Chapter 49 - Let Her Carry The Can (2)

Chapter 49 - Let Her Carry The Can (2)

The curtains of the spacious room were pulled open, allowing morning sunlight to spill from the windowsill onto the warm-coloured bed sheet.

It was still a day off for Lan Jinyao, so she was wearing casual clothes while sitting on a chair on the balcony, reading a script. On the small wooden table next to her, there was a cup of hot tea. Occasionally, she would sip a couple of mouthfuls as she read.

Today’s news had arrived a little later than usual. Apparently, after Shen Wei’an’s incident of falling off an elevated platform, all the news articles had been focused on Shen Wei’an; as if someone was working on it behind the scenes. And, as Lan Jinyao had expected, today’s headlines were still about Shen Wei’an, but the photos on the web page seemed slightly unbearable.

In the photo, Shen Wei’an and a middle-aged man were holding hands. From the angle the photo was taken, it seemed that they were kissing. And, according to their body language, it appeared to be quite an intense kiss.

Lan Jinyao placed her script down on the table, then scrolled down her phone screen with her finger. Sure enough, when Lan Jinyao looked further down the article, she found a photo of Shen Wei’an and the man standing alone. The man wasn't handsome, and the first thing she noticed was the man’s beer belly and a few thin hairs scattered across his head. The man’s eyes were cloudy, yet brimming with lust. This was the kind of person that Shen Wei’an used to hate the most.

Li Qi had said that Shen Wei’an had found a real estate tycoon, but she never would’ve expected it to be this kind of man!

She also remembered that Li Qi had said that this real estate tycoon had a wife. Since it seemed like someone had intentionally leaked this scandal, that man’s wife definitely wouldn’t let the issue go.

Lan Jinyao then hurriedly went to check the latest online news.

Soon, she found an exclusive report posted on a news website. The video on the front page had a white thumbnail. Before Lan Jinyao had even clicked on it, she realised that this video must’ve been taken at the hospital.

Picking up her earphones and plugging it into her phone, she then clicked play.

The video was utter chaos. A woman was crying helplessly with her face hidden by her dishevelled hair. Blood continuously dripped from the back of her hand, and the IV line that had been ripped off was still leaking liquid. All that could be heard was the endless screaming and swearing of a woman off camera.

Then, a hand appeared on the screen. The hand was delicate and well maintained with a large ruby ring nestled on the ring finger, and it abruptly started yanking on Shen Wei’an’s wavy hair. The woman’s sharp nails then started scratching Shen Wei’an’s face, leaving a ghastly red scar on her cheek.

A bunch of nurses soon rushed into the room and pulled the two women apart. The screen was now white, but the sounds of vulgar swearing could still be heard.

Lan Jinyao turned off the video, her expression neutral.

First, Shen Wei’an had fallen from an elevated platform. Then, she’d been caught in a scandal as a mistress, with the resulting confrontation being secretly recorded and posted on the internet. Lastly, the video had gone viral. All of these things seemed as if someone had deliberately planned them.

The first person that Lan Jinyao thought of was Fu Bainian.

With this in mind, she immediately called Fu Bainian’s phone. When the phone was answered, the voice on the other end happily greeted her.

“Good morning!”

“Morning. Fu Bainian, I want to ask you something, so you must be honest!”

Fu Bainian chuckled and said to her, “If you call me husband, I’ll be honest.”

Lan Jinyao: “...”

After a moment of silence, a mosquito-like humming sounded from the phone.

The smile on Fu Bainian’s grew wider as he said, “Well, then ask away. What do you want to ask? I swear I’ll never lie to you.”

“Did you ask someone to leak the news about Shen Wei’an to the media?”

Fu Bainian was silent for a moment before he gravely said, “No! It wasn't me! Our company has invested in her current drama, so even if I wanted to punish her, I wouldn’t do it at such a crucial time. Shen Wei’an’s scandals will not only affect her reputation, but it will also have an impact on the promotion of this film.”

Lan Jinyao listened to him and thought that what he’d said was reasonable. In addition to being a very charming man, Fu Bainian was rational, cool-headed, and judgmental.

After Fu Bainian finished speaking, he asked her, “Weren’t these things done by you? I thought that you wanted to...take revenge, so I never notified the company's PR department to take care of this.”

This misunderstanding was too big!

Lan Jinyao quickly explained, “It really wasn’t me either! I was wondering, besides me, who else has so much enmity towards Shen Wei’an? That person has taken advantage of this situation and is causing Shen Wei’an to lose her standing and reputation.”

Moreover, the method employed seemed to be highly efficient as no one had found any trace of the culprit.

After a moment of silence, Fu Bainian abruptly said, “Maybe, Shen Wei’an offended someone, so that person is now retaliating against her?”

Lan Jinyao suddenly thought of something and asked Fu Bainian, “Don't tell me that after I told you I didn't do those things, you immediately asked the PR department to bury the news of Shen Wei’an’s scandals?”

This was precisely something Fu Bainian would do; everything he did was based on profits.

The only thing Lan Jinyao could hear on the other end of the phone was Fu Bainian’s breathing. Subconsciously, she felt that he must be unhappy.

“Jinyao, I can’t wait for the person who harmed you to fall to the 18th level of hell, so how could I help her? What’s more, if you hadn’t told me not to intervene, I would’ve kicked her out of Blue Hall Entertainment, or even out of the entertainment industry altogether by now. Jinyao, you shouldn’t ignore the feelings of a man!” Fu Bainian said.

When Lan Jinyao heard what he’d said, she felt a warmth in her heart. This man loved her; she’d realised it when she was still pretending to be Chen Meimei in front of him. However, what she didn’t know was that this man’s love was so pure, that anything she said was unnecessary.

Focusing, she suppressed her turbulent emotions. “Fu Bainian, if you had known that I was Lan Jinyao, would any of the things that hurt me back then have happened?” she whispered.

“No!” he unhesitatingly replied. “If I had known that it was you, even if I would’ve had to forego the entire world, I wouldn’t have let go of your hand and let you be hurt.”

Lan Jinyao smiled. That was enough; she’d gotten the answer she’d wanted. With this, was there any reason left for her not to forgive him?

“Fu Bainian, thank you...” thank you for loving me.

After hanging up the phone, a faint smile lingered on Lan Jinyao’s mouth. She never would’ve thought that she would be able to meet such a man; one who would do everything he could to love her while letting her fall unconditionally in love with him.

At this moment, Lan Jinyao felt unprecedented happiness.

However, she’d failed to notice that the dark clouds shrouding her head had gradually become bigger.

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