Chapter 60 - Suspicions Arise (1)

Chapter 60 - Suspicions Arise (1)

Inside a dimly lit room where the lights weren’t turned on, and the curtains were still closed. There was only a thin ray of light entering from a small gap in the curtains and spilling onto the wooden floor.

Hidden in the dark room, there was a man wearing house clothes. He was sitting on a chair with a complicated look.

About ten minutes later, the door of his room was opened and Xu Jin’ge, who was wearing a nightgown, entered. She briskly walked towards the man and rubbed his hair. “Brother, what’s the matter? Why are you sitting here in a daze so early in the morning?”

Suddenly, Xu Jin’ge exclaimed as a thought occurred to her, and the corners of her mouth cracked into a crafty smile as she teased, “I know! Did my Brother meet the person who is destined for him? Spring is already over, yet you’re just starting to think about love.”

Her fingers accidentally touched the man’s cheek, and a sharp exhale was heard in the dark room.

Xu Jin’ge’s fingers froze, and she quickly walked to the switch on the wall to turn on the lights, instantly lighting up the room in a bright glow. She stared blankly at Xu Yibei, and her hand on the switch didn’t move for quite some time.

“Don’t turn on the light...!”

However, it was already too late. As these words were spoken, Xu Jin’ge had already seen his face.

A woman’s high screech rang throughout the room. “Brother! Who gave you those wounds on your face?! This is too much! How could they hit you like this? Tell me, who did this? I will help you sort them out!”

Xu Jin’ge hurriedly left the room to get the first aid kit, and Xu Yibei rubbed the split on the corner of his mouth. The expression reflected in his eyes was dark and unclear.

Soon, Xu Jin’ge returned with the first aid kit, and she gently applied iodine to Xu Yibei’s wounds with a cotton swab. Occasionally, a sharp hiss would escape his mouth, and Xu Jin’ge’s hands would tremble in response.

“Brother!” Sobs could be heard in her voice. “Tell me, who did this to you?”

Xu Yibei faintly glanced at her and said quietly, “It was Fu Bainian. Do you still want to help your brother deal with him?”

“Huh?” Xu Jin’ge had an awkward expression on her face.

She asked again, “Why did Fu Bainian beat you up? Did you offend him somehow?”

Xu Yibei sneered, and the movement tugged at the cut on his mouth which made him hiss in pain again.

“I really didn’t offend Fu Bainian. Instead, I want to ask you, how did you offend his wife? Fu Bainian doesn’t hit women, so he decided to beat me, your brother, instead. If it weren’t because of you, then the relationship between Fu Bainian and I would still be quite alright. Every time your brother gets beaten, it’s because of you.”

Xu Yibei was just venting; there was no blame in his tone.

Xu Jin’ge rubbed his cheek. “I’m sorry! I’ll massage you.”

“So tell me, how did you offend Chen Meimei?” Xu Yibei asked while enjoying the service from his little sister, seemingly no intentions of letting Xu Jin’ge get away.

Xu Jin’ge stopped her movements and stammered, “It was just that...when we were filming, I accidentally hit her on the face. But, of course, it wasn’t my fault. At that time we were filming, and I just followed the script. She was the one who was absent-minded and didn’t dodge it.”

Xu Yibei sneered. What a good sister!

“Mum taught you to be elegant and noble since small, but what kind of attitude are you now displaying?”

When Xu Yibei said this, his voice was slightly cold. At that, Xu Jin’ge hung her head, and her eyes reddened. Perhaps it was because this was the first time her brother who’d always pampered her had talked to her in such a tone, but she couldn’t stand it.

She was choking on her sobs as she said, “That woman...Chen Meimei, is so fat and rude, so why does Fu Bainian like her so much? And, why are you also helping her now? I said that it wasn’t on purpose. You guys are really too much. In the past, Fu Bainian didn’t like her at all, but why now…”

She liked Fu Bainian so much, so how could she not know his thoughts. He’d clearly hated Chen Meimei before!

As Xu Yibei listened to her, his expression became even more complicated.

That’s right, Fu Bainian had hated Chen Meimei; this was a fact known by many people. Once, Chen Meimei had charged into a meeting room and confessed to Fu Bainian. Fu Bainian, who’d been interrupted in the middle of a meeting, was furious. In front of all the upper-management personnel, he’d said, “Chen Meimei, don’t waste your efforts! I will never like you! Us being together is impossible in this lifetime.”

Although Xu Yibei wasn’t present at the time, he could easily imagine the scene; a girl had confessed in front of everyone but was humiliated in return. No matter how carefree and shameless Chen Meimei was, she wouldn’t feel so good upon hearing this, right?

However, who would’ve ever guessed that the man who’d said ‘I will never like you’ with such a determined tone, would now turn to chase after Chen Meimei. Not only had Fu Bainian asked him to deliver her lunch, but after she’d been bullied, he’d also secretly paid those bullies back for her.

It wasn’t only Xu Jin’ge who was unable to understand Fu Bainian because even him, her brother, was also unable to understand.

“Do you feel like Chen Meimei is different from before?” he suddenly asked Xu Jin’ge.

Xu Jin’ge wiped her tears away and coldly snorted, “Of course she’s different. In the past, Chen Meimei was merely thick-skinned. But now, she’s shameless, vicious, and merciless. I think that what happened to Shen Wei’an was her doing. Because Shen Wei’an slapped her face, Chen Meimei harboured a grudge against her and took revenge. I also heard that a video was exposed, but it was suppressed not long after.”

Xu Yibei’s brows wrinkled as he listened to her.

What he was referring to was Chen Meimei’s personality. Compared to when they’d first met a long time ago, the Chen Meimei he’d recently seen on set gave off a completely different impression. How could someone’s personality change so much? Could love really make a person completely change? What’s more, Fu Bainian had clearly said those words in the past, but now he was making such an effort to chase after Chen Meimei every day. Wasn’t this equivalent to slapping his own face? According to what Xu Yibei knew of Fu Bainian, Fu Bainian was a person that cared about his reputation.

“When you’re filming with Chen Meimei later, remember to pay attention to her. I think Bainian’s attitude is quite strange!” said Xu Yibei.

Xu Jin’ge thought for a moment and nodded. “Mhmm, I’ll pay much attention to her. Maybe, if my personality were also to change, Bainian would fall for me!”

Seeing that his little sister was utterly misunderstanding his meaning, and even wearing a smug expression, Xu Yibei only shook his head and sighed.

It looked like this matter had to be observed by himself. There must be something wrong; only, they didn’t know what it was.

“Alright, stop talking, I have to change my clothes and leave. I might be gone for a long time, so remember to visit me later!

Xu Yibei smiled helplessly. “As long as you don’t make trouble, I’ll definitely visit you.”

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