Chapter 77 - Her Counterattack (2)

Chapter 77 - Her Counterattack (2)

“What’s going on here?” Mother Fu’s eyes switched back and forth from looking between the two people as she frowned and muttered.

When they’d come back, they’d both seemed to be very happy, and she’d thought that the hard times were over. Unexpectedly though, one second they were laughing, and then the next second they had cold expressions.

Of course, it was only Chen Meimei who had a cold expression. Mother Fu shifted her sight and glared at her son, her eyes expressing her displeasure. Such a shrewd son! Why did he refuse to fix things? You just sit there and care about your own meal!

Watching this, Mother Fu became anxious. She picked up a bunch of greens with chopsticks and placed them into Lan Jinyao’s bowl, smiling as she asked, “What’s wrong, Meimei? You don’t like the food?”

Lan Jinyao forced out a smile and shook her head. “No, the food is great! It’s just that my mood isn’t that good!”

Fu Bainian, who’d been eavesdropping, immediately butted in and quietly said, “I really don’t know why that lipstick was in my pocket. Maybe it’s Ningning’s, or…my wife, you should believe me.”

At this moment, Father Fu, who’d been silent until now, spoke up. He had a solemn look on his face, and his voice was grave. “Ningning doesn’t use lipstick, she uses lip gloss.”

Listening to his statement made Lan Jinyao wonder: Old Man Fu is really knowledgeable! He could even differentiate between lipstick and lip gloss. However, is it really a good idea to embarrass your own son like this?

It appeared that it wasn’t only Fu Changning in this family who disliked Chen Meimei. It seemed that even Fu Guosheng disliked her.

Lan Jinyao looked at Fu Bainian. “Since Dad has disproved your excuse, how will you explain it now?”

When Lan Jinyao called Fu Guosheng ‘Dad’, his eyes discreetly widened.

Fu Bainian was speechless. The atmosphere around the table turned frigid; even Mother Fu’s expression wasn’t so good. Lan Jinyao studied everyone’s demeanour and decided to stop.

“Isn’t Xu Jin’ge going abroad? I heard there’s a change regarding this matter?” she asked Fu Bainian.

Unexpectedly, she suddenly shifted the topic. Fu Bainian was stunned at how fast she’d changed the subject before he vaguely replied, “There’s a slight problem with it, but I’ll handle it properly. Around next week a foreign management company will most likely be taking care of Xu Jin’ge’s schedule.”

Lan Jinyao had had an inkling that the only reason Xu Jin’ge could be so sure that there’d be a change of plans regarding her going abroad was if her Father had intervened. Now that she’d heard Fu Bainian say that there was a slight problem, her suspicions became even more concrete in her mind.

“Actually, it’s alright if Xu Jin’ge doesn’t go abroad!”

While saying this, Lan Jinyao’s expression and tone were indifferent.

At that moment, Fu Bainian’s grip on his chopsticks abruptly tightened.

What does she mean by saying that? Did she want to argue again? Or, something even more serious...He didn’t dare think about it.

“Don’t forget, Chen Meimei, we already have a marriage certificate, and the whole world already knows about the relationship between us. Even if you wanted to retreat, you don’t have a way out,” Fu Bainian was seething as he said this, his voice terribly low.

When Lan Jinyao heard this, she knew that he’d misunderstood.

She casually explained, “That wasn’t what I meant. Let’s talk after dinner.”

After dinner, Mother Fu pulled Fu Guosheng away for a while. The servants in the house had also finished working, so the hall was unusually quiet.

“What did you want to say?”

Fu Bainian sat on the couch. His fringe fell on his forehead, shadowing the look in his eyes.

Lan Jinyao noticed that his palms were tightly clasped together. Looking at his appearance, his mood didn’t seem so great, but he made an effort to restrain himself and didn’t speak.

"There was never any trust between us!” he added.

Fu Bainian felt frustrated having his love was questioned by his beloved.

Lan Jinyao sat down beside him and rested her head on his shoulder. Their temperatures abruptly rose due to the intimate contact.

“My distrust comes from you,” she softly replied.

“Fu Bainian,” she called his name, her voice still soft as she spoke, “I saw it. During Rouge Fermentation’s wrap up party, Xu Jin’ge hugged you in the corridor. Her eyes were filled with provocation and contempt as she looked at me. Also, long before that, when we were at the villa, I was standing behind you that night. Although I couldn’t hear what you two were saying, it was enough for me to misunderstand.”

If she was still the Lan Jinyao of the past who wouldn’t fall in love with anyone, and if her heart hadn’t let anyone in, she could’ve easily turned a blind eye to everything. However, for the current her, it was impossible. She was jealous.

Li Qi was right; she should just tell him. Otherwise, how would Fu Bainian know why she was so angry? Additionally, how would Fu Bainian know how big of a threat Xu Jin’ge was to the two of them?

“I really don’t have a relationship with Xu Jin’ge. You should understand it yourself…”

She interrupted him by slowly saying, “Yes, I do understand. But, even if I understand, do you think that I wouldn’t be jealous? Xu Jin’ge knows my real identity. On that day, she personally told me that this secret was told to her by you, to prove that you didn’t love me.”

“How could-”

Fu Bainian’s hands abruptly clenched into fists, his anger visible in the pulsing vein in his forehead.

“I never told anyone your secret!”

Xu Jin’ge had discovered this secret herself and had then raised an issue to try and bargain with him. She didn’t want to go abroad, so she’d threatened him with this. But, he didn’t think that Xu Jin’ge would go to such lengths of using this secret to instigate an argument between himself and Lan Jinyao!

Clenching his fists, a cracking sound could be heard from his knuckles. The sound repeatedly echoing in Lan Jinyao’s eardrums.

She suddenly held Fu Bainian’s hands, her lips raising into a smile. “Fortunately, I told you all of this. So, it wasn’t you who told her my secret?”

Judging from the expression on Fu Bainian’s face, Lan Jinyao had already guessed the truth without hearing the answer.

Meanwhile, Fu Changning’s bedroom door quietly opened, and a head poked out from the top of the stairs to look below.

Lan Jinyao seemed to have noticed her, but she didn’t look up, and just continued saying, “The lipstick is Xu Jin’ge’s, but it wasn’t Xu Jin’ge who put it in your pocket. The person who put the lipstick there is Changning! Bainian, your sister seems to really dislike me!”

She thought that Fu Bainian would at least say that he would deal with Fu Changning. However, unexpectedly, his next words were beyond Lan Jinyao’s expectations.

Fu Bainian said, “She likes you a lot; she just doesn’t know it. In the past, she used to constantly pester Shen Yu for your autograph!”

At that moment, Fu Changning suddenly froze from where she was hidden on the stairs. She’d only ever asked for one person’s autograph in her life, and that person was: Lan. Jin. Yao!

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