Chapter 83 - Lan Xin’s Conspiracy (5)

Chapter 83 - Lan Xin’s Conspiracy (5)

On a hot sunny day, there was no air conditioning in the practice room, and only a soft breeze would occasionally blow in from the doorway. A group of girls were brimming with fighting spirit as they followed the dance instructor’s training. Everyone seemed to be very energetic as they danced, while sweat dripped down their foreheads.

Compared with the rest of the group, Lan Jinyao was much more relaxed. She twirled like a graceful white swan with her neck straight and lengthened.

“How can she dance so well? Could it be that she hides at home every day to practice?”

“Maybe the teacher taught her in private! In any case, she got in through the back door, so she has a lot of privileges!”


All kinds of mocking comments incessantly echoed in the practice room, yet Lan Jinyao remained calm and undistracted.

Whenever she had a break, she would think: These newcomers were still too inexperienced! Not to mention the fact that she was their senior, but she was also Fu Bainian’s wife. If they were smart enough, they wouldn’t be gossiping in front of her like this. In fact, if they were doing this in an ordinary company, then they would’ve immediately had to pack up and leave.

Lan Jinyao didn’t tell them how broad-minded she was; she just let this matter go since they were still too young and inexperienced.

Following that, as she was practising, she suddenly heard a pitiful shriek next to her. That one scream made her momentarily freeze before she fell to the ground. However, she didn’t immediately get up and instead turned her head to look in the direction where the shriek had come from.

The one who’d screamed was Xiaomin!

Lan Jinyao had then subconsciously looked at Lan Xin, who was sitting quite a distance away from Xiaomin. Lan Xin was currently drinking water, and her movements were very natural. Her demeanour was no different than usual like there was nothing out of the ordinary.

Soon after, a large group of people gathered around Xiaomin. Under the ballet shoes that she’d taken off, there were small glass shards that were stained a horrific scarlet.

Xiaomin’s complexion turned pale, and as her hand was about to reach her toes, it was caught by another girl.

“Quickly take her to the hospital!”

Xiaomin’s interpersonal skills were quite good, so she was promptly carried out by someone. Meanwhile, blood continuously dripped out of the thumb that was pierced by the broken glass shards.

Not long after, the practice room once again became peaceful. Lan Jinyao wiped the sweat off her face and walked towards Lan Xin. This woman was as calm as ever. She was able to drink water without blinking even under such circumstances.

“Those glass shards, did you put them in Xiaomin’s ballet shoes?”

Lan Xin glanced at her and then asked, “Did you see me doing that?”

Instead of answering, Lan Jinyao remained silent. She hadn’t seen her doing that, but she could guess it; her intuition couldn’t be wrong.

Unexpectedly, Lan Xin laughed as she continued, “You didn’t see it in person, so don’t jump to conclusions so easily. You also said it yourself; everything is as such in the entertainment industry. When one climbs one step higher, they would have no choice but to face these kinds of issues. Who knows? Maybe Xiaomin blocked a certain person’s path, or perhaps someone just found her an eyesore and played a trick on her!”

Lan Xin’s words were reasonable, and Lan Jinyao couldn’t find a reason to refute her.

“All right! I didn’t see you do it!”

Lan Jinyao subconsciously believed that this matter was somehow related to Lan Xin, but she had no substantial evidence.

It didn’t take long before the group of girls came back, and they started gossiping as soon as they entered the practice room. The discussions sounded more exciting than ever.

“Hey! What do you girls think? How could there be glass shards inside Xiaomin’s shoes?”

“It must be that some people found Xiaomin irksome and so they wanted to teach her a lesson!”

The person who said this also glanced in Lan Xin’s direction.

“Xiaomin’s a cheerful girl and treats everyone well; she didn’t even ignore those two over there. I just can’t understand what a certain person is thinking to resort to such lowly tricks.”

Lan Jinyao silently observed that, although the group had used such extreme words to describe the person who’d put the glass shards in the shoes, there was no emotion visible in Lan Xin’s dark eyes. She looked like an old monk who’d entered into a meditative state. Upon seeing her like this, Lan Jinyao began to doubt her intuition.

In the afternoon, when it was about time to clock off work, Xiaomin came back with her feet wrapped in gauze. She informed the group that the doctor had said that, fortunately, the wound wasn’t very deep, so she could recover in about a week.

Xiaomin didn’t seem to know who’d done that to her. Following that, she just quietly sat against the wall by herself and looked back and forth at everyone who was dancing. A trace of irritation then flashed through her eyes.

After work, a group of people gathered around her once more and inquired if she was alright.

Lan Jinyao walked over and casually asked, “Is your foot alright?”

She just casually asked, but someone couldn’t wait and started fanning the flames. That person scornfully said, “Chen Meimei, you must be looking forward to seeing Xiaomin’s foot injury, right? Her foot was hurt, so you lost a competitor. However, don’t forget that there is still us! Are you also planning on putting glass shards in our shoes?”

How could Lan Jinyao not know that this girl had deliberately said these provocative words? She didn’t explain and just indifferently said, “I don’t need to resort to those kinds of things. If it’s something I want, then I can get it fair and square.”

That girl rebuked again, “That’s just what you say, but who’ll believe those words?”

“I believe her!”

The person who’d said that was Xiaomin.

That aggressive little girl saw Xiaomin speak up and looked at her in shock. “Xiaomin, you…”

Xiaomin smiled at Lan Jinyao. She still had the same bright smile on her face as she said, “I believe that Big Sis Meimei wouldn’t do something like this. In fact, she's really an amazing person. She’s better than all of us, so I don't think she has any reason to do this!”

Lan Jinyao sneered in her heart. She wasn’t well-received by the group to start with, and now Xiaomin was actually drawing more black clouds towards her.

“That’s right; I don’t even see you girls as competitors! So, why would I even need to resort to such despicable means?” said Lan Jinyao in a cold voice. Even Lan Xin, who was standing nearby, was stunned by her suddenly chilly words.

After saying all that, Lan Jinyao then walked out of the practice room with her bag in her hand.

“Tsk, what’s she bragging about? Wasn’t she just abusing her powers as the daughter of the Chen family? As expected, a daughter of a nouveau riche family doesn’t have any self-restraint!”

“Don't forget, there’s still President Fu behind Chen Meimei. You have to be careful with what you say in the future unless you don't want to stay here anymore.”

“What? President Fu only married Chen Meimei because of pressure from his Mother. Everyone here knows that President Fu doesn’t like Chen Meimei; he was just acting along with the circumstances.”

When Lan Jinyao heard those words, she coldly snorted and quickened her pace.

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