Chapter 69 - Sowing Dissension (7)

Chapter 69 - Sowing Dissension (7)

After Lan Jinyao had woken up in Chen Meimei's body, she hadn’t set up a password for her phone. And now, she could only helplessly watch as Xu Jin’ge unlocked her phone screen. She then saw Xu Jin’ge laughing evilly; it looked like she was scheming something terrible.

Xu Jin’ge sure was childish.

Lan Jinyao remained calm as she walked up behind Xu Jin’ge to check what she was doing. Xu Jin’ge was intently staring at her phone’s screen, so she didn’t notice that there was someone behind her. The crew members standing nearby saw what was happening, but no one spoke up to warn her.

Xu Jin’ge first checked her photo album and searched through it. When she finally found the photos that were secretly taken by Lan Jinyao during her last scene, she deleted them one by one. Lan Jinyao noticed that Xu Jin’ge had initially wanted to put the phone back after she was done, but she then hesitated for a minute before she unlocked her phone again, clicking on her SMS app.

Following that, Xu Jin’ge tapped on Fu Bainian’s name. Lan Jinyao’s expression immediately sunk when she saw Xu Jin’ge reading through the messages.

It looked like she was right! It wasn’t that Fu Bainian hadn’t texted her back. Rather, someone had tampered with her phone when she wasn’t paying attention, and as such, the text messages sent by Fu Bainian had been deleted without a trace.

When Xu Jin’ge’s finger hovered on the delete button again, Lan Jinyao quickly extended her hand and snatched the phone back from her.

“Don’t you know that your current actions can be deemed as theft? Xu Jin’ge, don’t you have any discipline?”

Upon hearing that, Xu Jin’ge turned slightly abashed, but after a second, her expression had already changed back to one of arrogance. Xu Jin’ge widened her eyes as she impartially said, “I didn’t steal your phone. I just took a look and nothing more.”

“Then, what were you looking for? And, if I may ask, does the text messages in my phone relate to you in any way, Miss Xu?”

Xu Jin’ge liked Fu Bainian, and that was something she couldn’t do anything about. However, Lan Jinyao absolutely wouldn’t allow this woman to interfere in her relationship with Fu Bainian. Even if it were just a small misunderstanding, she would never condone it!

“The text messages aren’t related to me,” Xu Jin’ge calmly answered, her ego halved as she continued, “But, what about those photos...what were you planning to do with them, huh? Post them on the Internet?”

“Do you think that everyone is like you? Do you really think that you can justify anything by resorting to this?” Lan Jinyao swung the phone in her hand, and uttered, “That. Is. Not. Possible! If you really want to prove something, then your actions only prove that you’re stupid! Doing things like this is truly boring, so please conduct yourself.”

Xu Jin’ge’s chest was frantically heaving up and down as she angrily stared at Lan Jinyao. But, she didn’t say anything to refute Lan Jinyao.

“Lan Jinyao, don't get too complacent.”

After a long while, Xu Jin’ge only managed to utter this one sentence after calming down a bit.

Lan Jinyao snorted at her before casually saying, “What was the point of deleting the text messages that Fu Bainian had sent me? What right does someone like you, who loves to delete other people's text messages, have to say this? Xu Jin’ge, if you dare do this again, then don’t blame my fists!”

Xu Jin’ge subconsciously took a step back before saying, “I'm leaving tomorrow. Hopefully, no one will trouble you in the future!”

“It’ll be better with you gone!” rebuked Lan Jinyao. But, I won’t just let this matter go!

Lan Jinyao had a premonition that Xu Jin’ge, this troublesome woman, would become a significant obstacle between herself and Fu Bainian in the future.

That night, Fu Bainian called Lan Jinyao. When Lan Jinyao, who was laying on the bed heard his voice, she felt warmth envelop her heart. At this moment, everything in the surroundings seemed to have faded; leaving behind just the two of them.

Fu Bainian sounded a little tired, so Lan Jinyao asked, “Have you been busy lately? I texted you plenty of times, but you never answered!”

Wasn’t it just acting wronged? She could also do it! Moreover, her acting wouldn’t be any worse than Xu Jin’ge’s.

As expected, Fu Bainian felt even more wronged than her as he said, “Dear Wife, I honestly replied! Every time you sent a message, I replied. Perhaps, the signal was bad, so you didn’t receive my messages!”

“There’s nothing wrong with my phone’s signal!” replied Lan Jinyao with a slightly angry voice.

After that, Fu Bainian’s tone softened quite a bit as he continued, “Then, perhaps, my phone’s signal was bad, but I honestly did reply!”

Upon hearing his reply, Lan Jinyao suddenly felt that there was no meaning in continuing like this, so she couldn’t help but tell the truth. “Alright, you did text me back, and I may have received your text messages, but...someone deleted them. I heard some bad things today, and that’s why I didn't feel very happy.”

At times, Lan Jinyao had no choice but to give in to Fu Bainian; his IQ was top-notch! She’d only complained a little, but he’d already figured out the rest.

“It was Xu Jin’ge, right? She deleted the text messages on your phone. She was speaking ill of me in front of you, isn’t that so? Our relationship is only as good as it is because of my parents. There's really nothing between her and me!”

Upon hearing this, Lan Jinyao’s lips slowly curled up into a smile.

She then said, “She likes you a lot, and she always made me feel uneasy somehow.” She didn’t feel this kind of uneasiness even when she was facing Lan Xin.

The man on the other end of the phone chuckled, and then Lan Jinyao heard him say, “I’d initially thought that I was the only one who felt this way, but surprisingly, that wasn’t the case. Do you know what this implies? It means you've fully accepted me now.”

“And then what?” Did he miss the most crucial point?

After pondering for a moment, Fu Bainian quickly replied, “Xu Jin’ge’s acting skills are actually quite good, so her agency has decided to send her abroad to advance in Hollywood. Thus, she won't be staying here for long.”

“Was it your idea?”

A long while had passed before she heard Fu Bainian softly acknowledging, “Mm!”

It turned out that he’d already settled everything, and here she thought that...

“So, now that you know Xu Jin’ge is going to go abroad soon do you feel reluctant to part with her?”

“No!” Fu Bainian stayed silent for a moment before he continued, “I just hope that there won’t be a second Xu Jin’ge coming between us.”

His voice carried a heavy hint of fatigue as he spoke. Like the ticking sounds of an ancient morning bell, it rammed at Lan Jinyao’s heart.

As long as he was Fu Bainian, and as long as she was Chen Meimei, how could there be no second opportunity for Xu Jin’ge to come between them?

They still had a long way ahead of them.

“Fu Bainian, I’m not outstanding enough, and that’s why other women always think that they still have a chance. They must all think that Chen Meimei's persistence has touched you!” Lan Jinyao’s voice slightly trembled as she added, “So...Fu Bainian, would you ever tell others my true identity?”

Bainian personally told me that you’re really Lan Jinyao as proof that he didn’t like you.

When Lan Jinyao heard Fu Bainian answer in the negative, she softly chuckled. Xu Jin’ge was truly something else! To think that she’d managed to guess, all on her own, something as unbelievable as Lan Jinyao’s rebirth.

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