Chapter 87 - Identity Exposure (2)

Chapter 87 - Identity Exposure (2)

As the minutes went by, the sun gradually grew hotter. A thin layer of sweat had already formed on Shen Wei’an’s forehead under the sunlight.

The two servants guarding the door refused to let Shen Wei’an enter further.

The impatient Shen Wei’an eventually compromised and asked the servants, “Then, when will Mr Chen return?”

“The exact date isn’t certain. If there’s something urgent, you can leave a phone number, and we’ll let you know when Master has returned!”

Shen Wei’an pondered for a moment and felt that this was the only option remaining, so she left her phone number.

Just as she turned to leave, a window in one of the rooms upstairs opened, and a loud female voice travelled down, “Wait-”

Chen Meile quickly went downstairs and stood in the yard a moment later. She was wearing high heels, making her tall enough to look down at Shen Wei’an.

“Why’re you looking for my Father?” Chen Meile looked at Shen Wei’an with her arms folded across her chest.

Shen Wei’an’s gaze swept over her before she frowned and asked, “Are you currently in charge?”

“What’s with that look of yours?” Chen Meile disdainfully asked. “This is my home; of course I’m in charge!”

Shen Wei’an had never been looked at with such an expression before. For a moment, anger soared within her heart. However, for the secret she knew, she had no choice but to give in for the time being, so she revealed a false smile.

“Please don’t take offence; I don’t mean it. It’s just because the things I want to say today are extremely important, so…” she paused, but instead of continuing her words, she asked, “Can I go in and have a cup of tea?”

Chen Meile slightly raised her chin and examined Shen Wei’an. After several moments, she nodded.

Different from the simple decorations outside, the inside of the mansion appeared somewhat too luxurious. The wall along the stairs was covered with valuable ancient paintings, and there were a lot of antique vases in the corner. Shen Wei’an didn’t understand much, but even she could see that those things were exquisite. However, those exquisite things appeared to be randomly placed.

She couldn’t help but inwardly think: He’s a wealthy local landlord! He places everything at home and can’t wait to see it all pileup.

As Shen Wei’an was examining the furnishing in the room, Chen Meile made tea while observing her. When she saw the contempt flit by in Shen Wei’an’s eyes, the corner of her mouth raised to form a scornful smile.

“I’m sure that Miss Shen doesn’t have these things at home! One picture alone costs more than a million dollars! I’m also sure that Miss Shen can’t afford it!”

Chen Meile didn’t have a good impression of this woman. Previously, because of this woman, Chen Meimei’s photo was on the front page headlines for several days, which almost made her have a bad reputation. Although Chen Meile had settled the matter, she still remembered that all the fault could be placed on this woman’s head. If this woman hadn’t talked rubbish, then Chen Meimei wouldn’t have appeared in the headlines.

Shen Wei’an’s face turned an unnatural shade of blue. She lowered her gaze, smiling as she said, “You’re right! I’m an artist, so how can I buy any of these things?”

Chen Meile was gloating inside, yet she couldn’t help but utter, “But, our Meimei is an artist too, and she can afford it. Therefore, it seems like it depends on one’s fate too. Unlike a certain someone who uses all types of methods, but in the end still suffers a double loss after trying to trick the enemy.”

As she spoke, she covered her mouth and giggled, vividly portraying the image of a villain.

Shen Wei’an had to breathe out a long sigh of relief before she was able to calm her anger.

This situation was just like she’d expected. As long as she managed to achieve her purpose, then this would all be worth it.

“At least I’m still alive and can control my own body, right?”

She picked up a cup of tea and sipped it, the suffocation within her heart gradually dispersing.

Chen Meile noticed the weirdness of this statement, and she frowned at Shen Wei’an as she asked, “What do you mean by this?”

“Aren’t you Chen Meimei’s biological sister? Didn’t you notice that there’s something different about her? I investigated Chen Meimei in order to pursue Fu Bainian, and found that she previously had a car accident, right? If you’re attentive enough, you can definitely notice that the current Chen Meimei isn’t the same as the previous Chen Meimei.”

The atmosphere in the living room suddenly turned heavy. Chen Meile then waved her hand at the group of servants. “All of you get out. I have something to talk about with Miss Shen!”

Soon, all the servants had left the room.

“What is it that you want to say, Miss Shen?”

The fish had taken the bait. The corners of Shen Wei’an’s mouth slowly lifted, revealing a smug expression.

“What I want to say is…” she purposefully dragged out her words and then continued to say, “The current Chen Meimei is no longer your sister. Another soul lives in her body!”

After Shen Wei’an’s slow and steady explanation, she calmly put down the teacup and waited for Chen Meile’s reaction.

What kind of reaction will Chen Meile have after hearing all this? Will it be a question or rage? She was suddenly looking forward to it.

However, Chen Meile just stared at her for a long time before abruptly bursting into a fit of laughter. It was the same as before; she didn’t care about her image at all. Meanwhile, Shen Wei’an, who was being laughed at, furrowed her brows.

After a while, the laughter suddenly stopped.

Chen Meile looked at her with a serious look. She softened her voice and said, “Miss Shen, I suggest that you ask your Manager to help you find a reliable psychiatric hospital. It’s best to find a hospital that won’t leak any rumours of their patients. Otherwise, I estimate that the whole world will soon know that Miss Shen has paranoia.”

“I know that you don’t believe me, but I really did come here today for this matter. Have you never thought why Fu Bainian, who loathed Chen Meimei, suddenly changed his mind? Not only did he marry her, but he also decided to live with her like a real married couple. Think about it: Why did Chen Meimei, who had no acting experience, suddenly manage to get a female lead role?”

Shen Wei’an then slowly added, “Look, you’re her sister, so you must have noticed a slight difference, but you just subconsciously ignored it. This is because Chen Meimei has changed and become classy, more likeable, and has brought credit to the Chen family, so you would also follow along and feel happy.”

It seemed like the living room had turned into a huge sauna, making it difficult for Chen Meile to breathe.

It was like a massive black hole had appeared and was trying to suck her in.

The smile on Shen Wei’an’s face looked complacent, but she felt that it was extremely irksome.

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