Chapter 74 - Cold War (4)

Chapter 74 - Cold War (4)

#My wife is ignoring me, what should I do?? Waiting for online suggestions, quick, quick, quick!!#

The topic had been posted, and the number of people in the discussion had skyrocketed. It didn’t take long for it climb up on the search list, and the Weibo with Chen Meimei’s photo was also at the top.

During that time, she was attending Rouge Fermentation’s promotion. Wearing a long dress, Lan Jinyao was the tallest amongst the entire crew. Standing there alone, her tall figure easily defeated the group of supporting roles, and even the male lead was barely on her level. Of course, that was even when his hair erected into spikes with hairspray.

Standing on the stage, Lan Jinyao had delicate makeup on her face and a perfect smile. When she stood in front of the camera, she looked like a goddess.

Everyone was surprised to find that the fatty Chen Meimei had turned into such a beauty.

Fu Bainian was sitting in front of a computer and watching the live broadcast, the corner of his mouth rising slightly. The real Lan Jinyao was back, and she would go far.

The notifications on his phone had piled up with suggestions from netizens. He read them one by one.

“A proper cold shoulder is necessary, provided that you haven’t done anything wrong!”

Toughening up his attitude? But, unfortunately, he really had done something wrong.

“Your wife doesn’t care about you? Her temper is too volatile. Hurry and take a break. By the way, it just so happens that I’m currently missing a wife.”

You want my wife? No way!

“Wine, a diamond, and roses! Women like that stuff.”

Hmm, that’s right! She already has a diamond ring, so then it’s just wine and roses. Maybe he could use this announcement of the drama as a celebration. Fu Bainian inwardly nodded at the thought and immediately asked Qian Ran to prepare a bottle of wine and a bouquet of roses.

During this time, Lan Jinyao was smiling towards the cameras as it was now the question and answer segment with the reporters. Li Qi, who was sitting below the stage watching her, was breaking out in a cold sweat. When the reporters asked about the drama, she smoothly answered them, but when the reporters asked about her personal life, she only uttered a few words. Sometimes she just replied vaguely, which made Li Qi feel completely relieved.

However, a reporter suddenly asked about the dispute between her and Xu Jin’ge. Even though she was the second female lead, Xu Jin’ge didn’t attend the promotion of the drama, which was enough for the imagination of all the reporters present to run wild.

“Rumours say that you and Xu Jin’ge are at odds with one another and that you even fought on set; is this true?”

Lan Jinyao’s smile stiffened in place for a split second at the question. She really didn’t want to speak about that woman. However, all the reporters in the audience were experienced, and if she didn’t explain this matter, it would just get worse.

Thinking of this, she softly said, “I don’t know where this rumour that I’m at odds with Xu Jin’ge came from, but in fact, our relationship is excellent. She’s a good friend of Bainian, so of course, I talk to her as well. As for the fight you just mentioned, no such thing ever happened!”

After pausing for a moment, she added, “As for why Jin’ge didn’t attend this promotion, it’s probably because her recent schedule is packed and she had no time to come!”

Li Qi, who was seated in the audience, wanted to give her a big thumbs up; she could lie without changing her expression. He’d really underestimated Chen Meimei in the past!

Sitting in the cafe, Xu Jin’ge suddenly sneeze.

“I don’t think this is a good idea,” Fu Changning awkwardly said. “If my brother found out, I would face a tragic death. Moreover, are you sure that my brother only married Chen Meimei because of her family’s business? Why do I feel that my brother really likes her?”

In the cafe, the live broadcast was playing. Fu Changning suddenly saw the woman with a calm and beautiful smile, and for a moment, she gaped in awe.

“Chen Meimei seems…” To be getting more beautiful.

She stared at the TV screen and whispered, “Why do I feel like the current Chen Meimei is a perfect match for my brother? Look, whether it’s height or background, they fit together.”

Xu Jin’ge followed her line of sight, and her face suddenly darkened.

Indeed, amongst the crew, Chen Meimei was definitely a lot thinner. Even her collarbone was visible, but...

“That isn’t Chen Meimei! It’s Lan Jinyao!” she muttered under her breath.

Fu Changning frowned. “What did you say? I didn’t quite catch it; what did you say about Chen Meimei?”

“Changning, just help me this one time, okay? It should be me who’s paired with Bainian. Moreover, Uncle also likes me a lot, doesn’t he?” She grabbed Fu Changning’s hands and shook them like a spoiled child. “Please? Will you help me?”

Fu Changning thought for a while before she nodded and reluctantly responded. “Alright! But just this once. In addition, if my brother notices that something is fishy, you can’t drag me down with you or else I’m as good as dead.”

“Okay!” Xu Jin’ge smiled.

7 in the evening.

Fu Bainian was on his way home with flowers and red wine when Fu Changning called him. The noisy sounds on the other end of the phone made Fu Bainian frown.

“Where are you, Changning?”

His only reply was Fu Changning’s giggling and a man’s voice in the background seemingly persuading her to drink more.

“Big you have time to pick me up? I’m in a bar...on Maple Road. I seem to have drunk too much, and I feel dizzy now. My vision seems like it’s doubled...”

Fu Changning was speaking while laughing like she was really drunk.

Fu Bainian stopped his car. He glanced at the flowers and red wine on the back seat before sighing and steering the car in the direction of Maple Road.


In a noisy bar, a woman with smoky makeup was holding a guitar as she sang on the stage. The man under the stage watched her with an infatuated gaze, the wine glass quickly warming in his hand.

Lan Jinyao tapped Li Qi on the head. “Hey! Do you like her that much?”

Li Qi replied without facing her, “You tell me. After pursuing her for so long with great difficulty, I finally got her. This happiness of mine has just started.”

Lan Jinyao clicked her tongue.

This Li Qi was smart. In the past, he was like a sly fox, and he was treacherous, it’s just that it had now increased. It was only in front of He Xiaoyun that he was like a teenager who’d fallen in love for the first time. He would even blush.

When Lan Jinyao and Li Qi laughed, they didn’t realise that in a corner of the bar, someone was staring at her.

“Chen Meimei...”

Lan Jinyao heard someone call her name, so she turned and was greeted by the sight of Xu Jin’ge in a pink sweater.

“Xu Jin’ge? Are looking for me for something? It wouldn’t be that you wanted to say your farewells, right?”

Li Qi was confused as he watched the two of them. “Farewells? Where are you going, Jin’ge?”

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