Chapter 63 - Sowing Dissension (1)

Chapter 63 - Sowing Dissension (1)

At 10 PM, Lan Jinyao had just come out of the bathroom when she saw that her phone screen was on. She thought it was a notification from a news app, but when she took a look, she found that it was a text message.

“Do you miss me?”

It was a text from Fu Bainian.

Lan Jinyao stared at the text message, and suddenly, Fu Bainian’s face with his deep eyes popped into her mind. The corner of her lips raised into a faint arc.

So, she decisively sent a text back. “I don’t miss you!!!”

Before long, she received another text message. Lan Jinyao thought that Fu Bainian must currently be staring at his phone. She looked at the time for when the first message came; it was half an hour ago.

Thinking of this, the smile on her lips widened.

“But I miss you!”

At the end of the second text, there was even a cute emoji, which was simply unimaginable. Great President Fu, who was as cold as ice, could unexpectedly play with emojis.

Lan Jinyao lay on the bed as she looked at the text. She was thinking about how to reply to him, but after a while, she still didn’t type a word and instead took a ring out of her bag.

A hexagon shaped diamond sparkled under the light.

She suddenly recalled how before, when they’d decided to get a marriage certificate, Fu Bainian had given her a ring. It was a pair with the one he had on his finger, and it was a very ordinary ring; the type of ring that anyone could buy in a jewellery store. Later, when the groom hadn’t appeared at the wedding ceremony, she’d become a laughingstock. Furious, she’d thrown the ring onto a dressing table in the presence of Mother Fu. She still remembered the expression on Mother Fu’s face at that time; shame and regret.

Looking carefully, she discovered that the ring was completely different from the previous one. The diamond was slightly more prominent, and the design was clearly more beautiful. It looked like it was meticulously designed with the utmost care.

When she’d woken up in Fu Bainian’s bed that morning, she’d felt something on her finger. But, at that time, she hadn’t paid it any attention. She’d only noticed it after getting in the car and had then taken advantage of when Li Qi had closed his eyes to rest to quickly slip the ring into her bag.

On a whim, she sent Fu Bainian a text message, asking him, “Why is this ring different from the previous one?”

“Because that ring was for Chen Meimei, and this ring originally belonged to you!”

This sentence wasn’t a text message. Instead, it was a real voice which drifted through the door of her room.

Like a snapped string, Lan Jinyao shot up from her bed and rushed to the door with large strides before slowly unlocking it. The next second, President Fu’s noble and threatening face appeared before her eyes.

Fu Bainian pushed the door open wider and walked in, then tightly hugged her.

Lan Jinyao heard him say, “I lost. I missed you so very much, although it was only a day that passed.”

Lan Jinyao felt her heart thumping wildly, and she let Fu Bainian hug her as she clenched her hands at her side. Yet, she didn’t push him away.

After a while, he released her. With a low voice, he said in her ears in a slightly wronged tone, “But, you didn’t miss me.”

She didn’t say anything. In fact, even during her free time, his figure would appear in her mind, but she subconsciously ignored it.

She’d initially thought that as long as they were holding hands that they could be happy for a lifetime. Even if she was wearing Chen Meimei’s body and face, they could slowly nurture their feelings. But, later, reality gave her a heavy blow and let her understand how ridiculous her dream was.

She wasn’t Chen Meimei, but she might not be able to escape Chen Meimei’s identity in her lifetime, which caused many problems between them. She had a career, and she also had a grievance that had yet to be settled. She wanted to take revenge, but she also didn’t want him to get involved.

In fact, the most important thing was that she was worried about was being hurt.

In over 20 years of her life, this was the first time she’d met someone that she liked. Her love had a relatively late awakening, and the ones who fell in love late were quite affectionate. After loving once, there would be no second time, so she was anxious about being hurt.

“Fu Bainian, how come you’re suddenly here?”

“I was worried that you missed me, so I came!” he righteously answered.

Lan Jinyao quietly muttered, “Didn’t you say that you missed me?”

When she looked at Fu Bainian again, she saw the evil smile on his face that was too late for him to hide.

After looking around the room, Fu Bainian asked her, “There’s only one bed?”

Before Lan Jinyao could respond, she heard him continue, “However, this bed is quite big. It’s just the right size for the two of us.”

“For the two of us?! Who said that I wanted to sleep with you…?!”

An hour later, Lan Jinyao had already shut her eyes and had fallen asleep. Sitting on the edge of the bed, Fu Bainian watched her sleeping, a smile forming on his face.

She’d obviously said that she liked him before, so now she was playing hard to get?

In the middle of the night, Fu Bainian had just lied down when he heard movements at the door. It was a very quiet voice, but it was particularly evident in the silence of the night; someone was at the door.

Fu Bainian slightly frowned.

The shooting of Rouge Fermentation would take several days, so all the rooms in this villa had been booked in advance. Logically speaking, excluding the crew members, there should be no outsiders here. In that case, could it be someone from the crew?

The first thing he thought of was Rouge Fermentation’s male lead. That man was an honest teen idol with dewy eyes that could shock anyone who gazed into them.

He carefully unwrapped his arm from Lan Jinyao’s waist, then lightly walked step by step towards the door. The dark room was extremely quiet, so he could hear the sounds of the person outside opening the door with a key.

Fu Bainian watched the lock rotating, the tight frown on his face expressing his displeasure. No matter who the person outside was, as long as he had the key to this room, there was no excuse. What’s more, Lan Jinyao seemed completely unaware of this.

The moment the door opened, Xu Jin’ge stood blankly outside as she met the angry glare of a man. The rage within his eyes was terrible, making her want to run away in terror.

“Bai-Bainian, you’re here?” she stuttered, her hands restlessly clutching her clothes.

Upon seeing that it was Xu Jin’ge who’d unlocked the door, Fu Bainian felt relieved. Fortunately, it was only this woman who was standing outside. However, when he recalled the red mark on Lan Jinyao’s face that couldn’t even be covered with foundation, he found it almost unbearable.

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