Chapter 68 - Sowing Dissension (6)

Chapter 68 - Sowing Dissension (6)

Lan Jinyao’s attention was focused on her phone when Xu Jin’ge came in. It wasn’t until a long while had passed that she finally noticed that there was another person in the room. But, by then, Xu Jin’ge had already sat down at the bedside.

“What are you here for this time?” Lan Jinyao asked cautiously.

Xu Jin’ge swept a quick glance around the room before her gaze landed on the phone in Lan Jinyao’s hand. She then haughtily said, “Don’t tell me that you’re currently checking Weibo? I guess you must’ve already seen the online news then!”

Lan Jinyao thought for a second and immediately made a guess, so she asked, “You were the one who posted those photos online?!”

To Lan Jinyao’s surprise, Xu Jin’ge didn’t immediately refute her question. On the contrary, Xu Jin’ge admitted it. “That’s right, I took all those photos. Didn't you want to find out what Fu Bainian really thinks of you? You can take a good look now, whether he truly cares about you or not!”

Xu Jin’ge said this with absolute determination, causing a peculiar feeling to bubble up within Lan Jinyao’s heart.

“Alright, then I'll just wait and see!” answered Lan Jinyao as she gestured towards the door. “I’m going to rest now, so please leave!”

Xu Jin’ge stood up, but she didn’t immediately leave. Instead, she stared at Lan Jinyao with a peculiar smile before she unhurriedly said, “I hope that you can remain optimistic and open-minded when the time comes!”

After Xu Jin’ge had left, Lan Jinyao threw her phone on the bed and tucked her entire body under the blanket. She’d already felt slightly uneasy and annoyed, but now she felt even worse.

There was a subtle feeling of uneasiness within her heart. It seemed that from the moment she’d woken up in Chen Meimei’s body, she’d gained some sort of keen intuition.

The next day, Li Ya didn’t look very cheerful; he seemed discontent and appeared as if he had fallen ill. When Lan Jinyao walked towards him, he just swept her a quick glance before looking away again. He wasn’t smiling nor was he as enthusiastic as the day before.

Although Lan Jinyao found his behaviour odd, she didn't ask any further questions.

It wasn’t until that afternoon that she finally understand why Li Ya was acting so weirdly. She’d received a text message from Fu Bainian, which consisted of only a few short words: I’d feel jealous!

All the news on Weibo concerning Lan Jinyao and Li Ya had been cleanly deleted by someone, and only a few active verified internet celebrities were still forwarding the news. But, the number of shares was very meagre because as soon as those posts were forwarded, they would be instantly deleted. Blue Hall Entertainment’s official Weibo had also issued a statement stating that there was nothing between the two and that those photos were just a publicity stunt for the new drama.

Now that the official Weibo had refuted the rumours, the news had already faded away.

Lan Jinyao secretly made a call to Li Qi and asked him if this matter was settled by Fu Bainian, and she immediately got an affirmative answer.

Li Qi had left after only staying one week at the villa, saying that he needed to make arrangements for her next work. When Lan Jinyao had asked him what kind of work, he’d acted all secretive and had refused to talk about it. Thus, Lan Jinyao didn’t bother to pursue the matter nor question him further. She’d just assumed that Li Qi might’ve gone to chase after He Xiaoyun.

In a few days’ time, the drama would be officially finalised. After that, no matter how much Xu Jin’ge wanted to sow dissension, she wouldn't be able to affect her anymore. As for the issue between her and Fu Bainian, Lan Jinyao had decided to put it aside for now since she had more important things to do at the moment. Because...Shen Wei’an was going to be discharged from the hospital soon.

“Jun Hao, I truly love you with all my heart. Why are you still not willing to believe me?”

This scene was played by the male lead and the second female lead. The second female lead was snivelling; her appearance seemingly not that bad. Meanwhile, Lan Jinyao sat not too far away and was quietly watching this, occasionally fiddling with her phone.

The prop dagger in Li Ya’s hand had been ruthlessly thrust into the pit of the second female lead’s stomach, and blood dripped out of the wound.

Eventually, the woman's sight gradually blurred and faded, but her hand still stubbornly held onto Li Ya's clothes, refusing to let go even after her death.

What a moving scene! Lan Jinyao suddenly thought of something and quickly aimed her phone at the two people on set.

She didn't turn on her phone’s flash, so everything was quietly and stealthily recorded.

In the evening, after 6 PM, there were two more scenes. Xu Jin’ge’s part was already completely done, and all that was left were the scenes between the male lead and the female lead.

However, after the Weibo incident, Li Ya’s movements at certain times appeared to be somewhat tense. Others might not have noticed that, but Lan Jinyao, who was acting alongside him, could see it very distinctly. For example, when the male lead and female lead had to stare into each other’s eyes affectionately, Li Ya would subconsciously evade her gaze. Also, when he was embracing her, she could feel his arms tense up.

He wasn’t acting like usual at all, even though no one had noticed it. But, luckily, today's filming session went smoothly all the way to the end.

When Li Ya went to the back garden, Lan Jinyao followed him.


She then walked over and stood beside him.

When Li Ya saw that it was Lan Jinyao, his gaze evaded her for a just a split second, yet that subtle motion was caught by Lan Jinyao’s sharp eyes.

“Are you still worrying about the news articles on Weibo?”

Li Ya subconsciously nodded, but when he finally managed to react, he quickly shook his head and said, “No-no I’m not!”

Lan Jinyao smiled upon seeing his reaction before she sighed and said, “It doesn't matter. Those news articles won't affect your popularity. On the contrary, it’s advantageous for your future development. You didn’t even see mine from back then; I was practically scolded all the way to the top of the search results each time! If I worried about all the gossip people spread about me, then I probably would’ve died from depression by now.”

Li Ya softly concurred, then asked, “The news on Weibo states that we’re…those words are truly unpleasant to hear. You really don’t mind at all?”

Truth to be told, those comments and news articles were truly hurtful towards an average married woman, but she’d already experienced death once, so what else could drown her? She could only force out a brighter smile as she moved along her journey from now on.

“Of course I mind, but there’s nothing to be done about it. Since I’ve chosen to walk this path, then I have to bear the thistles, thorns, and setbacks along the way. This path seems bright and shiny, but in fact, it’s not easy at all.” Lan Jinyao sighed before she continued, “So, we have to be tougher and grow stronger!”

Li Ya finally cheered up and beamed a bright smile. “Mm! You're right. I was initially worried that you’d get a bad impression of me because of this incident!”

“Haha, of course not!”

She wouldn’t, but whether Fu Bainian would or not was something else.

Their conversation ended up untangling the knots in their hearts.

Lan Jinyao didn’t stay for long as she was worried that a new scandal would pop up because Xu Jin’ge was practically everywhere.

However, when she had returned to the set, she saw Xu Jin’ge taking her phone out of her bag without permission. Looking at Xu Jin’ge being all secretive, Lan Jinyao knew that that woman was up to no good. Suddenly, an idea appeared in Lan Jinyao’s mind.

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