Chapter 89 - Identity Exposure (4)

Chapter 89 - Identity Exposure (4)

The colourful lights in the bar were flashing brightly and were almost dazzling everyone’s eyes.

This was a battle involving Chen Meimei’s identity, and the two women, each with their own thoughts, were smiling rigorously.

The bartender was mixing the cocktail, pouring a few different kinds of alcohols in it until it turned a particularly nice colour. At that moment, Lan Jinyao noticed that the handsome guy was subconsciously glancing at her, and something abruptly flashed in her mind.

Lan Jinyao turned to look at a certain spot in the bar, the look in her eyes unclear.

Judging from Chen Meile’s character, she wouldn’t just invite her here to drink. Once before was for a party between friends, and another time was when Chen Zetao was introduced to her. It seemed like saying they hadn’t hung out together for a long time was too far-fetched, right?

Moments later, a cocktail was placed in front of Lan Jinyao. Chen Meile held up her glass. “Come, drink!”

The colour of this cocktail was pretty good, but, did Chen Meimei really like this drink?

Lan Jinyao frowned as she stared at the cocktail in front of her. She said to Chen Meimei, “Sis, you wouldn’t be...forgetting what alcohol I like, right?”

As she was saying this, she passed her previous wine glass to the bartender. “Just give me a glass of the previous wine.”

The bartender spread out his hands towards Chen Meile and shrugged his shoulders. Then he turned to Lan Jinyao to pour her the wine.

Lan Jinyao secretly breathed a sigh of relief. Just now that was so close. Chen Meile must have heard the rumours, so she wanted to test her. Fortunately, she’d guessed correctly.

“Haha, look at my goldfish memory! This pretty boy is new, so how could he know what wine you like?” Chen Meile laughed and wanted this opportunity to take this matter off her mind.

Lan Jinyao just quietly drank the wine and didn’t pursue the matter.

In her opinion, Chen Meile’s attitude towards anything was carefree, except Fu Bainian. So, she allowed Chen Meile to take this matter off her mind in a behaviour similar to Chen Meimei’s character.

However, the uneasiness in Lan Jinyao’s heart was growing stronger. She didn’t know what other tricks were waiting for her after this.

That evening, Lan Jinyao had to act cautiously, as she was afraid that she would make a mistake.

Fortunately, the evening was passed safely.

The two sisters stayed at the bar until 10 PM. During that period, Fu Bainian called Lan Jinyao to say that he would pick her up.

As she and Chen Meile walked out of the bar, they saw a car parked by the roadside.

“Hey, isn’t that Fu Bainian’s car? He’s so sweet now. In the past, he used to be very indifferent towards you, but things look great now. It’s his turn to chase after you.”

“Go, hurry! I wonder how long he waited outside?” Chen Meile said as she pushed her.

While saying this though, Chen Meile’s eyes seemed distant.

Lan Jinyao then turned to glance at her. “I’m going then! Take care of yourself.”

It wasn’t far to the car, but Lan Jinyao took every step cautiously. She could feel that Chen Meile’s eyes were staring at her, and it was the kind of feeling that made her body become rigid as she walked.

Lan Jinyao didn’t look back, so she didn’t see that while Chen Meile was watching her walk towards the Land Rover, her eyes were filled with a complicated expression.

“What did Chen Meile say to you? Your movements looks stiff.” After getting in the car, Fu Bainian cupped her face and asked, “And, you don’t look happy either.”

Lan Jinyao’s brows creased, like she was thinking hard about something. After a while, she opened her mouth to say, “I feel that Chen Meile was weird today. Maybe she already knows my identity? She was the closest person to Chen Meimei after all.”

As she said this, Fu Bainian’s expression also became serious, and he asked, “Have you discovered something?”

“Nothing, I just feel it; that’s all. Tonight felt very strange. If she doesn’t notice anything, then I don’t think that she’ll test me again.” She frowned and continued, “That was really close just now! I was almost exposed, but luckily I was quick-witted!”

Unexpectedly, Fu Bainian shook his head. “Chen Meile is much smarter and shrewder than Chen Meimei. If she were testing you, then you wouldn’t have been able to detect it. If she intentionally made you aware, then she must have found the answer she was seeking, and she may have just wanted to give you a heads-up.”

“Really?” Lan Jinyao’s heartbeats picked up speed once more.

It didn’t matter if other people knew, as what she feared most was the Chen Family knowing. By then, she might experience difficulty surviving.

“Don’t worry, the only thing that can be done is to take one step at a time!”

Fu Bainian then started the car to drive home.

Lan Jinyao suspiciously glanced at him and asked, “Why don’t you look worried? Did you expect something like this to occur?”

“Don’t worry yourself; there will always be a solution.” Fu Bainian reached out his hand and rubbed her head.

Although Lan Jinyao had Fu Bainian’s assurances, she still wasn’t very reassured. If Chen Meile knew about her identity, then it was just a matter of time before the Chen Family would also learn about it. Lan Jinyao couldn’t figure out why everyone could so calmly accept this kind of ridiculous phenomenon. Is there no one who doubted the validity of this strange reality?

That night, Lan Jinyao didn’t sleep well. She hadn’t dreamt of her death for a long time, and Shen Wei’an’s malicious smile was the root of her nightmares.

She struggled and wept in her sleep, yet she still couldn’t wake up. She felt like her soul was being ripped away from this body.

Fu Bainian was awoken when heard the pained groans escape Lan Jinyao’s mouth. He touched her forehead, but he only felt ice-cold sweat.

The next second he turned the light on and stared at her lying on the bed. Her face was ashen, and her brows were tightly creased together as if she was trapped in a nightmare.

“Jinyao, wake up! Jinyao-”

He patted her cheeks. Her cold temperature almost making him subconsciously move his hand away.


No matter how hard he called out, she was trapped in her dreams and wouldn’t wake up. Fu Bainian’s brows were slightly creased. Suddenly, a lightbulb went off in his head, and he lifted the hand that was cupping Lan Jinyao’s cheek to pinch her nose.

Unable to breath, the dreaming Lan Jinyao’s brow wrinkled even tighter. Thirty seconds later, her eyelids flew open and stared at Fu Bainian in confusion as she gasped for fresh air.

Fu Bainian’s fingers were still pinching her nose.

His expression looked awkward as he said, “I was worried that you couldn’t wake up.”

“Oh.” Lan Jinyao’s expression was blank. “You can let me go now; I can't breathe.”

Fu Bainian released his fingers, and a moment later, his kiss landed on her lips.

“I’ll help you settle this matter, so, when you’re sleeping, don’t think about it anymore; it’ll just worry me.”

Lan Jinyao stared into the man’s black pupils for a while before nodding.

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