Chapter 56 - The President’s Wife Pursuit Scheme (1)

Chapter 56 - The President’s Wife Pursuit Scheme (1)

By the time Lan Jinyao arrived on set, Xu Jin’ge was already there getting her makeup done in front of the dressing table. When she saw Lan Jinyao, she immediately waved her hand in greeting; her abrupt motion causing the makeup artist to momentarily freeze. Xu Jin’ge then stood up and walked towards Lan Jinyao.

Lan Jinyao swept Xu Jin’ge a quick glance before she brushed past her to her seat. She then sat down to let the makeup artist start applying makeup on her.

“Hold on!”

Xu Jin’ge quickly walked to Lan Jinyao’s side and stopped the makeup artist before declaring, “Sister Li, I was here before her, and I'm already halfway done with my makeup. You ought to finish me first!”

Lan Jinyao cast her a glance and calmly said, “But, your part isn’t until the end, while they are waiting for me to go on stage soon!”

This woman was clearly making trouble for her without a reason! It seemed that she’d guessed right; Xu Jin’ge really had joined this production midway because of her. Xu Jin’ge must’ve had nothing better to do after eating until her belly was full. Moreover, she’d certainly exerted a lot effort to look for her.

Xu Jin’ge slowly sat down before beckoning the makeup artist over with her finger. She then looked at Lan Jinyao with disdain and said, “It doesn’t matter, you can wait as our Director isn’t in a hurry. Besides, who told you to come so late?”

The makeup artist was a woman in her thirties. She wasn’t very well-known, but as a makeup artist, her salary and connections were definitely linked together. Therefore, she was currently in a bit of a dilemma. While tightening her grip around the makeup brush in her hand, she was confused on whose face to work on as Chen Meimei not only had President Fu covering her back, but also the Chen family behind her. On the other hand, Xu Jin’ge was the pampered princess of the Xu family, so she couldn’t offend either of the two.

The words that Xu Jin’ge had said made Lan Jinyao's blood boil with anger. So, Xu Jin’ge came earlier just to occupy the makeup artist?!

Lan Jinyao held back her anger and greeted the Director before asking, “Alan, how long until shooting starts?”

“The shoot starts in half an hour, so you should get ready; you might as well change into your costumes now!”

Alan didn’t care that much; he just said that to let Lan Jinyao change into her costume first. After saying what he wanted to say, he left the room.

Lan Jinyao stood there and pursed her lips. Before, she’d heard that Xu Jin’ge had joined the production midway due to making use of her connections. Now, it seemed that Xu Jin’ge had found herself a fairly good patron. It was unknown if it was because the Xu family’s Young Master had personally attended to this matter, as even Alan was quietly putting up with her.

Li Qi quickly ran over and said to her, “Just bear with it for now. Doesn’t that woman just want to see you get angry and provoke you in the hopes of making you flip out? If you put up with it, that woman won’t be able to gloat nor have fun, so she'll stop with what she’s doing for a while.”

Lan Jinyao nodded and took the costume that Li Qi handed her before entering the fitting room to change.

However, it was soon evident that Xu Jin’ge was incredibly petty. After Lan Jinyao had changed into her costume, Xu Jin’ge was, unexpectedly, still leisurely getting her makeup applied. Lan Jinyao lifted the hem of her skirt to walk to the dressing table, and her eyes widened when she got a closer look. Xu Jin’ge was clearly picking bones out of eggshells with how fussy she was being.

The makeup artist’s brows had already started furrowing.

Yet, Xu Jin’ge was still smiling at her as she said, “Sister Li, I’m really sorry for the trouble, but I still don't feel very satisfied with my current appearance. Look, my hair over here is blocking my face; could you help me curl it up a little bit?”

Lan Jinyao stood beside her and sneered. “Your hair is about to be burnt from all the curling, yet you're still not satisfied. Why don’t you just cut all your hair off and use a wig instead?!”

