Chapter 46 - Divorce Storm (4)

Chapter 46 - Divorce Storm (4)

Fu Bainian revealed a sly smile to her, and then said to all the reporters, “I truly apologise for making everyone come here today. There is indeed a slight misunderstanding between Chen Meimei and myself, but the facts aren’t really like how she described it earlier. There is nobody between us. In reality, there has only been one woman whom I’ve loved from beginning to end, or else, I wouldn’t have married her!”

One smart reporter immediately found an issue with what was just said and asked Fu Bainian, “Excuse me, President Fu, previous rumours said that you and Chen Meimei didn’t get along. So, how did you suddenly fall in love with her? As far as I know, with Chen Meimei’s current figure, it wouldn’t be easy for people to fall for her.”

While Lan Jinyao, who was implicated just for being present, felt slighted. She was now a lot thinner, alright?!

“As everyone can see, her body may be too fat, but what made me fell in love with her is her inner beauty. Her inner beauty has captivated me. Therefore, I can’t talk about feelings and disagreements. As for the previous rumours, they’re just rumours; none of them are true!”

“I heard that Chen Meimei joined Blue Hall Entertainment for President Fu. Later, Blue Hall Entertainment intended to hide her, which led to her having basically no opportunities to spread her wings. Please explain this situation.”

Fu Bainian stared at Lan Jinyao, his black eyes seeming to overflow with affection. Lan Jinyao, who was being stared at, drew a blank as to why he was watching her in such a way.

He then continued, “I’m doing that for her own good. The waters in the entertainment circle are too deep. I was worried that she wouldn’t be able to stand all the rumours and slander that come with being so public, so I didn’t let her have any opportunities to advance. But now, I want to understand her. Since she likes her job, I will of course completely support her. In addition, she’ll have my utmost protection. I believe I can protect her from any harm this world will throw at her!”

A specific part of Fu Bainian’s speech made Lan Jinyao wanted to laugh uproariously. When it came to acting, she couldn’t compare to Fu Bainian! He was a master when it came to lying as he could tell a lie in a heartbeat with a straight face; he was the real master amongst experts. And so, the reporters believed him. Even Li Qi was now gazing at her with admiration.

“Ooh~” a few people within the crowd exclaimed in admiration.

“Then, President Fu, I would like to ask about the woman Chen Meimei mentioned; the cause of your disagreement. Is it true that you’re having an affair?”

Fu Bainian responded with a completely straight face. “Regarding that, it’s just a misunderstanding between us. The other party is an artist under my company. However, since it caused Chen Meimei to misunderstand, it’s my fault. I didn’t clearly explain to her that there was no relationship other than that of a Boss and a subordinate between this woman and myself. For this, I’m extremely sorry!”

Lan Jinyao coldly looked at him as she muttered to herself: Keep it up, I want to see how far you’ll take this act of yours!

“Then, what reason do you have for not attending the wedding?” another reporter asked.

Lan Jinyao’s gaze fell on Fu Bainian’s face; she wanted to see him explain that he’d stood his wife up for another woman. Apart from saying that there was no love between them, what else could he fabricate?

Fu Bainian remained silent for a moment. During his silence, those with a camera rapidly took his picture.

“I know that this matter has really hurt you, so here in front of everyone, I’m wholeheartedly apologising. As for why I missed the wedding, I’m sorry, but I’m unwilling to make that public. Just know that I’m strongly against getting a divorce. In the future, I promise to be good to you, and I will never do anything that hurts you.”

Lan Jinyao asked in a low voice, “Fu Bainian, you’re not ill, right?! Lan Xin could watch this, you know?”

Without anyone being aware, the woman in question was already standing in a corner. She had a broad-brimmed hat covering her head, a pair of sunglasses on her face, and her whole body was wrapped up in a large sweater. No one discovered her standing there.

Upon hearing the name ‘Lan Xin’, Fu Bainian’s sight subconsciously looked over the street, and he easily spotted Lan Xin at a glance. Although a pair of sunglasses covered her face, he could still see the tears constantly dripping down her cheeks.

He felt somewhat sorry and looked away.

“So, President Fu, you mean that you now don’t want to get a divorce?”

Fu Bainian faced all the cameras and nodded solemnly. “I don’t want a divorce, unless...I’m dead!”

A woman in a blue sweater suddenly fell weakly to the ground and started weeping. The reporters all had sharp ears that helped them in their profession, so upon hearing the sound of weeping, they immediately thought it was peculiar. Walking over to investigate, they started taking several photos in succession. The reporters at the back flocked to the front and surrounded Lan Xin.

The woman tried to cover her face with the palms of her hands, but the scene was too chaotic. In the commotion, her sunglasses were mysteriously removed. Thus, a small delicate face was exposed before everyone’s eyes. The situation immediately burst into excitement; this trip wasn’t wasted. In fact, it could be said that today had scored them all a great harvest instead!

“It’s Lan Jinyao!”

“The Goddess didn’t die?!”

“So, her falling off a building was actually a scheme cooked up by Blue Hall Entertainment?”

“This will be news for tomorrow’s headline!”


The situation on the scene had exploded into chaos. When Li Qi heard the name ‘Lan Jinyao’, he wanted to run over and take a look but was stopped by Fu Bainian. Li Qi was flabbergasted as he stared at Fu Bainian, but he only heard him faintly say, “You don’t have to go; the company will properly handle this matter.”

Lan Jinyao snorted then said mockingly, “Our great President Fu is really a cold-hearted man. Just a few days ago, that woman was still in his arms, but now he’s pretending like he doesn’t know her. He can see that she’s in trouble, but he doesn’t go and save her!”

The hand gripping her fingers suddenly tightened.

Fu Bainian’s complexion turned a shade darker, and his black eyes locked on her face. “Do you have to talk to me like this? You obviously know all the reasons behind this. I told from the very beginning that I already loved someone. You also knew when you saw Lan Xin’s face that she wasn’t… Why didn’t you tell me?!”

So, he’d already guessed her identity, which was why he could declare that if they wanted to divorce, it would only happen if he died. However, what was the point of doing this now?

“Fu Bainian, who was it that left me alone to return to China? Who was it that promised me that he would come, yet in the end broke his promise? I told you that I wanted to tell you a secret on our wedding day, so you had to come, but where were you?! You left me all alone and let me became a joke to everyone!”

Fu Bainian felt like he’d received a heavy blow and his entire body froze.

After a long while, he finally reacted and asked her, “The secret that you wanted to tell me that day was...”

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