Chapter 75 - Cold War (5)

Chapter 75 - Cold War (5)

After the song was finished, the whole bar applauded. Many people stood up while clapping and shouting, “One more, one more…!”

Meanwhile, Lan Jinyao and the others were in their own little world.

The scenes were gradually progressing, and everyone had an important role. Their lives were just like the writing of a script.

Today, Xu Jin’ge only had a light layer of makeup on, which gave off a relaxed impression compared to how annoying her personality actually was. She casually smiled before she said to Lan Jinyao, “Yeah, I’m coming to say goodbye. I hope that before I leave the plan doesn’t change!”

She thought that if Fu Bainian wanted her to go abroad, then she couldn’t refuse. But, even if she couldn’t use that secret to threaten them, she still had other methods.

Lan Jinyao suddenly had a feeling that the woman in front of her was scheming something.

Perhaps she was just overthinking things! Lan Jinyao thought. After Xu Jin’ge had said her piece, she turned and left, leaving Li Qi dumbfounded as he watched her departing figure. He then said, “She’s leaving? Just like that?”

Although Lan Jinyao was utterly confused, she didn’t think too much about it. “As you can see, she really left.”

“Is that woman out of her mind? She especially approached you just to say all that?” Li Qi asked, utterly puzzled. He couldn’t help but guess at her motives. “Did she see what you said during Rouge Fermentation’s promotion interview and was touched?”

Lan Jinyao suppressed the urge to roll her eyes. “If everyone in the crew knew that my words were fake, don’t you think that Xu Jin’ge would realise it too? Why would she believe it?”

Li Qi thought about it and felt that it made sense, so he said, “I think that judging by Xu Jin’ge’s tone just now she wants to, it was to warn you of something! It was like she thought that the matter of her going abroad would change!”

Although he had no idea what was going on, he could guess it by speculation alone; it must be related to the cold atmosphere around President Fu this morning. When a third party stepped in, it was one of the most troublesome things. But, fortunately, his He Xiaoyun wouldn’t be like this.

Lan Jinyao’s mood became heavy at Li Qi’s words.

After a while, she faintly said, “It doesn’t matter. Since Fu Bainian has opened his mouth, then she must go abroad. Despite knowing that she can’t stay abroad for long, who can guess the future?”

She downed a mouthful of wine and leaned back on her seat, looking reckless.

“Don’t drink so fiercely; it’ll save you from getting drunk later. What’s more, I still have to send you home!”

“What does it matter? If I were really drunk later on, you could just call Fu Bainian to come and take me home. He did something wrong anyway. I’m just giving him a chance to redeem himself,” she said as she carelessly smiled.

Obviously, it was just a joke, but Li Qi took it seriously. His hand on Lan Jinyao’s glass was immediately removed, and he made a ‘go on’ gesture. “Please, you continue to drink. I’ll call President Fu to come later, just be aware that you’ll experience the pressure we’ve all felt in the company today, and you’ll be scared.”

Lan Jinyao chuckled, and her hair scattered in front of her face and shoulders. She was still calm, contrary to her noisy surroundings.

After a moment, Lan Jinyao stood up and went to the lavatory.

Just at this moment, Fu Bainian’s tall figure appeared at the entrance of the bar. Wearing a suit, he looked astute and capable. Li Qi saw him with just a glance, but he couldn’t help but click his tongue and sigh. “President Fu’s eyes are really good. Who would’ve thought that this marriage would help Chen Meimei turn over a new leaf? Not just her aura, but even her character had become better. She’s now like a goddess.”

Li Qi thought that Fu Bainian had come to pick Chen Meimei up, but unexpectedly, after Fu Bainian’s sharp eyes swept over the entire bar, he walked to the corner. Li Qi was able to see an obviously drunk woman dressed in pink resting her upper body over the table in front of her.

“Isn’t that Xu Jin’ge? Didn’t she leave? Why did she come back? Moreover, she looks completely drunk,” he mumbled in confusion.

He saw Fu Bainian immediately pick her up without the slightest hesitation using the kind of hold that was usually found in romantic princess stories. After that, he carried her out of the bar.

Watching this scene, Li Qi was left with a stunned expression.

“Crap! What was that?! As it turns out, it wasn’t that Xu Jin’ge was showering affection on an uninterested party, but rather, it was mutual consent!” he kept muttering. “I can’t imagine what would’ve happened if Chen Meimei had seen that!”

President Fu, you bring it on yourself, so don’t blame others!

He then looked in the direction of the lavatory and his eyes promptly widened. What was he going to do now? Fu Bainian had just carried Xu Jin’ge out of the time for Chen Meimei to see it all.

Li Qi desperately prayed in his heart that she hadn’t seen anything, but apparently, it was useless.

That woman was blankly staring at the entrance as if she was stunned. With her current behaviour, how could she not have seen anything?

After a moment, Lan Jinyao’s stunned look flattened into a neutral expression. She casually returned to the seat beside Li Qi and dazedly stared at the empty glass in front of her.

Just as Li Qi was racking his brains on how to comfort her, Lan Jinyao spoke up. Her voice was cold and calm, lacking any emotion. “It looks like no one will be picking me up tonight.”

There was a slight trace of regret in her tone, and Li Qi didn’t know why, but he seemed to be able to hear the sadness in her heart.

“Don’t let your imagination run wild. Regarding this matter, as the wife, you have to ask your husband honestly,” Li Qi took the glass in her hand away as he softly consoled her.

Lan Jinyao felt like her mind was in disarray. Judging from what Xu Jin’ge had said, there really might be a change in the decision of her going abroad. Perhaps, Xu Jin’ge was right. That woman seemed to be able to change Fu Bainian’s mind easily.

“Look, if you never say anything, even when there’s a misunderstanding between you both, how could this matter be solved so easily? People who’re good at using their mouths seem to be able to get close to others without any problems. But for you, you’ll only end up pushing your loved ones further away if you continue to act like this.”

The distance between them had already grown, hadn’t it?

Li Qi spoke again, “Perhaps it’s just a misunderstanding?”


But, how was that possible? That woman had flashed her dazzlingly pink sweater in front of her only a moment ago, so how could she be mistaken?

“Hey, I’ll send you back, and while we’re at it, let’s go take a look. If President Fu really is that kind of person, I’ll absolutely support you if you want to change jobs. We won’t stay with Blue Hall Entertainment!”

After that, Li Qi tugged Lan Jinyao out of her chair and calmly walked outside.

Lan Jinyao was perplexed as she followed after him.

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