Chapter 6 - The Transformation Plan Of A Fat Girl (3)

Chapter 6 - The Transformation Plan Of A Fat Girl (3)

Soon enough, Lan Jinyao discovered that she wasn’t meeting Fu Bainian everywhere by mere coincidence.

That afternoon, while Lan Jinyao was rummaging through Chen Meimei’s purse, she spied a membership card for a pool facility. But, by the condition of the card, she could tell that Chen Meimei would’ve only used it several times. So, hailing a taxi, Lan Jinyao decided to head to the pools for a swim.

This was a VIP pool facility, so there weren’t that many people present. Moreover, in addition to a public pool, there were sauna rooms and such. Overseeing the pool were muscular male coaches, and sexy females coaches, who were willing to accompany those who asked for professional guidance.

Lan Jinyao had barely entered the building before she wanted to turn around and leave because, unfortunately, she’d run into Fu Bainian yet again. The man was only wearing a pair of swim shorts, and was currently swimming at high speed through the water; his figure as agile as a fish. He was so focused on swimming that he didn’t notice her at all. So, she decided that it was a good chance for her to leave.

Quickly turning around, she started to head towards the exit. Yet, just as she reached the door, she was stopped by a powerful arm.

“Meimei, you just got here. Why’re you in such a rush to leave?”

Lan Jinyao looked up and saw a muscular man watching her with a broad smile on his face; the thick muscles on his chest continuously flexing. She felt disgusted as a cold shiver ran up her spine, causing her to step backwards reflexively. “I won’t be able to go for a swim today because I suddenly remembered that there was something I had to do.”

Unfortunately, Lan Jinyao failed to notice that the edge of the pool was behind her, and as she took another step backwards, her foot slipped and she fell into the water with a splash. Her plump body quickly started sinking to the bottom.

For Chen Meimei, swimming had been an excuse for her to get close to Fu Bainian. Every time she would come to the pool, she would just sit on the chairs around the edges of the room and watch. Even when she would dare to get in the water, someone would be holding her up as Chen Meimei was utterly unable to swim on her own. Fortunately, Lan Jinyao was different. In order to maintain a good physique, she’d made sure to go swimming at least once a week. Therefore, her movements in the water were almost more flexible than Fu Bainian.

When the loud splash had echoed throughout the pool area, Fu Bainian had looked up to see a colossal woman fall into the pool. Coincidentally, right at that moment, he was right beside her. No matter how much he hated Chen Meimei, he couldn’t just stand by and do nothing while she drowned. Not to mention, their families were friends with each other.

Thinking of this, he extended his hand to help Chen Meimei. Yet, just as his palm touched Lan Jinyao’s waist, the woman swam away like a nimble fish.

Swiftly swimming to the edge of the pool, Lan Jinyao climbed out. After grabbing the towel that a staff member handed over, she entered her private changing room. While Chen Meimei was doing all this, Fu Bainian had been standing in the pool staring at his empty palm; a strange expression plastered all over his face.

“David, are you looking to die? Huh?! You sure were daring to push Chen Meimei, of all people, into the pool. Fortunately, nothing happened. All of us know that Chen Meimei can’t swim and that she only comes here every day to stare at President Fu! If something happens to Chen Meimei, you’ll definitely be fired.”

David rubbed at the space between his eyebrows with a depressed expression. “I didn’t even touch her, alright? She fell on her own. Besides, didn’t she manage to swim and climb out of the pool by herself?!”

The woman who’d spoken was surprised as she processed his words before she turned to gaze in the direction of the changing rooms. After a lengthy pause, she asked quietly, “That’s true, Chen Meimei was able to swim on her own. However, wasn’t Chen Meimei incapable of swimming? How was she able to swim like that?”

Fu Bainian lifted himself out of the water and accepted the towel that someone had handed him. As if unconcerned, he casually asked, “During the time that I was unable to swim, did Chen Meimei still come?”

The woman shook her head before smiling. “If you’re not here, what reason would Chen Meimei have to come?”

That’s right if he wasn’t here, why would Chen Meimei bother coming? Yet, if she wasn’t coming here, how did she learn to swim? Moreover, thinking about her posture just now, it didn’t seem like she was a novice swimmer at all.

