Chapter 58 - The President’s Wife Pursuit Scheme (3)

Chapter 58 - The President’s Wife Pursuit Scheme (3)

That evening, Lan Jinyao’s mood wasn’t too good. Her mind continuously recalled the last look that Xu Yibei had given her, along with the words that he’d spoken, ‘Fu Bainian and I are good friends’.

She also wasn’t sure whether Xu Jin’ge had deliberately taken advantage of when she was absent-minded or not, but Xu Jin’ge had slapped her with all her strength. Lan Jinyao wasn’t able to dodge in time and was hit square on the face, instantly painting her face bright red. It was like she was wearing a few layers of rouge; even foundation was of no help.

Li Qi quickly found a wet towel and held it on her cheek. Although the towel was cold, her cheek seemed to be on fire, the burning sting making her uncomfortable.

“That slap was heavy, why didn’t you dodge? I noticed that you were zoning out. When acting, if actors cannot get into character, it’ll be a big problem. You should understand this.”

Lan Jinyao didn’t respond.

After Xu Jin’ge had taken the opportunity to slap Lan Jinyao she’d been extremely pleased with herself, even humming a song as she circled Lan Jinyao on the set. After singing for a while, she suddenly stopped and asked Lan Jinyao, “Don’t tell me that you were beaten silly by me?”

Lan Jinyao deliberately replied, “Yes, I was beaten silly by you. Have you heard what consequences befell Shen Wei’an after she hit me? Even God helped me to punish her. So, tell me, are you itching to have a taste of that?”

Xu Jin’ge was scared by her words, so she fled to the side with a dejected look.

Just when everyone thought that Lan Jinyao would make things difficult for Xu Jin’ge, the afternoon’s scenes passed smoothly with nothing happening to Xu Jin’ge.

“I’d thought that you would use this chance to teach Xu Jin’ge a lesson?” Li Qi asked her.

“How do you know that I’m not going to teach her a lesson?” Lan Jinyao asked him back.

Li Qi pointed to Xu Jin’ge and looked disgusted as he stated, “Once something occurs to that woman, she won’t just stay quiet; she’ll let the whole world know. If you really did something to her, you think she won’t utter a word?” It was obviously impossible to retaliate without repercussions.

That evening, when Li Qi drove her home, he asked, “How come President Fu didn’t pick you up today?”

“Why would he pick me up?” Lan Jinyao was baffled.

Li Qi smiled, and said, “He got someone to deliver a meal at lunch, but he didn’t come to pick you up in the evening. I think that President Fu isn’t too reliable, yet Shen Yu said that he wanted to pursue you!”

I see, so that’s the case! Lan Jinyao nodded.

Li Qi spoke to her again, “I know that you’re feeling down at the moment. You were barricaded inside your house by reporters this morning, and it’s unknown what kind of explosive news they’ll write tomorrow. Then, when you were filming this afternoon, you were slapped by Xu Jin’ge. You should be careful. I’m worried that something might happen to you again when you walk home since I’m not dropping you off outside your apartment today.”

Lan Jinyao chuckled. Once she’d entered her neighbourhood, what else could happen to her?

Li Qi dropped her off outside the gated community and went home. Although, Lan Jinyao later heard that he’d gone to a bar to find He Xiaoyun since he wanted to help her enter the entertainment industry. When she had a chance, Lan Jinyao decided to give them a hand.

After arriving home, Lan Jinyao took out her key to open the door. But, after trying several times, the key still couldn’t be inserted. Lan Jinyao stared at the locked door in a daze. It wouldn’t really be like Li Qi had said earlier, right? She must’ve offended the God of Fortune today!

Lan Jinyao repeatedly looked at the apartment numbers to the left and the right of her to confirm that she wasn’t standing outside someone else’s door. Just as she was about to try the key one more time, she heard a click before the door opened. Lan Jinyao felt numb to the wind blowing past her as stared at the key that hadn’t yet been inserted into the lock. Could it be she’d happened to run into a thief?!

A woman then walked out the door with a bag of trash in her hand. The moment their eyes met, Lan Jinyao was dumbfounded.

“I’m sorry. This is maybe, home, right?” Chen Meimei had bought this apartment, right? Or, had she guessed wrong, and it was actually a rented apartment?

The woman gave her a friendly smile. “Oh, you’re the former homeowner, right? This apartment was sold to me today. Hmm, didn’t you know about this? It was a man who sold it to me!”

What? Her apartment was sold without her knowledge?!

Did Old Chen sell it? No, Old Chen had always given Chen Meimei free-rein and left her to mingle with whoever she liked. Why would he intervene for a small matter like this?

Suddenly, a figure flashed in her mind.

“Fu Bainian...”

When the woman heard this name, the smile on her face grew more prominent. “Right, that was his name! That man was very handsome, and he just so happens to be living opposite this apartment. By the way, you’re his wife, right? He said that if you were to come here, I should tell you to go across the street to find him!”

So it really was Fu Bainian!

Lan Jinyao placed the key in the woman’s hand and dashed downstairs with balled fists.

Seemingly expecting her, the door to Fu Bainian’s apartment was open. Lan Jinyao entered with large strides and found that everything from her apartment had been moved into this place.

“Fu Bainian!” She rushed into the bedroom, but there was no one inside.

However, she could hear the sounds of someone taking a shower in the bathroom.

Lan Jinyao left the bedroom and went to lay down on the couch. Her pillow was still on the couch, but Chen Meimei’s Hello Kitty quilt was spread over Fu Bainian’s bed.

After what seemed like a century had passed, Fu Bainian walked out of the bathroom wearing a dark red robe.

“Chen Meile came to borrow money from me today, so I sold Chen Meimei’s apartment and gave all the money to her,” Fu Bainian earnestly said. There wasn’t the slightest trace of deceit in his expression.


Earlier that morning in Blue Hall Entertainment’s President office.

Chen Meile sat on a leather sofa in the office. “Why are you looking for me? You wouldn’t be thinking of inviting me for dinner, right?” she asked Fu Bainian.

“I want to bribe you.”

Fu Bainian stood up from his chair and walked over to Chen Meile before shoving a cheque at her.

Chen Meile swept a glance at the number on the cheque. She was so shocked that her eyes widened and she began to stutter. “I-I have nothing to do with you, so why are you giving me a cheque? What is it that you’re bribing me to do?”

“I want to pursue Chen Meimei seriously, so I sold the apartment that she registered under my name. I know she wouldn’t want the money, so I’ll give it to you. Anyway, you’re her sister, and you treat her well.”

Chen Meile was frozen for a moment before she reacted. Flinging the cheque around in one hand, she reclined on the sofa as she laughed hysterically.

“Fu Bainian, I never expected that you would one day go after Chen Meimei!”


Fu Bainian didn’t tell Lan Jinyao how arrogant and bratty Chen Meile had acted at the time. She seemed to see a bright future ahead for Chen Meimei; like a peasant becoming a landlord.

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