Chapter 51 - Let Her Carry The Can (4)

Chapter 51 - Let Her Carry The Can (4)

The shoot for Rouge Fermentation was rescheduled, and today marked the first day of the reshoot. Before shooting commenced though, someone came to visit the set. That person was a tall, handsome guy, and upon closer inspection, Lan Jinyao realised that this handsome guy was the male lead from A Thousand Years Of Tears. It looked like the production crew from that drama had now become idle after their female lead had met with that mishap a few days ago.

At first, Lan Jinyao just swept him a glance and didn’t pay him much attention. However, later on, she had an inkling that something didn’t feel right. Even while she was filming, she could sense someone staring at her, yet she couldn’t comprehend why that person was staring at her. In any case, that gaze made her feel extremely unconformable.

Luckily, when Lan Jinyao got into character, she didn't pay any more attention to that odd stare. By the time they’d finished filming the scene it was already noon, so the crew went to grab their lunch boxes and find spots to eat their meals. Xu Hao, on the other hand, was the only one left standing in his original spot, fervently staring at Lan Jinyao.

The moment Fu Bainian arrived on set, he saw this scene before him. He’d initially come over to take Lan Jinyao out for lunch because the lunch boxes on set weren’t very appetising. However, what he immediately noticed was Lan Jinyao and another actor ‘affectionately facing each other’, and his eyebrows tightly furrowed into one.

Great President Fu felt provoked and strode over to where the two were standing. He then grabbed Lan Jinyao’s hand as if to declare his sovereignty over his woman.

Fu Bainian slightly lowered his head and whispered in Lan Jinyao's ear, “When did you entice this nuisance? Is that face as handsome as mine? That body as hot as mine? Those legs as long as mine? It’s surprising that you can’t even look away when you’re looking at him!”

His warm breath caressed Lan Jinyao’s ear, making her cheeks flush red.

Lan Jinyao stared at Fu Bainian with bright eyes and innocently explained, “I really didn’t do anything; we just shot a scene together and nothing more! Moreover, apart from the script’s dialogues, we haven’t interacted with one another at all!”

“Why do I feel like you sound quite disappointed?” Fu Bainian unhappily muttered.

Lan Jinyao revealed a big smile and then said, “How would I dare?! Come on, let’s go have lunch, I'm starving!”

Just as they were about to leave, Xu Hao, who’d remained motionless this entire time, suddenly strode up to Lan Jinyao and said to her, “I’m sorry to disturb you, but I’ve got something to discuss with you. Can we talk alone for a minute?”

Lan Jinyao found this quite odd. Xu Hao hadn’t previously interacted with her much at all, yet he’d wasted the entire morning waiting for her and now said that he wanted to talk to her. Could it be that he’d fallen in love with her and wanted to confess his feelings? If not, then what else did he want to talk about? It wasn’t that Lan Jinyao was being overly narcissistic, because even Fu Bainian, who was standing beside her, was thinking the same.

“What do you want to talk about? Can't we talk here?”

Fu Bainian’s expression was gloomy, and a trace of coldness flashed through his eyes. However, Xu Hao didn’t care at all nor was he afraid; he faced Fu Bainian head-on.

“President Fu, I'm really sorry! I just want to talk to Chen Meimei alone for a moment. It won't take long,” Xu Hao earnestly pleaded.

Lan Jinyao tugged at Fu Bainian’s hand and softly said, “Could you leave us alone for a bit, he said that it wouldn’t take long. Wait for me, alright?”

She wanted to know exactly what this man had to say to her.

Fu Bainian quietly conceded to her request and left first. Lan Jinyao and Xu Hao then found a quiet place to sit down and talk.

Lan Jinyao asked him, “Xu Hao, what did you want to discuss with me?”

Xu Hao’s hands were clasped together, and he appeared to be mulling over where to start. When Lan Jinyao saw him like this, her nervousness increased. She honestly thought that he was about to confess to her.

“I...I wanted to ask you, that day when Shen Wei'an fell from the elevated platform, where were you?”

When Lan Jinyao heard this, she looked at him suspiciously. After she’d confirmed that Xu Hao had indeed waited all morning just to ask her this question, she flatly replied, “Oh, I was at home reading my script at that time. Why?”

Xu Hao looked her straight in the eye and continued, “You were reading your script at home? Is there someone who can prove that you were home at that time? Or, was there someone accompanying you?”

If his previous tone could be considered as polite, then his current tone could be regarded as overbearing and forceful.

Lan Jinyao frowned, and a feeling of annoyance bubbled up in her heart.

“What do you mean? Did you specifically come here today to interrogate me?” she retorted. Her tone was filled with displeasure as she continued, “Let me be very clear about this, at that time I was reading my script at home, and there wasn’t anyone there apart from me, so no one can testify that I was at home.”

Upon hearing this, Xu Hao's expression instantly deepened and he rebuked, “Since that wasn’t your doing, then why are you so agitated?”

Lan Jinyao folded her arms across her chest and leaned back on the chair. She gazed at him coldly before replying, “I’m currently being wrongfully accused for no reason. No matter what, any person who’s standing in my shoes wouldn’t feel happy.”

No one noticed, but at that moment Xu Hao reached into his pocket with one hand.

That man was very powerful, with him protecting Lan Jinyao, no one would be able to touch this woman. However, public opinion could do that, because an overflow of public opinion could make one fall from grace and lose their standing. It could also completely ruin a person to the point of no return.

“I’m not doubting you without evidence. You deliberately improvised on the spot the last time we were on set and caused Shen Wei’an to have to soak in the water for so long. Also, you were harbouring evil intentions when you swapped the powdered sugar, which was a prop initially prepared by the crew, with salt. Due to all this, I’ve every reason to suspect that you tampered with the wires that Wei’an used.”

Lan Jinyao shrugged. “Yes, those deeds were indeed done by me. However, it was bad luck that she fell from an elevated platform.”

“Before you continue, have a look at this first!” Xu Hao then handed a tablet to her.

Lan Jinyao’s expression instantly turned serious upon seeing the figure in the video. The figure of that person indeed looked like her, but she was certain that it wasn’t her.

She threw the tablet into Xu Hao’s arms and faintly said, “That’s not me!”

Xu Hao put away the tablet before slowly stating, “Now, the discussion about whether that person is really you or not doesn’t matter anymore. Shen Wei’an's fans and those reporters won't think like this, and the masses watching this won’t think this way either. In any case, someone certainly ought to pay the price for all the things that Shen Wei’an suffered!”

After Xu Hao had left, Lan Jinyao didn't move and remained motionless on the chair.

An hour later, the voice recording of Lan Jinyao’s conversation spread on the Internet. Xu Hao had not only forwarded the recording, but he’d also added a sentence on his Weibo: ‘I hope that the person who’s committed these wrongs will come forward and quickly apologise.’

Xu Hao was a very popular star throughout Mainland China, so as soon as he’d forwarded that post, Weibo immediately blew it out of proportion.

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