Chapter 5 - The Transformation Plan Of A Fat Girl (2)

Chapter 5 - The Transformation Plan Of A Fat Girl (2)

Lan Jinyao, who was woken up by the blaring sound of the alarm clock in the morning, stared at the white ceiling without moving.

Previously, every day around this time, if she wasn’t yet on set, she was already on her way to the studio. Back then she was someone who’d worked every day of the year without a break, so it was unusual for her to have a chance to sleep-in like this. Consequently, Lan Jinyao closed her eyes and soon, she once again entered dreamland.

In the fog of unconsciousness, she saw the vague silhouette of a man’s face. Reaching out her hand, she tried to touch the man’s cheek. However, all that met her fingertips was cold air. Suddenly, Shen Wei’an appeared before her with a crazed expression in her eyes, pinching Lan Jinyao’s cheek as she screeched, “Lan Jinyao, you turned into a big fatty! Hahaha…”

Lan Jinyao was shocked awake from her dream, and springing upright into a sitting position, she noticed that her forehead was covered in a thin layer of sweat. Inhaling deeply through her nose, and slowly exhaling with her mouth, she soon managed to calm her restless state of mind.

It had only been a little over an hour since she’d fallen asleep for the second time, so it was now just past 8 AM. Yet, due to such a confronting dream, all traces of sleepiness had utterly disappeared.

Stretching her arms, Lan Jinyao went to rub her cheek out of habit. But, once she felt her now plump flesh, her hand suddenly froze.

After spending more than a minute in a miserable daze, Lan Jinyao decided that she would lose weight, revive her name, and once more, become a Goddess!

Now that she had a course of action planned out, Lan Jinyao immediately moved to implement it. However, there always seemed to be resistance.

For example, at this moment...

Under the morning sun, on the road leading to the park, a ponytailed woman wearing sportswear was panting as she ran; her figure resembled a pumpkin. Along the way, she met an acquaintance. So, she stopped in her tracks, smiled, and said hello. Unfathomably, her greeting was returned by a certain someone’s dagger-like glare.

Lan Jinyao stood on the wide path, her bright eyes staring innocently at the obviously disgruntled Fu Bainian.

Who would’ve thought that she could coincidentally meet President Fu when she was merely jogging on the road near her home?! It really wasn’t deliberate, okay?

A certain President was clearly in a bad mood, and after sweeping his gaze over her, he coldly said, “You’re embarrassing yourself!”

After that, he walked past Lan Jinyao and jogged ahead. As Lan Jinyao stood rooted in place and watched his back gradually disappear, she felt wronged. What the hell did she do that was so wrong?!

Before long, a beautiful woman came up behind Lan Jinyao; her greeting warm and cordial. Unfortunately, while her smile was brighter than the sun in the sky, the words coming from her mouth were rather unpleasant to hear.

“Chen Meimei! You follow my Big Brother around like this every day, yet you don’t get the slightest response from him. Don’t you feel at all frustrated? Now, in order to interact with my Big Brother for just the briefest of periods, you’ve decided to try daily jogging? As far as your physique is concerned, I reckon that Earth’s gravity must be extremely heavy for you, huh?”

Heh, this girl seems quite young; how can she talk so harshly? When she grows up, isn’t she afraid that she won’t be able to get married?

“Chen Meimei一”

Fu Zhangning pointed to Lan Jinyao’s nose, and said, “If you’re able to persist with this charade for a week, then you can count it as me losing to you!”

After saying that, the girl ran away like a gust of wind, leaving Lan Jinyao shell-shocked.

Her weight loss plan had just begun, yet she’d already been splashed with cold water. Lan Jinyao wiped at the sweat on her face and unhurriedly turned to go down a different path. Unexpectedly, after changing directions, she once again met President Fu.

Fu Bainian stopped in front of her and stared at her with a cold face. His expression was terribly dark.

Lan Jinyao opened her mouth to say that she hadn’t intentionally created an encounter like this, but who would believe her. This man, at least, would absolutely never believe her. This road was accessible from sides; it was just bad luck that they happened to keep meeting!

After mentally going through hundreds of scenarios, an idea suddenly popped into Lan Jinyao’s mind. Lifting the corners of her lips, she revealed a smile unique to Chen Meimei. “President Fu, your body is in an excellent condition. I think of you as my idol. Tell me, if I exercise like you every day, it’s estimated that I could lose weight in a few days, right?”

