Chapter 48 - Let Her Carry The Can (1)

Chapter 48 - Let Her Carry The Can (1)

After the news of Chen Meimei and Fu Bainian’s divorce was posted on the internet, it quickly sank and was replaced by news announcing the return of the Goddess. This news promptly occupied the headlines of every major newspaper. On the set of A Thousand Years Of Tears, after Shen Wei’an heard this news, she became absent-minded. So, when the male lead who was acting out their scene together was rushing towards her, she slipped and fell from an elevated platform due to spacing out. The resulting shriek rang throughout the set.

“Hurry up and call an ambulance! Wei’an, how are you feeling?”

“Help! Someone quickly come and have a look!”

“Hey, Sis Wei’an fell!”

In just a short moment, everyone’s attention was fixated on Shen Wei’an. Chang Sheng frowned as he examined the steel rope that had snapped off from around her body.

“Is it actually possible for a steel rope designed to bear up to two hundred kilograms to break?”

He frowned and looked around, but didn’t find anything out of place; everything was as it usually was. “Have you called an ambulance?” he asked one of the crew.

“Yes, it should be here soon.”

Just then, someone wanted to move Shen Wei’an as all he saw was a deathly pale woman lying on the floor with sweat covering her forehead. She was breathing heavily through her mouth, and her face was wrinkled in pain.

“Don’t move her! Be careful as she might’ve broken a bone.” Chang Sheng immediately berated that crew member.

However, at that moment, no one noticed a woman wearing a cap and a black sweater sneaking away from a corner of the set. The woman’s legs were wrapped up in a pair of wide-leg pants, and her entire ensemble made her figure look tall and tough.

Soon, an ambulance finally arrived, and Shen Wei’an was carefully carried into the ambulance with a stretcher by the medical staff.

“We’re not waiting for Shen Wei’an. Everyone, get ready, we’re going to shoot another scene!” Chang Sheng said to the rest of the crew who were milling about.

Currently, no one had a very good complexion. They knew that since Shen Wei’an had fallen from an elevated platform, it was estimated that she wouldn’t recover any time soon. She had been significantly injured and would need at least 100 days of rest. Even if she wanted to speed up the healing process, it was estimated that she would still have to stay in the hospital for at least a month.

Lan Jinyao was at home reading through her script when her phone suddenly chimed with a Weibo notification. She casually glanced at the first article displayed on the screen but found that she couldn’t look away.

‘Popular actress Shen Wei’an falls from an elevated platform during the shooting of A Thousand Years Of Tears. It is unknown whether the film release will be postponed.’

“She fell from an elevated platform?”

Shen Wei’an was always so careful; how could she fall? Or, could it be that because she’d heard that Lan Jinyao was still alive, she was scared and worried that the things she’d done would be exposed?

Lan Jinyao smiled evilly.

It looked like that woman had something she was afraid of. Lan Jinyao thought that if Shen Wei’an could dare to commit such acts, then she must have the courage to bear the consequences. Hehe, it looked like that was all there was to it!

Since the two of them were in the same drama production, she should go to visit that woman, right?

That afternoon, Lan Jinyao set aside her script and went to buy a basket of fruit and headed straight to the hospital. Upon entering a ward filled with the thick smell of disinfectant, Lan Jinyao, who was wearing a mask covering half of her face, frowned. She didn’t like this kind of smell.

The ward was already filled with flower and fruit baskets. It looked like many people had visited her since this morning. When she’d entered the hospital just now, there were a bunch of fans outside being blocked from entering.

Shen Wei’an was connected to an IV, and she was vacantly staring at the bag of fluid hanging near her head.

“Hi!” Lan Jinyao greeted her.

As soon as Shen Wei’an saw who it was, her brows wrinkled and her face turned an unsightly shade. “Why are you here?”

Lan Jinyao chuckled. “Huh, even with the way I’m currently dressed, you can still recognise me? It looks like our Wei’an has excellent eyesight! Or, maybe, your impression of me improved during our shooting together?”

After placing the fruit basket down, Lan Jinyao sat on the couch in the room, leaving the mask on her face.

“Ugly people always do weird things to get attention. Chen Meimei, we don’t have any enmity towards each other, so why do you keep messing with me? If you say that you improvised to be outstanding, then what about the time you replaced the powdered sugar with salt? Or, have I somehow offended you?”

Shen Wei’an spoke while staring at her with sharp eyes. She was staring at Lan Jinyao like she wanted to make a hole in her face.

Lan Jinyao’s expression remained indifferent, and she let Shen Wei’an stare as much as she wanted.

“You didn’t offend me.”

“Then, why are you targeting me? Is it because my fame is greater than yours?!” Shen Wei’an clenched her hands into fists.

If she didn’t already know Shen Wei’an’s character, Lan Jinyao might’ve been deceived once again by this woman.

“Shen Wei’an, I’m visiting you out of the kindness of my heart, so why are you so certain that I’m targeting you? Yes, it was wrong of me to improvise without permission, but the Director has already said that it was fine since it was in line with the character’s temperament. Also, what powdered sugar and salt are you talking about? I don’t know what do you mean.”

When it came to acting, she was a lot better than Shen Wei’an!

“How could it not have been you!? You were the only one who touched the bottle!” Shen Wei’an suddenly screamed.

Lan Jinyao covered her ears.

There was no one else in the ward, and Shen Wei’an couldn’t take it anymore. Her so-called pure image and temperament were nothing but a disguise.

“Alright, I admit that it was me! That was the first time that I, Chen Meimei, had ever been slapped since I was born. How could I not retaliate? If it had been someone else who’d hit me, perhaps that person’s career would already be ruined by now, you know? And, I figure that since you and I are in the same company, replacing that powdered sugar with salt was just a small punishment.”

Since she now carried the name ‘Chen Meimei’, Lan Jinyao had a proud look on her face.

She was right. If it had been Chen Meimei in the same situation, Shen Wei’an probably wouldn’t be able to stand in the entertainment industry by now.

Shen Wei’an’s chest violently heaved, expressing her rage.

“Chen Meimei, since this has been settled, I want you to get out! I don’t want to see you!”

Lan Jinyao shrugged. “Okay, since you don’t want to see me, I won’t bother you any longer. But, I’m curious; how did you suddenly fall? It wasn’t because you’d heard some bad news, right? And, due to that, you were so scared you fell from such a high platform?”

“What do you mean?” Shen Wei’an’s gaze suddenly shot towards her, her voice tense.

“I don’t mean anything,” Lan Jinyao nonchalantly laughed. “When I was reading my script at home this morning, I saw an interesting article saying that Goddess Lan didn’t die. Moreover, she appeared in front of a group of reporters. Wasn’t Lan Jinyao your best friend? I just thought you might be scared since you personally saw that woman die, right?”

Shen Wei’an’s hands trembled under the quilt. Noticing that the quilt was shaking, the corners of Lan Jinyao’s mouth stretched into a smirk.

“Well, have a good rest! I hope that after you’re discharged from hospital that there won’t be any bad news waiting for you!”

Her lips were curled into a sly smile, hiding the malice she was feeling.

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