Chapter 47 - Divorce Storm (5)

Chapter 47 - Divorce Storm (5)

Lan Jinyao stood by the entrance to the Bureau of Civil Affairs. She stared at the man whose face was now filled with immense sorrow and remorse before she removed her gaze from him, and then turned to Li Qi who’d been utterly confused this whole time. “Send me home. It looks like this marriage can’t be annulled anymore.”

Li Qi felt like he was in a thick fog, and said without thinking, “President Fu, can you send Chen Meimei home? I want to go to see Jinyao. She won’t be able to get rid of those reporters alone.”

Fu Bainian nodded and said in a low voice, “Mhh, go.”

After seeing Lan Xin’s face, those reporters had chased her all the way around the corner of the street and had soon disappeared from view.

The entrance to the Bureau of Civil Affairs was now quiet. Then, Fu Bainian’s sleeve was abruptly tugged on by someone. He turned and saw the young girl from the last time they were here. She was looking at him with a wide smile as she said to him, “Sir, are you here to file for a divorce? Let me lead you in!”

Fu Bainian’s complexion darkened, and he said to the girl, “If you try to drive a wedge between a married couple once more, I will register a complaint against you.”

The girl was scared by his threat and ran back into the building.

“Get in the car; I’ll send you home.”

The words were barely said before Lan Jinyao felt Fu Bainian grab her hand and pull her to the car. On the way home, neither of them spoke and only their quiet breathing could be heard. Occasionally, Lan Jinyao would slightly tilt her head to look at the man who was focused on driving.

When they arrived at the gate of their neighbourhood, Lan Jinyao was about to get out of the car, but she found that all the doors were locked. Fu Bainian leaned against his seat and watched her. After a while, he suddenly shouted, “Lan Jinyao!”

Lan Jinyao didn’t respond, she just sat in the front passenger seat and let him watch her.

“You wrote that recommendation letter, right? Before, I’d only been guessing, but how did you know that Lan Jinyao and Chang Sheng had a good relationship? If you were Lan Jinyao, then everything would make sense.”

“Okay! I admit it,” Lan Jinyao said indifferently. “But, so what? Do you think that everyone would just accept such a freak coincidence?! I obviously died, but then I woke up in the body of another woman. If this matter were known by everyone, then the chances for me to live would disappear.”

She was leaving aside strangers and speaking of the two people from the Chen family; Old Chen and Chen Meile. According to Father Chen’s character, if he knew that she was now occupying his daughter’s body, then she might be killed. As for Chen Meile’s character, if she knew, she probably wouldn’t bother inviting a Taoist and instead request a researcher to come and study her. No matter which option, she wouldn't be better off.

“But, you should’ve at least told me! Then, all of this wouldn’t have happened!”

He loved her so much! How could he have ever wanted to intentionally hurt her?

Lan Jinyao sighed. “Even if I’d told you, then what? Lan Xin seems to have fallen for you. Did you see her just now? It seemed like she was heartbroken. So, you shouldn’t hurt another girl.”

Fu Bainian clenched his fist and heavily punched the steering wheel, resulting in the horn blasting and shocking nearby pedestrians. One by one, they all turned to look at the car.

“Lan Jinyao, don’t you understand? For you, I can forsake everyone, including Lan Xin!”

Loving someone for too long would form a kind of obsession. For Fu Bainian, he was currently acting spellbound.

Lan Jinyao blankly stared at him, feeling like she’d been physically struck by his words, which caused her heartbeat to gradually pick up its pace.

The next second, Lan Jinyao looked away from him and refused to look back at him.

This man was indeed very charming. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have fallen for him, and struggle over her decision to leave him.

“Fu Bainian, as you can see, I also like you. Unfortunately, even though I opened my heart and loved a person for the first time in my life, I ended up being deeply hurt. If you’re confident that you’ll no longer let affairs deceive your eyes and hurt me again, I can promise you that I’ll give you another chance!”

Fu Bainian’s gloomy expression finally lightened, and a joyful smile spread across his face.

“Alright! I can certainly accomplish that!”

He had vowed long ago, that as long as he could be together with Lan Jinyao, that he would protect her for the rest of her life. In the future, he wouldn’t let anyone hurt her.

After a while, Fu Bainian suddenly said, “Then, let’s go back to the old residence tonight. After you moved out, I didn’t dare go home. Mum kept saying that if I couldn’t get you back, then I didn’t need to return home anymore.”

“Sure, but I want you to promise me that you’ll keep my situation a secret. I want to recover everything that I lost. And, secondly, it’s because there’s a person who has become my nightmare. I plan to do something to make this nightmare completely vanish from this earth.”

In one sentence, Fu Bainian could guess what she meant and asked, “When you fell from the building, was it because someone purposely pushed you?”

Lan Jinyao didn’t respond, but her hands were tightly clenched into fists at her sides. Her bright eyes were veiled with a thick hatred that threatened to erupt at any moment.

Seeing her like this, Fu Bainian was startled.

"Alright, I promise you! But...”

As if she could guess what he wanted to say, she said to him, “No buts! I will deal with this matter myself. I don’t want anyone to intervene.”

“I’m not just anyone though!”

“Currently, you are no different from anyone else.”

The great President Fu felt frustrated, but he faintly sighed and didn’t say anything more.

Just as the two of them entered the yard, they heard the familiar laughter of a girl echoing from the living room. The laugh was as musical as a bell.

Lan Jinyao felt that she knew this laugh. She glanced at Fu Bainian, only to see that his face had changed as he strode towards the living room in large strides. Thus, she ended up following behind him.

The person sitting on the couch in the living room was no other than Xu Jin’ge.

“Meimei, you’re here?” The moment Mother Fu noticed Lan Jinyao, she quickly stood up and pulled Lan Jinyao to sit beside her on the couch.

As soon as Fu Bainian saw Xu Jin’ge, he suddenly remembered something. The last time he’d spoken to Old Man Chen on the phone, Old Man Chen had said that since he and Chen Meimei were going to get a divorce, then he might as well marry Xu Jin’ge. He was upset at that time, so he’d angrily responded to Old Man Chen to do whatever he wanted, which had resulted in the current situation.

Even if he had ten mouths, he wouldn’t be able to explain himself clearly.

Lan Jinyao affectionately sat down next to Mother Fu, and slowly spit out a few words. “It looks like someone wants to step on two boats! I initially thought that President Fu was a very loving person!”

Fu Bainian, who’d been tricked by his Father, wanted to cry but lacked the tears to do so.

It had been tough for him to patch things up with Lan Jinyao, and yet, before they’d even held hands, things were already starting to fall through.

“Dad! In the future, Chen Meimei and I will be living together, and ever so often we’ll visit the old residence and stay for a few days. At that time, it would be inconvenient for outsiders to be here.”

Once Xu Jin’ge heard herself referred to as an outsider, her face paled. On the other hand, Lan Jinyao’s gloomy heart immediately brightened.

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