Chapter 57 - The President’s Wife Pursuit Scheme (2)

Chapter 57 - The President’s Wife Pursuit Scheme (2)

“A talented foreign makeup artist who’s won a lot of awards. However, it appears that she unexpectedly knows how to do classical Chinese makeup!” Sister Li replied excitedly.

Xu Jin’ge’s complexion was utterly dark.

Lan Jinyao thought that since Xu Jin’ge would dare to pull such a small trick so soon, when it was time for them to act together, she would definitely make things difficult for her. She didn’t expect for Xu Jin’ge to act seriously when it was time for her scene at all. So be it! Lan Jinyao silently sighed.

Later that morning, Lan Jinyao finished a scene that she’d managed to act well in, and then at noon, Li Qi approached her with two lunchboxes in his hands. After he’d handed a box lunch to Lan Jinyao, he gave her a big thumbs up. “Chen Meimei, you’re not as unbearable as people say! When you previously played a supporting role, I didn’t see anything special. But, it now seems that your leading role aura has been activated. Awesome! You’re so awesome!”

As Lan Jinyao was feeling immensely proud of herself, Li Qi quietly added another sentence. “Don’t be so honest when you’re dealing with reporters; at least be a little slicker. Otherwise, when those reporters look for blackmail material, they’ll first go to you for it.”

Lan Jinyao nonchalantly nodded. “I’ll pay attention in the future.”

If she was honest, Chen Meimei’s temper was actually pretty good; it’s just that this straightforward temper of hers wasn’t suitable for a place like the entertainment industry. There would always be those waiting to dig a hole and bury you alive at any time.

The film didn’t have many investors, so the lunchbox was not as luxurious as the ones served on the set of A Thousand Years Of Tears. It only contained a few slices of potato, some cabbage leaves, plus a few pieces of braised pork. But, even so, Lan Jinyao didn’t refuse and started eating. She picked up a bit of potato and stuffed it into her mouth. However, the potato had barely entered her mouth when Xu Jin’ge sashayed over.

“Hey! It looks like you’re adapting quickly; you even can gobble down such horrid food. However, when you stay with the crew, that’s just how things are.”

Lan Jinyao wanted to retort: Just stay hungry if you don’t like the food. However, as she looked up, she saw a handsome guy walk on set. He was someone unfamiliar to Lan Jinyao, and he didn’t look like someone from the entertainment industry. The man was wearing a well-ironed suit, and his hair was meticulously combed to the point that not one hair was out of place. When he saw Xu Jin’ge, he waved to her.

No wonder she could be so disgusted with the lunchboxes available on set. It turned out that someone was bringing her a delicious meal instead!

Lan Jinyao shook her head and continued to eat her own lunch. However, the man suddenly strode towards her. Lan Jinyao’s head was bent down when she noticed a shadow blocking her light.

“You’re blocking my light.”

The man just smiled faintly, and the next second, an exquisite lunchbox was shoved in front of her.

Lan Jinyao raised her head and saw an exasperated expression on Xu Jin’ge’s face as she rushed over. She grabbed the man’s collar and screamed, “Big Brother, why on earth are you giving this woman a meal?!”

So he was her brother! She’d wondered what sort of weirdo would be blind enough to take a fancy to Xu Jin’ge!

However, she didn’t seem to know this man.

Soon, the man answered the questions swirling in her mind when he said, “It was Fu Bainian who asked me to bring Chen Meimei a meal. He was worried that Chen Meimei wouldn’t be accustomed to the food here.”

Upon hearing this, Xu Jin’ge lowered her head and looked like a bashful girl. As she played with her fingers, she softly asked, “Brother, what about mine? Did Bainian ask you to bring one for me?”

Lan Jinyao was staring at the man’s face as she waited for his answer.

The man rubbed Xu Jin’ge’s head and gently said, “What are you thinking about? How can Fu Bainian compare with me, your dear brother? He only cares about his wife. As for you, my dear little sister, there’s only me to pamper you.”

“Ooh.” Xu Jin’ge seemed unwilling, but there was nothing she could do but disappointedly accept reality.

“I thought that Bainian would remember me!” she said.

You’re overthinking things! Lan Jinyao privately thought.

The man removed his hand from Xu Jin’ge’s head, a helpless expression on his face. “You will find a person meant for you in the future. Don’t always think about someone else’s husband.”

Xu Jin’ge wasn’t at all happy when she heard this. She glared at Lan Jinyao before taking her lunchbox to another area to eat.

Lan Jinyao put on an innocent expression. She didn’t say anything, alright?

“Thank you!” Lan Jinyao politely said to the man as she opened the lunchbox.

All the food inside were things that she liked to eat. Then, dropping her polite facade, Lan Jinyao started eating.

The man had delivered the lunch, but he didn’t leave immediately. Instead, he sat down on a chair opposite Lan Jinyao, propping his chin up with one hand as he unblinkingly watched Lan Jinyao.

Lan Jinyao faltered as she was eating. She stared at the man with a strange look, as if she was saying: you’ve already brought me the lunch, so why haven’t you left yet?

Upon seeing her look up at him, the man gently smiled at her.

“You don’t want to ask me my name?”

Lan Jinyao swallowed the food in her mouth and said, “You surname must be Xu, so I’ll just call you Mr Xu. As for the rest, I don’t need to know!”

The man didn’t mind and smiled as he said to her, “My name is Xu Yibei!”

Lan Jinyao nodded, but didn’t talk to him any further and continued to eat. However, Xu Yibei didn’t seem like he intended to stop staring at her any time soon. He kept watching her with a smile across his face, then softly said, “Fu Bainian and I are good friends. When I saw that you were so infatuated with him and frantically chasing after him, I once persuaded him to hurry up and accept you. So, shouldn’t you be thanking me?"

When Chen Meimei was chasing Fu Bainian? At that time, that had nothing to do with her, and thank goodness that Fu Bainian didn’t listen to this man’s advice. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be with her now. In the beginning, Chen Meimei had fervently pursued Fu Bainian, and later it was said that because of Fu Bainian’s constant rejection, Chen Meimei became depressed. Following this, she was involved in the car accident that allowed Lan Jinyao to be reincarnated into her body.

“Actually, this matter has nothing to do with you! It was a mutual decision between Fu Bainian and myself.”

What she was saying was the truth, but to her surprise, Xu Yibei burst into a fit laughter as if something had pleased him.

“Are you sure it was consensual between you and Fu Bainian? The type of woman Fu Bainian hates the most is someone like you; careless and slovenly in the way they dress or live. Therefore, I think it’s bizarre that he can now be with you. Moreover, the world is raving about your recent attitude change!”

As he was stating the last part, his voice suddenly lowered as if he was hinting something.

Lan Jinyao tightly clutched the chopsticks in her hand, but this minor slip in her demeanour only lasted for two to three seconds before she closed her lunchbox and said, “People always want to change. Otherwise, how can they pursue the person that they like? Am I right, Mr Xu?”

Her words were so old and decrepit that they didn’t reveal any difference in her personality.

“Yes, you’re right.” Xu Yibei smiled.

Then, he got up and walked towards Xu Jin’ge. The two of them didn’t know what to say to each other though, as Xu Jin’ge was a little unhappy and she kept glaring at Lan Jinyao.

When Xu Yibei’s gaze returned to Lan Jinyao, she suddenly had a weird feeling in her heart, as if her secret had been discovered. However, judging by the look on Xu Yibei’s face, it seemed like he hadn’t found anything yet.

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