Chapter 76 - Her Counterattack (1)

Chapter 76 - Her Counterattack (1)

As night fell, the wind swept in carrying the last of the day’s warmth, and bringing with it a refreshing coolness.

Li Qi’s car moved slowly in the dark as it followed behind the Land Rover.

“This isn’t the road to your neighbourhood. Where is he going?”

“How would I know?!” Lan Jinyao replied with a sneer.

Li Qi didn’t ask her again. However, in the quiet space of the car, Lan Jinyao’s thinking seemed clear. Seeing this familiar road, she suddenly said, “I know this road; this is the way to the Fu residence.”

“Huh?” Isn’t this just too blatant? As expected of President Fu! Li Qi gasped inwardly.

Before long, they neared the Fu residence. Looking at the magnificent European architecture, Li Qi asked her again, “Are we going to continue following them?”

Of course, she wanted to follow them! But…

“Pull up here; I’m going alone. I want to see what they’re up to.”

In that split second, Li Qi was so shocked by her imposing manner that he abruptly braked, causing the car to suddenly stop.

Lan Jinyao’s brows were slightly knitted as she stared at him.

“It wasn’t on purpose!” He quickly changed the subject. “Hurry up and go before it becomes too late to change anything.”

Lan Jinyao got out of the car and stalked towards the Fu residence. Previously, she’d always come with Fu Bainian, but now she was coming by herself to catch him having an affair. A strange feeling rose within her heart.

In the dark, the place ahead was brightly lit. Lan Jinyao squinted into the distance and saw that after Fu Bainian had entered the house, a particular room upstairs lit up. She distinctly remembered that that room wasn’t Fu Bainian’s bedroom. Subconsciously, her pace sped up.

Mother Fu was surprised when she saw her, and she pulled Lan Jinyao’s hand and beamed. “You're here, Meimei? Bainian just arrived, so why didn’t you come together?”

“Uhh...we’d actually made an appointment to come together, but then, I had something to do at the last minute. So, I let Bainian come back first.”

Mother Fu’s expression made the strange feeling within Lan Jinyao’s heart increase. Mother Fu clearly didn’t like Xu Jin’ge, so why would she just watch and not stop her son from bringing another woman home? Moreover, not even the slightest trace of disgust showed on her face.

Thus, Lan Jinyao decided to probe first.

“Mum, is Bainian upstairs? I’m going to find him!”

The expression on Mother Fu’s face seemed to brighten even more, and she gently patted Lan Jinyao’s hand. “Good! I am happy to see you two together like this!”

Lan Jinyao hummed in response and headed upstairs.

As her slippers squeaked with every step, her mind became clearer. Something was off, and she might’ve really misunderstood this time. The woman that Fu Bainian had carried out of the bar might not have been Xu Jin’ge. If that so, then, who was that person?

Just when she was about to knock on the door, the door opened, and Fu Bainian walked out. Through the small crack visible when the door had opened, she looked inside and saw the face of the woman lying on the bed. The person asleep on the bed was Fu Changning. The next second, her line of sight moved to the side, and she found that the pink sweater hanging up was the same as Xu Jin’ge’s.

At that moment, Lan Jinyao’s heart suddenly became enlightened. It seemed that everything was smoothly arranged.

It appeared that Fu Changning still didn’t like Chen Meimei, and she’d joined hands with Xu Jin’ge in retaliation. Lan Jinyao never would’ve thought that these two brats would come up with such a childish idea. What’s even more ridiculous was that this childish trick almost fooled her.

Lan Jinyao felt ridiculous, yet at the same time, she felt unhappy.

When Fu Bainian saw her standing before the door, he was astonished at first before it turned into pleasant surprise. “How come you’re suddenly here? You didn’t call me to pick you up!”

Lan Jinyao’s mouth twitched and she muttered, “Aren’t we fighting at the moment?”

Fu Bainian smiled in delight. “But I didn’t agree to it. It’s just you fighting with yourself.”

Recalling the exquisite breakfast on the table this morning, Lan Jinyao realised that it was only her who was sulking.

“Changning is asleep? How come she went to the bar?”

Being the sharp-minded person Fu Bainian was, he immediately caught the main point of her sentence and asked, “How do you know she went to a bar?”

How did she know? Of course, it was because Fu Changning and Xu Jin’ge had intentionally let her see them. Xu Jin’ge must’ve been worried that she wouldn’t see her, so she’d purposely swayed in front of her. In the bar, her and Fu Changning’s pink clothes were extremely eye-catching.

“I just saw you. I was about to come to you, but then I saw you carrying Changning as you left!” she smiled with a hint of awkwardness. “At first sight, I thought you were carrying...carrying Xu Jin’ge. The relationship between the two of them is really good! It’s so good that even when they go clubbing, they have makeup and dress exactly the same.”

Lan Jinyao knew that without her saying much, Fu Bainian could understand her meaning. Following that, she studied Fu Bainian’s attitude.

After being silent for a while, Fu Bainian only uttered one dark sentence, “I got it!”

Lan Jinyao nodded and said nothing.

She could’ve overlooked a rival in love, but this, even her own sister-in-law had helped an outsider to deal with her. Lan Jinyao felt sorry for; she should be feeling sorry for Chen Meimei.

This night, Lan Jinyao ended up staying at the Fu residence. While Fu Bainian was working on some business matters in the study, she studied a script in the bedroom. Before, Chen Zetao had specifically looked for her, hoping that she could participate in the audition. Chen Zetao had seen that she intended to take part, so before he’d left, he left her the script.

Since she’d already gotten the script, it was definitely better to prepare in advance of the audition rather than memorise everything on the spot.

When the time came, a staff member would give the auditioning artists an excerpt to read. Not only would they have to memorise it on the spot, but they would also have to perform it. The script in her hand could be considered a discrete backdoor from Chen Zetao. However, Chen Zetao was just too trusting of Chen Meimei as he wasn’t at all worried that she would leak the script.

As she was reading through the script, Fu Bainian’s suit pocket started vibrating from where it was hanging.

She looked up but didn’t get up to answer it; she just shouted at Fu Bainian a couple of times. Since he was in the study, she was unsure whether he’d heard her. So, getting up, Lan Jinyao walked over and reached her hand into his suit pocket. From Fu Bainian’s pocket, she not only withdrew his phone but a Givenchy lipstick.

Lan Jinyao had never used this kind of soft pink colour before, and she’d never seen it on Chen Meimei’s dressing table either. Then, when she opened the lid, she saw that half of the lipstick had already been used.

Fu Bainian pushed the door open and walked in just in time to see Lan Jinyao holding the lipstick.

In that split second, the room became eerily silent.

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