Chapter 71 - Cold War (1)

Chapter 71 - Cold War (1)

At the top of Blue Hall Entertainment’s building, Lan Jinyao was leaning against the wall, her eyesight blurry.

The dark sky was glittering with a few bright stars, and the cool breeze occasionally caressed her hair.

In this situation, she recalled that night. She stood here as she watched Shen Wei’an shouting hysterically, blaming all the injustices in this world. At that time, Lan Jinyao had only felt sad, but now, she understood that there was no such thing as fairness in this world.

Back then, she hadn’t known what love was, and she hadn’t understood the meaning of a life.

But now, she understood that love wasn’t equal to life. For a lifetime, it was just way too long, thorny, and full of disappointments.

As Lan Jinyao looked up at the quiet sky, a silent shadow appeared from the stairway. The figure stopped and looked around for a while before continuing to Lan Jinyao and sitting beside her.

Lan Jinyao tilted her head to look at Lan Xin, the corner of her mouth raising to form a sneer.

She’d thought she was the only one who’d wanted to calm down here for a while when upset. She hadn’t expected that she could meet an acquaintance here.

In that split moment, the previous grudge between them seemed to disappear, and Lan Jinyao faintly asked, “Do you still like Fu Bainian?”

Staring at the face that was identical to her old one, Lan Jinyao felt something flashing in her mind. But, it flashed too fast, just like a white light, and before she could even catch it, it disappeared. She couldn’t remember what it was, no matter how hard she tried.

Lan Xin was staring into the distance for a long while and snapped back to reality when she heard the question. She swept a glance at Lan Jinyao before she faintly smiled. “I’ll tell you the truth. Actually, I don’t like Fu Bainian at all. Although it’s undeniable that the man is indeed handsome, I only have one person in my heart. I will never fall in love with another in my life.”

“You have someone you like?”

This answer was beyond Lan Jinyao’s expectation. She’d thought that this woman was all about Fu Bainian. That day, in the restaurant, Lan Xin had suffered not only from her accusation but also from the malicious glares of the people in the restaurant. For a woman, if she had no particular purpose, people would hardly believe that it was true love.

Lan Xin nodded. “Yeah, but I can only like him from afar. I can never get close, and I can’t get close either.”

The way Lan Xin spoke was slightly strange. Lan Jinyao was confused, but her curiosity was roused.

“Why? If you like someone, then you should pursue him!” She paused before continuing, “Of course, I don’t approve of destroying someone’s family.”

Lan Xin suddenly burst into laughter at her words.

She looked towards Lan Jinyao. “I hadn’t expected that your morality would be so strong. I won’t destroy someone’s family; I would never do that!”

Lan Jinyao thought: weren’t you trying to break Fu Bainian and me up before? Just so you know, we already have a marriage certificate, so by law, we’re already a family.

As if she’d guessed Lan Jinyao’s thoughts, Lan Xin’s smile became even more prominent, her eyes which bent down and made her looked adorable.

She said, “You still remember that matter? Haven’t you already reconciled with Fu Bainian? Actually, I know that what I did was wrong. I also felt very ashamed in my heart, but I had no choice; I had to do it. I’m really sorry for hurting you!”

The reason she’d had to do it was to get close to Fu Bainian? Wasn’t it to break them apart? The questions in Lan Jinyao’s mind grew larger.

Although the face in front of her looked exactly like her former self, she continuously felt that she couldn’t tell what Lan Xin was thinking. She clearly didn’t look all that old, but why did it seem that she was much more reserved than her peers? She seemed completely different compared to Xu Jin’ge.

“I’ll tell you another secret!”

Lan Xin blinked. Her eyes were twinkling as if they contained starlight. Lan Jinyao suddenly felt that Lan Xin’s current smile was somewhat dangerous. It was similar to a mischievous grin that someone would have before they pulled a prank. She subconsciously thought that the secret Lan Xin was going to tell her wouldn’t be a pleasant secret.

“Actually...Fu Bainian has someone he likes!”

Lan Xin had deliberately dragged out her words for suspense, and her tone was somewhat smug.

However, the next second, the smugness on her face slowly faded. She looked at Lan Jinyao in puzzlement and asked, “Why aren’t you upset? Or, are you with Fu Bainian because of a reason other than love?”

The corners of Lan Jinyao’s lips curved upwards. At this moment, Lan Xin had an innocent look about her that matched her age.

Lan Jinyao shook her head. “I wouldn’t be upset. What you want to say is that the person Fu Bainian likes is the dead actress, Lan Jinyao, right? I don’t really care about this. After all, she’s already dead.”

Sometimes, fate was genuinely wonderful. Two people who’d been opposing each other not long ago could, at this moment, talk like a pair of old friends who’d known each other for a long time.

Just when Lan Jinyao was sighing inwardly, the atmosphere suddenly changed.

Obviously, Lan Xin wasn’t happy.

In that moment, Lan Jinyao could almost see a surging emotion within her eyes. This emotion came without warning, which made Lan Jinyao feel a little confused.

After a long while, Lan Xin finally calmed down and stared at Lan Jinyao with her bright eyes as she stated, “She’s not dead. She lives forever in my heart!”

Upon hearing the first half of her sentence, Lan Jinyao’s heart thumped hard, and she thought that her secret had been discovered. But, when she heard the latter phrase, she was relieved.

“I’m her fan; the type that will always protect her.”

Lan Jinyao was quite moved when she heard that. Her eyes softened as she asked, “Is it because you closely resemble her? Or maybe, it’s purely her acting you like? Or, even her personality?”

She didn’t know how many of her fans would remember her in their hearts after her death.

“Because she was just like me; very lonely.”

At that moment, listening to Lan Xin’s serious tone when spoke those words, the smile on Lan Jinyao’s face finally disappeared.

That’s right; no one could understand her loneliness. Even though she’d entered the entertainment industry and had learnt to smile intimately at anyone; the emotions buried deep inside her had never changed.

As the clock struck 9 PM, the time when Lan Jinyao had fallen off the building, Lan Xin stood up and looked down at the dark staircase.

“Do you want to come over and see? I heard that for people who die from falling off a building, their souls always linger below. At night, we might see signs of the soul!”

Lan Jinyao shook her head. “No!”

Her legs turned to jelly. Although she was standing on the roof of the very building she’d died from, she still hadn’t overcome her trauma.

This time, she figured that she’d come here for nothing.

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