Chapter 82 - Lan Xin’s Conspiracy (4)

Chapter 82 - Lan Xin’s Conspiracy (4)

“Lan Xin said that she underwent plastic surgery! But, I’m not certain whether that face of hers has really gone under the knife or not!”

In the quiet bedroom, Lan Jinyao leaned against the bedhead as she contemplated what she’d witnessed during the day. However, she was still unable to figure out what the relationship between Lan Xin and Shen Wei’an was.

That night on the rooftop, Lan Xin had told her that she didn't like Fu Bainian and that the reason she’d gotten close to him was due to a specific purpose. Now, she could boldly guess that Lan Xin’s goal was to enter the entertainment industry the quickest way possible, so what should happen next would get close to Shen Wei’an.

“I'm not a plastic surgeon, so I can't tell if Lan Xin’s face has gone under the knife or not. If she has, what was her purpose? But, if she hasn't, then…” Fu Bainian said as he dried his hair and then sat down next to her.

They were sitting very close to each other, so as soon as Lan Jinyao turned her head, she could see the look of doubt in Fu Bainian’s eyes.

“Then why does she look so much like me?” Lan Jinyao interrupted and finished his words.

Following that, Fu Bainian then asked, “Do you have a twin sister or something? Lan Xin’s surname is also Lan; perhaps she’s related to you!”

Lan Jinyao followed his reasoning and thought that it might be possible. “You’re right. I’ll have to find a chance later to give my Father’s Secretary a call.”

“Why don't you call your Father directly? Are you worried about your identity?” asked Fu Bainian. At the funeral, he didn’t remember seeing Lan Jinyao’s parents, and at the time, he’d found that very strange. It seemed that ever since Lan Jinyao had joined the company, until her funeral, he had never seen her parents.

When he said that, Lan Jinyao didn’t look very happy; it seemed that she didn’t like mentioning this topic. Lan Jinyao just faintly replied, “Yes, I’m worried that my identity will be found out!”

She had, in fact, wanted to say that her parents didn't care at all.

Lan Jinyao obviously wanted to avoid this topic, and Fu Bainian could see that at a glance. He then held Lan Jinyao’s hand and gently said, “You have me now, and I’ll stay by your side for a lifetime.”

A lifetime...

Upon hearing that, Lan Jinyao finally smiled. She felt a rush of warmth in her heart as she leaned against Fu Bainian’s chest.

“Oh right, please help me investigate Lan Xin’s background! I keep having a strange feeling in my heart whenever I confront Lan Xin, and I’m not sure if it’s because of her identical looking face!”

An identical face to hers...if it wasn’t plastic surgery, then, could it really be her twin sister?

Fu Bainian nodded. “Okay, I’ll follow up on that tomorrow!”

When Lan Jinyao arrived in the practice room, she immediately sensed that the mood was a bit off. Lan Xin’s expression didn’t look very good, as if a dark cloud was hovering over her head. Meanwhile, the rest of the group was practising on their own, and Xiaomin was sitting alone in front of the wall with a bottle of mineral water in her hand, seemingly in a daze!

As soon as she put her bag down, Xiaomin walked over to her with a smile on her face. There wasn’t a trace of the disgust that Lan Jinyao had seen on her face in the bathroom.

Lan Jinyao felt as if there was a hungry beast baring its bangs and brandishing its claws in front of her.

“Big Sis Meimei, you’re finally here! How come you’re so late today?”

Lan Jinyao smiled and said, “The alarm clock was broken, so I got up a bit later!”

Her alarm clock wasn’t actually broken; it was just adjusted by a certain person. When she’d opened her eyes this morning, the curtains were still closed, and the room was dark. The moment she’d picked up the alarm clock, she’d immediately noticed that something was wrong.

She thought that she’d slept for a long time, but the time on the alarm clock showed that it was still very early in the morning. It was only after she’d opened the curtains that she realised how late it was.

By the time she’d walked out of the bedroom, Fu Bainian was already nowhere in sight, and an exquisitely prepared breakfast was waiting for her on the table.

Xiaomin bumped into Lan Jinyao’s shoulder and ambiguously winked at her. “Big Sis Meimei, you’re truly awesome, but I think you should button up your shirt first. When I look at you from this direction, I can easily see those hickeys.”

Lan Jinyao’s face instantly reddened when she heard that last part.

“Okay, okay, quickly go and practice now! We have physical training tomorrow, so there’s a high chance that there won't be any more dancing classes in the program!” Lan Jinyao urged Xiaomin as she quickly adjusted the buttons on her top.

Xiaomin grinned as she ran to the group of girls and began to dance. Lan Jinyao was about to start dancing when Lan Xin walked over to her. Lan Xin, who’d already been dancing for a while, had a ruddy complexion and a few clear beads of sweat hanging on her forehead. She was currently holding a towel to wipe off her perspiration.

“You seemed to be having a good time talking to her?”

Lan Jinyao shrugged and replied, “Isn't this how things work in the entertainment industry?”

Her meaning was very obvious: it was just feigning civility; who wasn’t capable of that? When she smiled at that woman, that didn’t mean she wasn’t silently guarding against her.

Lan Xin glanced at Xiaomin, and then lightly said, “You should be careful then!”

The mood between Lan Xin and Xiaomin seemed to be a tad off. When Lan Xin had glanced at Xiaomin earlier, Lan Jinyao had detected the trace of hostility in her eyes. Something must’ve had happened between the two of them.

Lan Jinyao’s observation was spot on. In the next few days, Lan Xin completely showed her how ruthless a woman could be.

In the afternoon, Shen Yu came over and announced that an upcoming advertisement would pick an artist from under Blue Hall Entertainment. “I hope that everyone will intensify your training and grab this chance!” When these words were spoken by Shen Yu, they sounded extraordinarily encouraging and left everyone in high spirits.

A small advertisement was nothing in Lan Jinyao’s eyes, but it was a different story for the current Chen Meimei.

After Shen Yu had left, she said to Lan Xin, “I want to get this advertisement!”

Lan Xin’s attitude, however, remained indifferent as she softly said, “If you want to take it then go for it! I'm not interested in advertisements!”

The moment those words left her mouth, a bunch of sneers were heard throughout the practice room.

“A certain person really thinks that this ad was tailor-made for her as it appears she thinks she can give it away as she wishes. It seems that she’s being too happy too soon. It isn’t even known yet who’ll be selected when the time comes!”

Lan Jinyao didn’t care about them, and just said to Lan Xin, “Thanks!”

As long as Lan Xin didn’t participate, those other girls were no threat to her.

The group had initially thought that vocal training would be next, but at this moment they’d completely set it aside. This was because the advertisement planned by the advertising company was about ballet, and this had once again raised the bar for the newcomers.

Lan Jinyao had studied ballet before, but that was only for a brief period. She estimated that she’d already forgotten all those movements by now. However, she believed that it shouldn’t be too difficult to pick up ballet again.

Lan Xin started to take action right when everyone confidently started their special training regimes.

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