe to kill you; who knows?”

Lan Jinyao felt coldness slowly creep its way down her spine.

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