After the man glanced at her, he turned away and continued jogging.

Lan Jinyao stood in place and laughed awkwardly. It had never been her style to idly wait for opportunities to fall into her lap, or pretend to have ulterior motives, but一

“Who would believe that?!”

Lan Jinyao sighed softly. It seemed that Chen Meimei’s bad reputation would be difficult to wash clean in such a short period.

At noon, Lan Jinyao went downstairs to the restaurant below her apartment complex. After exercising for the entire morning, she’d produced a lot of sweat, and her stomach was ravenous. In regards to food, she was unable to comprehend how much Chen Meimei had eaten every day, to the point that she’d accumulated so much fat in her body. But, from now on, she would be strictly controlling her diet.

Just as she arrived at the restaurant, Chen Meile called to tell her that she needed Lan Jinyao to meet up with her tonight and that she would need to bring along the golden card that their Old Man had given her. Before hanging up, Chen Meile remembered to tell her the name of a club.

This abrupt behaviour seemed to match with what Lan Jinyao had so far seen of Chen Meile’s temperamental temper.

Since she’d been on the phone as she’d entered, Lan Jinyao failed to notice the strange atmosphere permeating the restaurant due to her arrival. Minding her own business, she took a seat by the window and waved down the waiter. “I want to order something!”

After placing an order for a plate of greens and pasta, she leaned back in her chair and prepared to wait.

She had to say, that the environment around Chen Meimei’s apartment was pretty nice. Additionally, while she’d never bought a house in this location before, she found that even the style of this restaurant suited her tastes.

Yet, after examining her surroundings for a few minutes, Lan Jinyao finally realised that something was wrong.

If all of you are here to eat, then just eat! Why were there looking at me like that?

Soon enough though, she discovered the reason for their stares. There, seated in the middle of the restaurant, was Xu Jin’ge, wrapped up in a thick coat and wearing a massive pair of sunglasses. And, surprisingly, the man sitting opposite her was Fu Bainian.

It seemed that she wasn’t even capable of eating lunch without meeting him. Apparently, when Chen Meimei had been choosing a place to live, she’d given it a lot of thought.

Suddenly, she recalled something that Chen Meile had told her. It was a matter that had occurred last year, before Fu Bainian’s family and her family had proposed marriage.

That day, Chen Meimei had gone to a restaurant to eat. There, she’d happened to see Fu Bainian and a female artist from Blue Hall Entertainment sitting together at a table. After aggressively walking up to them, Chen Meimei had then picked up a glass of red wine on the table and splashed it over the female star’s face. In that instant, a scream had echoed throughout the restaurant.

That actress didn’t act any better though, because she’d then ordered another glass of red wine from a waiter, and splashed it on Chen Meimei in return. To Chen Meimei, being splashed with wine was a shock.

Chen Meimei had been treated like the treasure of her family ever since she was small, and she’d never been subjected to even the slightest trace of anger. The moment after the wine had splashed her, she’d furiously wiped at the red wine drenching her face before she’d stretched out her hand to shove the female star. Unfortunately, Chen Meimei didn’t just look strong, but her hands were rather large. When the female star was pushed, she fell to the floor with a thud and landed sprawled out on her back; the sunglasses on her face left hanging askew. Upon seeing the scene unfold, the reporters that had been crouched below the windows and keeping watch from outside the restaurant hurried in and started to frantically snap photos.

The restaurant Manager saw this situation unfolding and began to panic because it didn’t matter if it was the Chen family or Fu Bainian; they were all people that he couldn’t afford to offend. As he was debating over whether or not he should go and calm Chen Meimei down, he was shocked to witness an unfortunate event slowly unfold. Once it was all over, he was dismayed to find that Chen Meimei had almost destroyed the restaurant.

In short, this one incident had caused the mostly unknown Chen Meimei to explode in the media.

From the way everyone was watching her, she guessed that they were enjoying the thought of watching a free show.

Fortunately, she was now Lan Jinyao, and she didn’t do aggressive things like Chen Meimei.

After she’d quietly finished her meal, Lan Jinyao paid the bill and walked out of the restaurant under countless pairs of eyes. She didn’t even greet Fu Bainian when she passed his line of sight.

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