Chapter 9 - The First Drama (1)

Chapter 9 - The First Drama (1)

Shen Wei’an’s small plan was thoroughly ruined. Although her wish to appear in the headlines was fulfilled, her reputation was utterly destroyed. Everyone knew that the rich and overbearing Chen Meimei scorned lying.

Lan Jinyao laughed her ass off as she held a newspaper, the fat on her body jiggling along with her laugh. None of her past noble and graceful manner could be seen. Especially when she saw what in the newspaper: Current popular actress investigated by police. Her eyes turned into slits as she laughed. Although she knew that the police wouldn’t be able to discover anything, she was surprised that even though she’d made such a cacophony, she’d been able to create such powerful results. She was certain that it was because Chen Meile was adding fuel from behind the scenes. While it was clear that Chen Meile liked to push Chen Meimei from time to time, she could see that the affection between the two sisters was truly good.

Unfortunately, Chen Meimei was no longer in this world, and her body was now occupied by her; a stranger.

Lan Jinyao thought about making a phone call to Chen Meile to express her thanks, but before she’d even dialled, Chen Meile called her.

“Chen Meimei! Hurry up and come to the company. Didn’t you recently say that you want to act in a drama? I bought a role for you. Although it’s not the leading role, it’s definitely good enough for you to play. No more talking, just hurry up and come over. The company will assign someone to give you the script later.”

She would be able to act in a drama so soon?

Lan Jinyao squeezed the two layers of fat at her waist which looked like a lifebuoy. She wasn’t happy at all. With such excess flesh covering her from head to toe, what role could she play?

Very soon, Lan Jinyao found out what kind of role she was playing; it was in an ancient costume drama. Lan Jinyao was acting as a wealthy Landlord's daughter, who was also the female lead's little sister. The fate of the character was rough. First, she fell in love with the man that the female lead liked, but she was unexpectedly treated as cannon fodder. Later on, her family was left in a desperate situation, and her Father took a group of servants away with him. So, she became the mountain stronghold's heinous female Master. Everything she did, she did while being watched by the public. In the end, she died when she was shot by an arrow.

The drama's length was slightly longer than an hour, but it was divided into a dozen or more shots. Yet, since she would die before making it through half of the drama, it was a tragedy.

As a professional actress, Lan Jinyao acted in quite a few ancient costume dramas before. However, to switch from acting as a immortal fairy to a mountain stronghold’s heinous female Master, was quite challenging. That kind of grandeur and imposing aura wasn’t something that could be acted out with ease by just anyone.

Although the script was pretty good, this character was dismissed by Lan Jinyao. It was a role without any bright spots. Except for the brief highlights before the character’s death, the other parts would be difficult for her to act.

The young girl who gave her the script babbled endlessly, beaming widely as she said, “Chen Meimei, your sister is very good to you. She was worried that you wouldn’t be able to act well, so she purposely found a role that would fit your personality. You only need to learn the dialogue by heart, and that’ll do! Anyway, it’s not that hard, good luck!”

The little flame burning brightly within Lan Jinyao’s eyes was extinguished. She hadn’t really given much thought to what kind of role Chen Meile would give her, so she hadn’t expected this outcome at all. But, it really was a role that specifically fit her!

“Where’s the Director? I want to change roles!”

The young girl looked her up and down, then shook her head. “Although your family is well-off, this Director won’t let you change roles.”

Hey! This girl was speaking so straightforwardly! Even though the whole company knew that her role was bought, it wasn’t something one should say so openly!

So, Lan Jinyao firmly said, “I want to change roles. Tell me quickly; where’s the Director?”

Just as Lan Jinyao was going to call Chen Meile, the girl hurriedly held up her hands in surrender. “Okay okay, since I’m afraid of you, I’ll take you there! But, you have to be mentally prepared. Although Director Chen’s a very distinguished, carefree and magnanimous person with outstanding talents, when it comes to his work ethics then he’s very strict, so you shouldn’t even think about being able to go through the backdoor.”

Lan Jinyao didn’t respond as she thought, ‘I’m not going to use the back door! I’ll use my acting skills to conquer the Director.’

Upon arriving at the company, Lan Jinyao hadn’t yet entered the room before the young girl rushed ahead and said, “Director Chen, Chen Meimei just got the script, but she isn’t satisfied with it and has asked to change roles!”

“That’s impossible! The candidates for the roles have already been decided. How could we change the roles at the last moment?!”

Lan Jinyao walked in and saw a firm back. Slowly, that figure turned around and looked at her with a solemn look. “It’s you who wants to change roles?”

“Chen Zetao...”

Before her was the man who’d been prepared as her blind date at the club. The outstanding and infamous Director.

“Please call me Director Chen!”

Lan Jinyao noticed that although the man had a handsome face, he was purposely acting all serious. So, she couldn’t help but find it funny.

“Fine. Director Chen, I’m asking for another role!”

The man stared fixedly at her for a moment. Perhaps seeing that no one else was in the office, he opened the skylight. “Chen Meimei, you know that your role was secured with great difficulty by your sister, right?”

Lan Jinyao shook her head, not at all agreeing with the man’s statement. She shrugged as she said, “I don’t agree with you. My family has plenty of money. Therefore, obtaining something that you can buy with money is really not that difficult.”

It appeared that he hadn’t foreseen her cheeky response and was left stumped for words. He furrowed his brows. “You don’t have any acting skills and used money to buy a role, yet you still dislike it. Chen Meimei, it seems that your face is really thick. I decided to go see you that night, but it seems that was a wrong decision!”

The man appeared slightly angry to the point that even his tone was cold and hard.

Lan Jinyao’s complexion suddenly changed, and she stood in front of the man. Looking at him with a flat expression, she aggressively said, “First of all, you haven’t seen me act before, so why do you say that I have no acting skills? Secondly, since it was bought with money, I should get the best role. As for you saying that my face is thick, then you’re no better. You’re selling your characters to actresses, so as a Director, what kind of accomplishments do you have?!”

The man was utterly speechless as her words shot like a bullet towards him. Not only his face was ashen due to anger, his chest violently heaved; as if he would go berserk any moment.

“Chen Meimei, the whole world knows that you don’t have any acting skills! So, I don’t need to watch your acting!”

Lan Jinyao chuckled but didn’t respond.

The man lost his calm demeanour and glared at her. “What are you laughing for?”

“I’m laughing at your narrow mindedness! You’re biased against me!”

Chen Zetao opened his mouth. He had originally wanted to say ‘if I were biased against you, then I wouldn’t have gone on that blind date’. But, thinking it over, he decided to drop it.

After calming himself down, he said with a cold expression on his face, “If you want to act in this drama, then you can only play this role. As for getting another role, this is the end of our discussion!”

Chen Zetao put the script down on the table, walked past her, and left the room.

Lan Jinyao was provoked by the expression of disdain that she’d momentary glimpsed in his eyes.

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