Sister Li immediately went along with her and said, “That’s right, Jin’ge, look! Your hair is about to snap, so how about we leave it like this? Meimei is still waiting for me to put makeup on her.”

Even Sister Li’s pleas couldn’t manage to persuade this crazy woman. Lan Jinyao shook her head and sighed. “We’re already over eighteen, so let’s not be so childish and stop all this drama, all right?”

Just how great and influential was Xu Jin’ge’s patron? She was making the entire production team squander their time, along with Lan Jinyao.

Xu Jin’ge glanced at her with a smug expression and said, “But...I’m a professional actress, so I ought to live up to my work and the expectations of my dear fans! So, it’s definitely important to get my hairstyle right! Sister Li, help me fix it again, please!”

Sister Li was somewhat speechless as she stared at Lan Jinyao and said, “Meimei, please wait a moment!”

Lan Jinyao clenched her hands into fists as she felt her anger flaring up. But, just then, a little girl rushed in from outside and ran straight to Lan Jinyao.

“Big Sister, I’m not late, right? The traffic in China is horrible, so I’ve been stuck in it for hours!”

The little girl had blond hair and big round eyes; she looked exactly like a doll. Currently, she was anxiously staring at Lan Jinyao. Upon closer inspection, Lan Jinyao noticed that the little girl's eye colour was aqua blue.

“Are you...the makeup artist?”

Lan Jinyao had noticed that she was carrying a makeup case in her hand, and it looked like a very expensive brand.

The girl blinked and smiled at her. “Yes, I just came back from abroad and was called over by President Fu.”

Fu Bainian asked her to come? How come he knew that she would need a makeup artist? A trace of doubt emerged within Lan Jinyao's heart.

However, when she looked at Xu Jin’ge's proud expression, she realised why Fu Bainian had thought of all this. It seemed like Fu Bainian understood Xu Jin’ge, who specialised in acting spoiled, quite well.

This girl looked so young, was she really a makeup artist? Lan Jinyao doubtfully looked at the girl.

Lan Jinyao had doubts, so Xu Jin’ge’s thoughts would naturally be similar. She sized the little girl up and disdainfully said, “Little Sister, are you even sixteen years old yet? To think that you’re carrying around a makeup case; don’t tell me that you skipped classes at school to secretly learn about makeup?”

After saying all that, Xu Jin’ge’s lips curled into a smile.

Lan Jinyao rolled her eyes at Xu Jin’ge before turning to the little girl and saying, “Come on, let’s start! I believe in you!”

Instead of saying that she believed in this little girl, it was better to say that she believed in Fu Bainian’s insight!

The little girl ignored Xu Jin’ge as she opened her makeup case and took out a makeup brush before skillfully sweeping it over Lan Jinyao's face. It didn't seem like she was an inexperienced little girl; on the contrary, she seemed to be a veteran at this.

Lan Jinyao felt particularly happy in her heart as she witnessed Xu Jin’ge’s expression changing from a proud one, to an utterly discomfited one.

Twenty minutes later, Alan, who’d found an excuse to sneak out earlier, finally returned. Seeing such a harmonious scene the moment he stepped into the room, he clapped his hands in satisfaction.

“Alright! Everyone, let’s get ready!”

It had only taken twenty minutes for Lan Jinyao to get her makeup done. When she looked at herself in the mirror, she happily smiled and said to the little girl, “You're quite amazing!”

When the little girl heard her compliment, she smiled shyly at her.

Xu Jin’ge, who was standing on Lan Jinyao’s other side, coldly sneered and said with ridicule, “It was just something done by a little child; it’s nothing special.”

It was only then that Alan noticed the little girl standing beside Lan Jinyao, and he quickly ran towards them with an astounded expression. He then grabbed the little girl’s hand and turned her around. When he got a clear look at her face, he greeted her with a voice full of surprise. “Alice, you’ve come back from abroad?!”

Xu Jin’ge slightly frowned and asked Sister Li, “Who is that little girl?”

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