When the woman in question stepped out of her private changing room, Fu Bainian stared at her with a pensive look in his eyes.

Lan Jinyao tried hard to pretend that she couldn’t feel the piercing stares she could feel aimed at her by Fu Bainian. Raising her head and straightening her back, she walked out of the building step by step. Unfortunately, her back felt extremely uncomfortable being watched like that.

It was only once she’d returned home that Lan Jinyao was able to relax as she threw herself onto her big, soft bed.

Living like this definitely wouldn’t work. Chen Meimei had been like a planet revolving the sun, wishing that she could be around Fu Bainian all the time. In order to work hard and clear her reputation, there was no way she could accidentally meet Fu Bainian again. Her first move would be to inquire about Fu Bainian’s itinerary.

Lan Jinyao, who’d now decided in her heart, planned to never go out again.


In the evening, after wrapping herself up in several layers, Lan Jinyao went out.

The place that Chen Meile had asked to meet her at was a private club. Although it was situated in the city centre, the exterior didn’t appear very high-profile, yet two attractive waitresses were guarding the entrance.

In the past, Lan Jinyao had never come to such a place, as besides going to movie premieres, she didn’t socialise whatsoever. At most, she’d only attended banquetes and wrap parties organized by the company. But, even then, she’d had Shen Yu covering her back. When she’d first started, he’d told her that if it was something she didn’t like doing, that the company would never force her.

Although she hadn’t understood why he’d been so kind to her for no reason, she’d still accepted it with a clear conscience.

When Lan Jinyao reached the entrance, the two waitresses guarding the door asked her for a membership card, explaining to her that only those who possessed one would be able to enter.

Membership card? When Chen Meile had told her to come, she hadn’t said anything about a membership card. Just as Lan Jinyao was about to explain her situation, a man came over and bowed respectfully. Then, with a smile on his face, he said, “Miss Chen, you’re here! Please, go in, your sister is waiting for you inside!”

Lan Jinyao felt goosebumps rise on her arms when she was addressed so formally by the man who appeared to be the club’s Manager. Still, she thanked him for his help as, without it, she wouldn’t have known what to do.

After entering the building, Lan Jinyao heard the Manager reprimanding the two young girls behind her. His voice was raised as he said, “You girls even dared to stop that Miss? Back then, if Yi Pinxuan hadn’t offended that Miss, then B City’s first rate club position wouldn’t have become ours…”

The reprimand caused the two young girls hearts’ to pound in alarm. The oppressive atmosphere was silencing them and making it difficult for them to utter a single word.

Lan Jinyao couldn’t help but find it strange. No matter how powerful Chen Meimei was, she only twenty-two years old; was she really that unreasonable?

All too quickly though, she learnt that it wasn’t that Chen Meimei was unreasonable, but that her sister, Chen Meile, was too kickass! When she entered the private room, she saw a man wailing with his arm twisted behind his back, Chen Meile forcing his body to the floor.

“Di-Director Chen…” Lan Jinyao’s eyes almost popped out in shock when she saw the man’s face.

Chen Zetao was a Director who’d already won numerous awards and had a strong family background. Surprisingly, a person who was considered as the cream of the crop was being abused by Chen Meile?

“Chen Meimei, it’s lucky that you didn’t arrive on time. Otherwise, you might’ve been deceived! I didn’t expect that not only would Fu Bainian refuse the marriage proposal between our two families, but that the Fu family would have the audacity to try and send a substitute by introducing you to this scumbag! The Fu family is looking down on us with such underhanded actions!”

“Miss Chen, you’ve misunderstood me! I merely saw a big spider by your side!”

Chen Meile slapped the man’s head. “A big spider?! Not only are you a pervert, but it appears that you’re also brainless! How on earth did you ever win your awards without cheating?”

Lan Jinyao, shocked at the scene before her, glanced at the sofa and noticed a giant spider crawling along the back of it. Terrified, she stuttered, “Sis, there’s re-really...a big s-spider behind you!”

A woman’s high pitched screams instantly echoed throughout the private room.

This blind date, which had been prepared explicitly for Lan Jinyao, ended after it was disturbed by a spider.

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