Chapter 65 - Sowing Dissension (3)

Chapter 65 - Sowing Dissension (3)

The next morning, when Lan Jinyao woke up, she saw a pair of pitch-black eyes staring at her. It scared her out of her wits so much that she was instantly wide-awake, without any traces of sleepiness left.

“Good morning!”

“Fu Bainian…”

Lan Jinyao extended her arms and pushed him away while exclaiming, “Y-you need to get out of here, now!”

Fu Bainian just glanced at her innocently. Lan Jinyao then quickly climbed down from the bed and rushed into the bathroom.

As she was brushing her teeth, she thought: Last night, she’d clearly closed the door! How did Fu Bainian manage to get inside? Even if he’d managed to get the keys, he wouldn’t be able to open the door because she’d locked it. Unless...Fu Bainian had called a locksmith over to unlock the door for him.

This was all too much!

As she was scowling in front of the mirror, a tall figure appeared at the door of the bathroom.

“Are you angry?”

Fu Bainian, who was leaning against the door, looked at her with a profound expression; his gaze intense. Lan Jinyao just coldly snorted at him and didn’t bother to answer his question.

Her expression had remained cold the entire time he’d been talking to her, so Fu Bainian was able to easily guess what she was thinking about. After a while, when she still hadn’t uttered a single word, he quickly explained, “There’s nothing going on between Xu Jin’ge and me. Last night, I just wanted to make things clear to her; nothing more.”

“If you don’t like it, then I can promise you that from now on, I won't meet with her alone again!” Fu Bainian declared before adding, “If she wants to see me for any urgent matters, then I'll bring you along with me!”

When Lan Jinyao saw Fu Bainian swearing such an oath, the remaining trace of anger in her heart completely subsided. But, she still pretended to be calm and unmoved as she indifferently said, “That’s none of my business. If you want to see her, then feel free to do so!”

“You really don't mind?” Fu Bainian chuckled, his smile revealing a trace of provocative.

Lan Jinyao completely ignored Fu Bainian and started applying her makeup in front of the mirror.

Seeing her like this, Fu Bainian continued. “But I mind! I just want to be with the woman I love. Moreover, my Mum is looking forward to us giving her a grandchild soon!”

Upon hearing that last part, the hand that Lan Jinyao had been using to pat the serum onto her skin immediately stiffened and her cheeks slightly flushed red.

“Fu Bainian, it’s time for you to go to work!”

When he saw the tint of red on her cheeks, Fu Bainian’s smile deepened. “Okay, I'm leaving first!”

After he’d left the bathroom, Lan Jinyao stopped moving. The topic that Fu Bainian had brought up earlier had actually never crossed her mind before. The two of them liked each other, and they were also legally married. So, sooner or later they had to think about having children.

It was just that she still had more important things to do at the moment. She hadn’t taken revenge nor had she regained the things that had belonged to her yet. If she were to get pregnant now, the baby would only become a burden. She then suddenly recalled the time in which she used to spend her days alone in that spacious house.

At that time, the servants had been willfully sent away by her. She thought that, as long as she was left alone at home, her parents would become worried and come back to accompany her. But, she then gradually realised that that was just wishful thinking. Even if they were to return home once or twice, that was only because of business; they didn’t even have time to give her a hug.

She’d always pretended not to care, and had smiled at everyone while pretending to be very happy every day. But, truth be told, she’d actually cared about a lot of things deep in her heart. Since she’d known that it was useless even if she poured out her feelings, she’d chosen to remain silent instead.

Fu Bainian, if you’re willing to wait for me, I’ll bear you a cute baby.

Lan Jinyao secretly made a promise in her heart.

Later that morning, Lan Jinyao was in a pretty good mood when she started filming. However, she realised that Xu Jin’ge was still the same as before. She liked to stare at her no matter what, but what was there to see anyway?

After they’d finished filming a scene, Xu Jin’ge’s expression grew stranger by the second, making it impossible for Lan Jinyao to ignore her even if she wanted to.

During lunchtime, Xu Jin’ge unexpectedly stood in front of her for the first time. At that moment, Lan Jinyao’s entire body subconsciously stiffened, thinking that Xu Jin’ge was going to play a trick on her again. Unexpectedly, Xu Jin’ge didn’t do anything at all. Instead, she sat in the chair opposite Lan Jinyao and said, “I know that it was you who called someone to save me last time, so I apologise for throwing a basin of water on you!”

Lan Jinyao continued eating indifferently, but in her heart, she already suspected a perilous situation. If Xu Jin’ge was acting at this moment, then her acting skills were really superb because Lan Jinyao didn’t notice any other emotion hidden behind her words. Her tone sounded unusually sincere this time.

“Hey! I’m apologising to you, so you ought to at least answer me!”

Lan Jinyao swallowed the rice in her mouth and nodded. “Okay! I accept your apology; is there anything else you wish to say?”

Xu Jin’ge was acting weirder by the minute! She was known to be haughty, yet she knew how to apologise?

However, Lan Jinyao soon noticed that Xu Jin’ge’s gaze was growing increasingly odd.

A moment later, Xu Jin’ge said, “You know that I like Fu Bainian, right?!”

“I know, but we’re already married. Besides, there are so many women who fancy my husband. If I started caring about every one of them, then wouldn’t I tire myself to death?!”

Xu Jin’ge felt suffocated when she heard Lan Jinyao’s casual and indifferent tone of voice, and a trace of anger revealed itself on her face.

Soon after, Lan Jinyao understood what Xu Jin’ge was up to.

Xu Jin’ge slightly lifted her chin, her eyes revealing a hint of disdain as she said, “Chen Meimei, how could those women compare with me? At the very least, they haven't even had the chance to get close to Fu Bainian, yet my relationship is far more intimate with him than those women could ever dream to hope. Last night I asked Fu Bainian, and he said that your marriage was all planned by Mother Fu. Due to this, it was impossible for him to disobey Mother Fu’s arrangements.”

“You’re overthinking things!” replied Lan Jinyao. Had it not been for Fu Bainian clarifying things with her this morning, she might have really been deceived by this woman!

She then put down her chopsticks and indifferently said, “I understand Fu Bainian’s feelings very clearly, so I don't need you to explain things.”

“Are you sure?” Xu Jin’ge suddenly lowered her voice, her eyes seemingly carrying a kind of inexplicable self-confidence.

That gaze caused Lan Jinyao’s heart to feel somewhat cautious and alarmed, and her initial confidence started to waver momentarily.

“Lan Jinyao, let me tell you something!”

Xu Jin’ge looked around and saw that there was no one else nearby. She then whispered, “If Fu Bainian really loved you, then he wouldn't have told me your secret. That devastating secret of yours can make you lose your standing in an instant!”

That devastating secret of yours can make you lose your standing in an instant!

Lan Jinyao’s pupils abruptly shrunk, revealing her real emotions.

She stared at the bright smile on Xu Jin’ge’s face, and suddenly, it felt as if the sky was clouded with gloominess as her world collapsed into nothingness.

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