Chapter 50 - Let Her Carry The Can (3)

Chapter 50 - Let Her Carry The Can (3)

In the hospital room, Shen Wei’an frantically swept all the flower and fruit baskets off the table to the ground, leaving the floor an utter mess. After that, she pulled out the needle inserted in the back of her hand.

Upon witnessing this scene, none of the young nurses dared to go in. They hadn’t expected for the gentle and kind woman that they’d seen on TV to reveal such a ferocious side.

Without uttering a single word, a man wearing a black cap sat calmly in the room. However, his palm was using continuous pressure to stop the wound on the back of Shen Wei’an’s hand from bleeding.

After momentarily going crazy, Shen Wei’an finally calmed down. She lay back in bed and blankly stared at the ceiling. Meanwhile, her chest frantically heaved as she gasped for air and inhaled several deep breaths.

Soon after, tears rolled down from the corners of her eyes, and she broke down.

Shen Wei’an sobbed as she said, “Xu Hao, tell me, am I done for this time?! I must look extremely unsightly right now, right?! I-if a reporter comes in again, takes a picture of my current appearance and posts it online, then my image will be destroyed! My fans won't love me anymore, because the image of a perfect goddess that they have in their hearts will totally crumble to dust!”

Xu Hao pressed the back of her hand tightly before faintly answering, “A day after the video was broadcast, the number of shares exceeded 10 million. What image do you think you currently have left?”

Upon hearing this, Shen Wei’an violently shook off Xu Hao’s hand and viciously stared at him. It seemed that, if he continued talking, she’d pounce on him and bite him to death on the spot.

“That's enough! I don't want to hear you talking about this. If you're here to laugh at me, then please get out. I’m going to get some rest now!”

The wound on the back of Shen Wei’an’s hand had already stopped bleeding, so Xu Hao clasped his hands on his knees, his expression appearing somewhat gloomy.

Xu Hao then said, “Wei’an, what I meant was, who hasn’t experienced setbacks or made mistakes throughout their life before? Although an artist’s conduct could be blown out of proportion, it’s not impossible to make up for those errors! There’s still hope though because even with something as huge as this happening, the production team of A Thousand Years Of Tears hadn’t removed you from the female lead role. Even though you’ve lost many Weibo fans, there are still plenty of fans who care about you! They’ve left you messages to ask about your well-being. If you give up now, then how are you worthy of the care they’re showing you? Additionally, would you be able to face yourself if you gave up?!”

Shen Wei'an blankly stared at him with tears rolling down her cheeks. Meanwhile, her fingers were tightly gripping the bed sheets. She was using so much force that even her veins were visible.

“You’re saying...I still have hope?”

Shen Wei'an’s gaze was glued to Xu Hao. At this moment, she desperately needed someone to give her hope; even if it was just a word of comfort.

“Of course there’s still hope! Even if you’ve lost everything, at the very least, you’re still alive. As long as you’re alive and well, you’ll be able to attain everything you want.” Xu Hao paused a moment before gently continuing, “Therefore, you ought to treat yourself better. Try to control your emotions and don’t lose your temper from now on, because it's very easy to lose yourself when that happens.”

Shen Wei’an finally quieted down after hearing Xu Hao’s comforting words.

Xu Hao then suddenly added, “This time you fell off from that elevated platform even though you had high-tension wires attached to you. I’ve already privately sent someone over to investigate this matter; someone must’ve messed around with the props. Also, right after you were admitted to the hospital, that other matter was brought to light by the media. I think someone’s specifically targeting you. Say, did you offend anyone? Think about it carefully and then tell me; I’d like to help you.”

Shen Wei’an thought for a while and then frowned before saying, “Although my attitude towards others isn’t very good, I don't think I've gone so far as offending anyone. The only person I’ve recently crossed swords with is that fatty, Chen Meimei. Not only did she take the initiative to improvise that one time, but following that matter, she also added salt in my drink. So, I’m not sure if this current matter is related to her.”

If it were Chen Meimei, then it probably would’ve been worse. Not to mention that woman's fierce temper, just based on her background alone, with the Chen family backing her, she wouldn’t be so easy to mess with. If this matter really was Chen Meimei's doing, then Shen Wei’an had no choice but to endure it.

Upon hearing Shen Wei’an mention Chen Meimei, Xu Hao’s expression immediately changed and became somewhat tense.

“Are you suspecting that Chen Meimei did all of this?” asked Xu Hao.

When Shen Wei’an saw the change in Xu Hao’s expression, her tone became somewhat unnatural as she stammered while saying, “I-I’m just speculating and nothing more! Besides, it seemed that from the moment Chen Meimei arrived on set, she was deliberately making things difficult for me.”

Shen Wei’an trusted her instincts as a woman, but without evidence, everything was just conjecture.

Xu Hao then took out a mini tablet from his pocket and gave it to her before saying, “Have a look at the video stored in there, it's a recording from the cameras on set. It took me quite a lot of effort to get my hands on this. On the day of your incident, there was a suspicious guest on set. That person was cautious, so the surveillance cameras didn’t catch her face. However, judging from her physique alone, she certainly looked like Chen Meimei.”

In the entertainment circle, apart from Chen Meimei, there were very few people who were as tall as the figure in the recording. Moreover, it just so happens that Chen Meimei had lost quite a bit of weight recently, so judging from her stature alone, that person really looked like her.

Shen Wei’an clenched hands into her fists, her voice brimming with anger as she spoke, “Chen Meimei came by a few days ago to visit me, but as expected, how could that woman be so kind?! It turned out that she’d only dropped by to see how badly I fell.”

“The woman in this recording must be Chen Meimei!” declared Shen Wei’an. Then, her voice softened as she continued, “But, what can I do about this? I’ve got no power nor influence, so there’s absolutely no way for me to win a fight against that woman. Furthermore, President Fu is supporting her from behind the scenes.”

Xu Hao took the tablet back and remained silent for a moment before saying in a deep, low voice, “If this was really Chen Meimei’s doing, I’ll uphold justice for you. Since she has President Fu backing her, we’ll tackle this differently. We need to find a way to ensure that even President Fu won’t be able to intervene in this matter.”

When Xu Hao was about to leave the ward, Shen Wei’an suddenly asked him, “Why are you helping me? Also, why are you being so nice to me?”

In that instant, Xu Hao immediately looked away from Shen Wei’an. He was silent for a moment before replying, “That’s because...I like you, so I want to protect you.”

When Shen Wei’an heard that, she finally smiled.

However, what Shen Wei’an didn’t know at that time was; when a man was talking to you but didn’t dare to look you straight in the eyes, then there were two possibilities: either he was too shy to speak of his feelings, or, he was lying, so he didn’t dare to look you in the eyes.

After Xu Hao left the hospital, there was a van parked on the side of the road waiting for him. He looked around and saw that no one was looking, so he immediately got into the van.

There was a woman sitting in the van. She was wearing an oversized hoodie and a cap that covered up her facial features.

Soon after that, a woman's clear voice echoed within the confined space. “You did quite well. You should continue helping Shen Wei’an, and I hope that you’ll continue to help her reach the very top of the entertainment industry.”

The higher Shen Wei’an climbed, the harder she’d fall when the moment comes!

Xu Hao faintly acknowledged what she’d said, and then asked her, “When will you allow me to have a good look at your face?”

“...Wait until everything is settled!”

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