Chapter 59 - The President’s Wife Pursuit Scheme (4)

Chapter 59 - The President’s Wife Pursuit Scheme (4)

“So, for the sake of my apartment’s money, Chen Meile sold me out? Her own little sister?”

Fu Bainian sat down beside her and indifferently asked, “Are you her sister?”

Fine! Just forget about it for now.

“Chen Meile felt sorry after watching you pursue me for so long. So, now that I’m finally chasing you, she wants you to act more domineering!”

Lan Jinyao slightly furrowed her brows. “What kind of logic is that? Even if you wanted to make a stand, you shouldn’t have sold my apartment, alright? Where will I live now? Don’t tell me that I should live here, in your place?”

If she lived with Fu Bainian, could she still be domineering? That’s preposterous! Not getting kicked out to sleep on the streets was already very good.

Fu Bainian nodded, looking extremely serious.

Lan Jinyao stared at him for a moment before she abruptly got up from the couch and stormed into the bedroom, followed by the loud thud of the door slamming closed. Fu Bainian, who’d remained seated on the couch, could still seemingly hear the sound of the door being locked by her.

He looked towards the door, and suddenly, a smile appeared across his face.

Lan Jinyao stared at the ceiling as she lay down on unfamiliar bed sheets, her nose filled with the scent of an unfamiliar shower gel. She couldn’t fall asleep for a long time.

As night fell, Lan Jinyao stubbornly kept her eyes open and sharpened her ears to listen to any movements coming from outside. Yet, as time passed, there still wasn’t any noise coming from outside the door. Fu Bainian must’ve slept on the couch, right?

Lan Jinyao finally closed her eyes.

The night was quiet and tranquil.

The clock on the wall filled the room with the sounds of faint ticking.

The curtains were fluttering with the night breeze, allowing the silvery-white moonlight to spill onto the woman’s peaceful face.

Ten minutes later though, the door made a quiet click as it was slowly opened, followed by a shadow entering the room and the door gently closing once the shadow was inside. The key in the figure’s palm glinted under the moonlight.

The figure closed the window and curtains, then climbed onto the bed and lay down beside Lan Jinyao.

The woman’s red lips were right in front of his eyes, and Fu Bainian felt his heart becoming warm. For a long while, he just stared at those red lips before kissing them with yearning. The passionate kiss seemed to disturb the woman’s dreams, and she let out a soft moan.

Fu Bainian suddenly released Lan Jinyao. It felt like his body was on fire.

“When I hold your hand, know that it’ll be for a lifetime.”

Holding the woman’s hand, he gently slipped a ring he’d bought a long time ago onto the woman’s finger. After doing that, he pulled the woman into his arms and closed his eyes.


When Lan Jinyao woke up the next morning, her mind was sluggish as if she was still dreaming.

She’d had a bad dream last night. In her dream, she was kissed by a man, and then there was a pair of hands that pulled her into endless darkness.

Then, when she’d just awoken, she’d found that her arms were tightly wrapped around Fu Bainian’s waist, while his arm was under her neck. Lan Jinyao’s eyes were wide open in shock for the next ten minutes.

Once she’d managed to compose herself, she shot up from the bed and covered her chest with her hands as she shouted, “Fu Bainian, wake up!”

Fu Bainian had just woke up, so his eyes were still blurry, but after looking at his surroundings, he suddenly said, “Why are you in my bed?”

Why are you in my bed??

These innocent sounding words constantly echoed in Lan Jinyao’s head, while the magnetic voice paralysed her thoughts.

“Fu Bainian, why are you here?”

Fu Bainian didn’t budge from his reclined position on the bed, his tone still nonchalant. “This is my room.”

Lan Jinyao took a few deep breaths, trying not to let her emotions crumble.

“I know this is your room, but I clearly locked you outside last night. So, how come you’re here in the bed now? M-moreover, you were holding me in your sleep!” she tried asking again.

Fu Bainian’s expression looked helpless. He got up from the bed, then put his hands on her shoulders and pushed her into the bathroom. “Alright, don’t dwell on these small problems. Hurry and wash up. A car should be here to pick you up in a moment. Li Qi called me and said that your shooting location for the next few days has changed. Remember to take care of yourself. If you miss me, just give me a call; I may consider going and visiting you.”

The man’s breath fanned softly behind her ears, and Lan Jinyao felt her heart beating a little faster.

In the bathroom, once she saw Chen Meimei’s face in the mirror, she finally sobered before screaming, “Fu Bainian, you have a key to the room, right?!”

Fu Bainian leaned against the door as he stared at her. “Isn’t this a fact that can easily be worked out? This is my room…of course, it’ll be our room soon.”

After that, he looked at the watch on his wrist and reminded her. “Time is running out, yet you still haven’t brushed your teeth?”

Lan Jinyao squeezed out the toothpaste and started angrily brushing her teeth, but the more she thought, the more she felt flustered. Then, she vaguely said, “Fu Bainian, when you’re at the company you aren’t like this. All the female employees say that you’re an aloof man behind your back. Where’s your aloofness?”

If he appeared so caring like this at the company, how many broken hearts would there be? And, how many fantasies would be shattered?

“...” Aloof? Really? Why didn’t he know this!?

Fu Bainian silently thought for a while before he showed her a charming smile and said, “In fact, I think that because I’m a handsome man, I don’t need to womanise to show off my charm. Of course, you’re not amongst those women. Not to mention, Lan Jinyao, you seem to have forgotten the fact that you’re my wife. Besides, you’re not the same as before!”

The Lan Jinyao in Fu Bainian’s eyes always dressed simply and neat, and never wore too many accessories. Her aura was always elegant and distant, so people didn’t dare approach her easily, as if they were afraid to defile her purity. Only after one got close to her would they discovered that she was different. She would become more lively, and when she was angry, she wouldn’t care for her image and would talk loudly. But, he liked her like this too.

“I’m not the same? Why don’t you just say that I’m currently living in someone else’s body?”

She quickly cleaned herself up and went out with her bag. As she stepped out of the apartment, Fu Bainian even waved to her and said, “Let me taste the bitterness that Chen Meimei suffered in the past. Don’t get caught by me so easily, okay?”

Lan Jinyao sped up, but even so, she could still hear the man’s evil laugh behind her.

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