Chapter 86 - Identity Exposure (1)

Chapter 86 - Identity Exposure (1)

Lan Jinyao was the first to leave the practice room after rehearsal had finished. She’d received a text message from Fu Bainian in the afternoon, saying that the information about Lan Xin was already in his hands.

Lan Jinyao’s curiosity was greatly peaked when it came to Lan Xin. Therefore, she was impatient to go and have a look.

But, when she was barely a few steps out of the company, Lan Xin caught up to her. Walking side by side, you could see that Lan Jinyao was taller than Lan Xin, and with her walking with a large stride, Lan Xin had to force herself to keep up.

“Hey! I heard your conversation before. That woman actually dared to threaten you…”

Lan Jinyao indifferently responded, “That couldn’t be count as a threat!”

At most, it was a suggestion. While Xiaomin could help Lan Jinyao to clear her name, she would only do so if Lan Jinyao helped her to participate in the selection. It was a suggestion built from self-interest.

However, Xiaomin had ignored one thing. Lan Jinyao’s reasoning was obvious, so she knew what her choice would be. If she helped Xiaomin, she would have another competitor. Although she didn’t consider any of the other girls a threat, she wouldn’t find a competitor for herself.

“You didn’t agree to help her? This makes me feel very surprised and happy!”

“Happy because I lost a competitor?”

“No, I’m happy that you’re not being taken advantage of by others,” Lan Xin responded.

Yes, it was such a simple trick, so how could she be fooled?

“I wanted to let those people know that I’m not just Fu Bainian’s wife by law, but that our hearts are also tightly tied together; that’s all.”

As she was saying this, her eyes seemed to be filled with a blazing flame.

Lan Xin gave her a thumbs up. “So, you’re showing off your capability now? You’re awesome, truly awesome!”

A moment later, Lan Jinyao reached her parking space. Just as Lan Xin was about to turn and leave, Lan Jinyao suddenly called out, “Wait a minute, I still want to ask you a question. Those things, did you do them?”

“My reply is still the same; did you see me doing any of that?” Lan Xin’s voice was cold.

Lan Jinyao’s gaze became penetrating, and she pushed her voice lower as she said, “I didn’t see you do any of it, but I found some things in your backpack. If Xiaomin also saw those things, I think you might have done those things to her!”

“Hehe, this is just your guess.”

She turned her back on Lan Jinyao. That slender body seemed even thinner under the wide shirt.

Lan Jinyao realised that her hands were tightly clenched at her sides. At this moment, she was even more confident that all those little tricks were Lan Xin’s doing. It was nothing more than a warning. Unfortunately, the person who was warned actually thought that she was blocking the culprit’s way, causing her to be framed, and Xiaomin unable to realise that it was a warning from Lan Xin.

“Don’t worry; whatever you’re collecting that information for, I won’t utter a word,” she paused before continuing, “But, Xiaomin doesn’t seem to realise that you’re warning her. I feel I should remind you that you shouldn’t do this again in the future, as it will only alert the enemy. Even if Xiaomin knows about that information, what could she guess?”

Lan Xin was silent for a long while, and then she suddenly smiled, her tone relaxed as she said, “Yeah, even if she found out, what could she guess? I was just making a big deal out of it myself.”

“Thank you for your reminder!” She waved at Lan Jinyao and then headed to the bus stop across the street.

Lan Jinyao shook her head, started the car, and drove home.

Fu Bainian wasn’t at home. After she’d entered the house, she went straight to the study. This study wasn’t as good as the one in the Fu residence, but it was still quite spacious, and it was filled with all kinds of professional books.

As soon as she pushed the door open and walked in, she spotted the sealed document on the table.

The brown cover was sealed by a piece of string that was wrapped around it, and as soon as sat on the couch, she immediately opened the document’s seal. As she slowly read through the information, her brows wrinkled even tighter. It wasn’t until she saw the plastic surgery page that she released a breath.

“So it was like that!”

Fu Bainian came in just as she was rubbing her chest in relief, and he couldn’t help but chuckle at the sight.

“What happened to you? Heartache?”

Lan Jinyao glanced at him before throwing the information she’d finished reading back on the table. She then said to him, “So, she really underwent plastic surgery. I thought that she was another soul that had been reborn in my body after it had climbed out of the coffin!”

“Your body has been burnt into ash; could it still climb out? It’s not easy, is it?” Fu Bainian’s mood seemed to be pretty good as he even cracked a joke with her.

Then, he asked, “Why don’t you think that it’s your twin sister that your parents abandoned or something?”

“I asked my Father’s Secretary, and there’s no such possibility. I’m the only child in my family; there is no one else. Moreover, my Father is a workaholic. He believes that only a strong woman like my Mother could be worthy of him, so…”

Fu Bainian sat down beside her to gather her in his arms and ask, “So, after you’ve seen the documents with the proof of her plastic surgery, can you finally breathe a sigh of relief?”

“That’s right!”

As long as nothing supernatural had happened, then everything was fine. She didn’t believe it before, but now she had to.


Chen family residence.

This large house had the air of the last century. It contained an old simple style from the past, with ancient carvings on the pillars at the doorway.

The massive red doors slowly opened, and the two uniformed servants standing in the doorway slightly bent their waists and made a respectful gesture.

Shen Wei’an, standing at the entrance, was wearing a long dress that completely contrasted with the mansion as it was gorgeous and brightly coloured. She looked down at her long skirt and felt her heartbeat speeding up.

After a moment of hesitation, she drew in a deep breath and slowly stepped forward.

“I’m looking for Mr Chen!”

The servants’ expressions froze at her sentence, and one of them said to her, “I apologise, but our Master isn’t here at the moment. He’s currently abroad to handle business, and it will take a few days to return. Please come back in a few days, Miss!”

How could he not be here?! Shen Wei’an clenched her hands into fists.

She peeked into the living room, and sure enough, no one was there except the servants.

However, she couldn’t wait any longer. Fu Bainian already knew everything, so he would definitely help Lan Jinyao. Her time was running out; she had to find someone capable of going against Fu Bainian, and the Chen family was undoubtedly the best choice.

Imagined this: How could a rich Father, who loved his daughter more than his own life, watch as a stranger occupied his daughter’s body without doing anything?

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