Chapter 85 - Lan Xin’s Conspiracy (7)

Chapter 85 - Lan Xin’s Conspiracy (7)

When the weekend arrived, the results of the investigation into Lan Xin were in.

In the office, Fu Bainian stared at the information before him for a long time. The first page recorded Lan Xin’s life abroad, while the remaining two pages documented her university achievements and plastic surgery information. There was no photo that could prove whether her face had really gone under the knife or not.

With a businessman’s keen instinct, Fu Bainian subconsciously believed that the information collected was incomplete, because Lan Xin’s history wasn’t very detailed. Her parents were unknown, there was no mention of relatives, and there was no record of how or why she’d gone abroad.

When Fu Bainian had received the information, he’d asked Shen Yu if there was anything more, but all that Shen Yu could say was that was all the details they could find. Unfortunately, what was there wasn’t any different from the average person.

But, it was exactly because it was too normal that doubts rose within his heart.

After staying in the office for a while, Fu Bainian left with the information.

During the weekend, except for the security guards and several cleaners, there were only a few people working overtime left in the company. As the elevator went down, it stopped at the 12th floor, and a man and a woman entered, seemingly quarrelling over something.

Impatience was visible on the man’s face as his hands pushed the woman away as she continuously leaned against him, his tone irritated as he said, “This really isn’t my decision; it’s a decision that’s come from the top. So, tell me, what is the use of you asking me?”

The man then gave a long sigh and said, “Let me give you some advice: if you have the free time to cry in front of me, then you’d be better of going and finding another company. Blue Hall Entertainment isn’t able to keep you any longer. Additionally, if you go to another company in the future, remember to control your mouth…”

Apparently just noticing that Fu Bainian was also in the elevator, the man abruptly shut his mouth and smiled with embarrassment. “President Fu!”

“Mhm!” Fu Bainian indifferently responded.

Following the man’s call of ‘President Fu’, the woman’s sight became glued to Fu Bainian. Her expression was torn between joy and confusion, reflecting the battle currently being waged in her head.

The elevator quickly arrived on the ground floor. Fu Bainian glanced at the woman who looked like she had something to tell him before he got off the elevator as soon as the doors opened.

Sure enough, just as he reached the hall, the woman ran to catch up with him. She then pulled on his sleeve and cried, “Pres-president!”

Fu Bainian stopped in his tracks.

“Could you please not drive me out? I really didn’t do it on purpose, I thought…”

Thought what? Thought that his relationship with Chen Meimei was so bad that they could bully her without consequences? Unnecessarily gossip behind her back?

Fu Bainian’s expression turned cold.

The woman released her grip, and her eyes gradually became red. She held back her tears as she whispered, “I can apologise! As long as Chen Meimei forgives me, you’ll let me stay, right, President Fu?”

It seemed like she was seeing her last ray of hope in him as her eyes were gleaming.

Fu Bainian’s thin lips were pursed. “This was my decision; it has nothing to do with Chen Meimei! I suggest that you go to another management company. Of course, that’s if other companies are willing to accept you!”

If Blue Hall Entertainment didn’t want her, why would another company bother to accept her? What’s more, she was just a newcomer who’d undergone a few days of training, nothing more.

The woman finally couldn’t bear it anymore, and she opened her mouth to cry, beyond caring about her image.

The sharp noise made Fu Bainian frowned in displeasure. He waved at the security guard standing in the hall and indifferently ordered, “Don’t let her disturb everyone. Hurry up and take her away.”

The woman stared at him in shock. At that moment, her eyes reflected a combination of ruthlessness and hate.


Today was the final day to rehearse. Next Wednesday, the advertising company would come to pick the artist for the role, so everyone was staying close for training.

The dance instructor clapped her hands and said to everyone, “All right, now go and change into the clothes that you’ll have to wear tomorrow. Let’s do a rehearsal practice.”

Everyone went to the changing room. Suddenly, Xiaomin gave another scream. Lan Jinyao, who was standing beside her, frowned and covered her ears to prevent her eardrums from being hurt by the high pitched scream.

When she’d arrived at the practice room this morning, she’d discovered that there was one person missing. When she’d asked Lan Xin about it, she’d learnt that the person in question had been kicked out. As for why, Lan Xin had only said how was she supposed to know that.

Of course, Lan Jinyao knew the reason. When she’d gone to the restaurant last night, Xiaomin had appeared in front of her and Fu Bainian to say bad things about the other trainees.

When she’d asked Fu Bainian not to intervene, he was vague and had immediately changed the topic.

The person who’d screamed this time was again Xiaomin.

Not long after, a bunch of people crowded around Xiaomin’s locker. When they looked inside, they discovered that her dance clothes had been cut into pieces. Then, when Xiaomin went to take it out with one hand, the fabric fell apart into shreds.

Xiaomin collapsed into tears as she grabbed the tattered fabric and turned to everyone to scream, “Who did this? Why would you do this to me?! Why can’t we just compete fair and square? Why would you do such a despicable thing? Could it be that you have no confidence in yourself?!”

The advertisement company’s uniform dance clothes were specially made by the designer of the company. Everyone only had one set of clothes. Now that Xiaomin’s clothes had been ruined, she’d completely lost the qualification to participate in the selection.

For a moment, everyone was deathly quiet. Nonetheless, Lan Jinyao found that some of the people present still discreetly glanced at her.

It wasn’t surprising, to be honest. She’d previously said that she must get this advertisement, so it’s no wonder that everyone would look at her with that kind of gaze.

Lan Jinyao thought it wasn’t worth explaining though, so she just grabbed her clothes and left.

She knew that Xiaomin’s words weren’t aimed at her, but thinking about it from another angle, Xiaomin’s words still pushed her toward the edge of a cliff. Fortunately, such a thing had happened before, so even if someone suspected her, they wouldn’t dare say anything.

While she was changing her clothes, everyone dispersed, leaving only Xiaomin who was holding her dance clothes as she wept.

Seeing her coming back, Xiaomin threw away the clothes and said to her, “Big Sis Meimei, can you help me? Those people all think that it’s your doing! I believe in you, so as long as you’re willing to help me, then those people will also realise that you aren’t deliberately targeting me.”

Lan Jinyao raised her brows and smiled tauntingly. “Why would I care if those people believe that I’m not doing it? No matter what the facts are, would anyone dare say anything?”

Xiaomin stared at her, somewhat desperate.

Lan Jinyao then heard her quietly mutter, “Yeah, you’re not afraid at all, so why would you do something like this?”

Lan Jinyao just ignored her and left.

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