Chapter 78 - Her Counterattack (3)

Chapter 78 - Her Counterattack (3)

Inside the clamorous bar, Xu Jin’ge was laying on the counter of the bar alone, downing glass after glass of wine. She was crying while downing her drinks, seemingly very broken-hearted. Several men, who’d attempted to approach her, were driven away by her fierce ranting.

As an actress, Shen Wei’an rarely visited places such as bars. Firstly, because of her image, and secondly, because there was always paparazzi behind her. Furthermore, she was always worried about being caught in a scandal. Today, however, she was in a horrible mood, so she wanted to come here, get drunk, and vent her feelings.

But, as soon as she’d sat down at the bar, she’d heard the whining of a woman beside her that sounded as irritating as a fly. She frowned and thought about switching to another spot, but when she saw the face of the woman, she suddenly gave up that idea.

Xu Jin’ge was the daughter of a real estate tycoon, and she used to host international artists but was now working under the banner of Blue Hall Entertainment. It seemed that she was quite close with President Fu.

When Shen Wei’an saw the sorry sight of Xu Jin’ge snivelling next to her; she held back her smile and shifted closer. She then handed Xu Jin’ge a glass of wine and asked with a tender smile, “Hey, aren’t you Jin’ge? Why are you here drinking all by yourself? Where’s President Fu? How come I don’t see him around?”

Xu Jin’ge quickly lifted her head and glared at her. “Although I’ve lost to Chen Meimei, I still have enough energy left to deal with a powerless person like you. So, I'm warning you, don’t mess with me.”

Shen Wei’an’s expression changed slightly upon hearing that.

And, in the next second, she suddenly started giggling joyfully; so much so that her body began shaking as she was laughing.

“How could you lose to Chen Meimei when you’re so outstanding? It looks like President Fu has quite bad taste!”

Xu Jin’ge sobbed hysterically, seemingly enveloped by immense sorrow. She choked on her sobs as she said, “How could I possibly lose to Chen Meimei? I’m prettier than her, and my family background is on par with hers! So, how did I possibly lose to her?! I just lost to that soul inside her body.”

“Haha!” Shen Wei chuckled before she sneered at her and said, “Looks like you’re really drunk.”

“What do you understand?” Xu Jin’ge looked just like a grumpy cat, fiercely glaring at Shen Wei’an. “Tell me, what do you know? If it was Chen Meimei, I wouldn’t have lost to her in this lifetime, but she’s not Chen Meimei. She’s Lan Jinyao; a woman who I’ll never be able to defeat! I won’t be able to defeat her, because Fu Bainian is deeply in love with her.”

Upon hearing the name ‘Lan Jinyao’ Shen Wei’an’s pupils immediately contracted, and she froze on the spot. Meanwhile, the glass in her hand fell to the ground and shattered.

“What did you just say?” Shen Wei’an’s lips trembled as she asked.

Xu Jin’ge was immersed in her sorrow, so she didn’t notice the peculiarity in Shen Wei'an. She downed another mouthful of wine and muttered to herself, “She’s Lan Jinyao; the same Lan Jinyao who supposedly died some time ago!”

Shen Wei’an’s eyes spun as she tightly gripped Xu Jin’ge’s arm.

“You’re lying to me, aren’t you?”

Xu Jin’ge shook off her hand and then stumbled out of the bar.

Looking at Xu Jin’ge’s departing figure, Shen Wei’an remained seated in a daze. Those words she’d just heard were so shocking that she remained in a trance for quite a long while.

It seemed as if a gaping hole had opened up in her heart, revealing a fathomless black hole.

“Wasn't Lan Jinyao already dead? Why did she come back? Lan Jinyao, are you an evil spirit? How was it possible for her soul to enter Chen Meimei’s body?”

The bartender stared at Shen Wei’an, who’d seemingly gone mad as she was laughing and crying at the same time, and handed her another glass of wine.


At last, Xu Jin’ge was about to go abroad. Before she left, she sent Fu Bainian a text message when she was at the airport. The contents of the message seemed to have brought her a kind of mournful peace.

Lan Jinyao, who was just about to go out, saw the phone buzzing on the table. When she picked it up and looked at it, she smiled. Fu Bainian just happened to come over as well, so she softly read out the message to him. “Bainian, I'm about to get on the plane. After I leave this time, I don't know when I can come back to see you, so can you come and see me off? Think of it as a farewell between friends, alright?”

Lan Jinyao then humorously remarked, “What should we do? This is so sad; I’m about to cry…”

Fu Bainian strode over to Lan Jinyao, but he didn’t take the phone from her hand. He instead wrapped his arms around her and pulled her into an embrace before he kissed her red lips.

After a while, Lan Jinyao heard him whispering into her ear with a low voice. “How come I hadn’t noticed that you were so naughty?’re actually jealous!”

Lan Jinyao couldn’t help but roll her eyes at him. In the past, how would she have ever dared to say such a thing? At that time, she hadn’t even dared joke around with the Great President Fu, alright?! Because, if she wasn’t careful enough, her future could’ve been ruined. In Blue Hall Entertainment, there was this saying that when President Fu was in a good mood, he would be amiable towards everyone. However, if he were in a bad mood, even his best friend Shen Yu wouldn’t be spared from a scolding.

She tapped Fu Bainian’s chest with her fingertips and asked him, “Xu Jin’ge’s so pitiful, are you really not going to send her off?!”

Fu Bainian pretended to ponder about this for a moment, then he quickly smiled and said, “Now that I’m rereading this text message, Xu Jin’ge indeed seems to be quite pitiful. But, there’s a person who’s even more pitiful than her. If I go, she’ll feel sad, and if she gets sad, I won’t feel good either.”

Hearing this, Lan Jinyao glared at him for a second but then her lips slowly lifted into a smile.

Following that, she unlocked his phone and searched for Xu Jin’ge’s number before dialling it. As soon as the call connected, she could hear Xu Jin’ge excited voice.

“Bainian, could it be that you’ve changed your mind?” Xu Jin’ge asked and then paused for a while before continuing in a coquettish voice, “Or, you haven’t changed your mind at all?”

Lan Jinyao glanced at Fu Bainian and saw him helplessly shaking his head, so she didn’t say anything.

Xu Jin’ge hadn’t heard Fu Bainian speak, so she became somewhat uneasy and spoke again, “Then, are you coming to see me off? I’m currently alone at the airport; the plane will take off in about an hour, so you’ll still make it if you come now.”

Lan Jinyao thought: If Fu Bainian really went to see Xu Jin’ge off at the airport, then, when the time comes, Xu Jin’ge would most likely start another conflict. Or, she might feel hopeful again and decide to stay.

“Fu Bainian won’t go to the airport, so you should just give up!” Lan Jinyao coldly declared.

When Xu Jin’ge heard Lan Jinyao on the other end of the phone, her voice immediately went up in pitch, causing Lan Jinyao to yank the phone away from her ear.

“Where’s Bainian? Give the phone to him!”

Lan Jinyao shrugged and then handed the phone to Fu Bainian. “She’s asking for you.” From Xu Jin’ge’s tone of voice, she sounded as if Lan Jinyao had hidden Fu Bainian away somewhere.

Fu Bainian took the phone and said, “I’m currently next to my wife. Since you’ve decided to go abroad, then just be good and stay abroad. When you think things through, your life will become much more beautiful.”

“Oh! Such moving words.”

Fu Bainian smirked seductively. “In any case, we've just solved a big hurdle!”

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