Chapter 45 - Divorce Storm (3)

Chapter 45 - Divorce Storm (3)

“Do you really want to call a bunch of reporters over? You’ll cause another scene, you know?”

Lan Jinyao swept him a glance. “I don’t really want to call the reporters, but they’ve come on their own anyway.”

Li Qi followed her line of sight and saw a bunch of reporters frantically rushing towards the entrance of the Bureau of Civil Affairs. Fortunately, they were still sitting in the car, so they were unnoticed by the people outside.

Seeing the bunch of reporters, Li Qi became nervous. He grabbed Lan Jinyao’s arm and asked, “Do you really want to take advantage of this situation? What if President Fu comes in the next minute? How are you going to end things then?”

“If he comes?” Lan Jinyao thought for a moment before she said, “If he comes, then we’ll just do what should be done! The main purpose of my visit today is to get a divorce, and my second purpose is to take advantage of this opportunity to promote myself. Anyway, it’s his fault for being late.”

“Lan Jinyao, you’re so awesome! You’ve become so domineering from this marriage. If it were any other artist in this situation, perhaps they would hide it and not let the public know their secret. Yet, you can’t wait to announce it to the whole world!”

Lan Jinyao only shrugged her shoulders; she looked like she didn’t care.

“Nowadays, people are getting divorced practically every day. So, when an artist gets divorced, why should they have to hide it? Artists are also human beings. This is nothing shameful that should be hidden from the public. As long as I’m upright and affluent in the future, those who love to write whatever they want, would they still dare to gossip then?”

Li Qi shook his head and sighed, a disappointed expression on his face.

When Chen Meimei acted like this, it always reminded him of that person. If she were still alive, she would probably also think the same way about such significant events.

“Chen Meimei, I didn’t know much about you before, and I’d only heard bad rumours, but now it seems that you’re completely different from what people say. Knowing this, I can consider extending our one-month trial period, and from then on, you’ll be under my supervision.”

Lan Jinyao hummed softly in response as if she’d already predicted this.

Li Qi, however, found it odd and said to her, “Hey, can’t you pretend to be surprised just to make me happy? Did you know that there are many artists in Blue Hall Entertainment who’ve begged me to take them under my belt? So far I’ve ignored them.”

“I know!” Lan Jinyao said. “You didn’t take them because you didn’t see any value in them, but I can be your best investment!”

While saying this, Lan Jinyao was staring straight at Li Qi’s eyes. Li Qi found that the way she was currently staring at him made him subconsciously shudder. Those eyes showed a determination to succeed, regardless of everything, and the confidence to ignore what others thought. This reminded him of a talented artist under his management. If that artist could have such ambition, she might’ve already become a peerless movie Goddess.

While the two of them were chatting, a reporter with sharp eye soon noticed their car. Walking closer to the car, he peeped inside one of the windows.

Lan Jinyao glanced at her phone and said to Li Qi, “Times up, but Fu Bainian still isn’t here! Let’s get out of the car.”

In the past, she was always indifferent. She didn’t bother to strive for anything, nor fight over anything. But now, there was always someone that was concerned about everything that belonged to her.

The current her was like a demon who’d been dragged into the abyss.

The moment she stepped out of the car, Lan Jinyao said to herself: This is what Fu Bainian owes you, so please don’t feel guilty. If you want to do it, then just do it until the end. After that, things between the two of you will be settled.

Camera lights started constantly flashing before her, and she blocked her eyes with her hands as she stood in front of the Bureau of Civil Affairs.

“Everyone, please quiet down! Chen Meimei has something to say!”

After Li Qi had shouted, a bunch of microphones were shoved in front of Lan Jinyao’s lips.

“Hello everyone, the reason I’m here today is to divorce Fu Bainian. I was extremely hurt when I was stood up at the wedding ceremony. I thought that he loved me, and that's why he would marry me. But, I never thought that the person he’d loved all this time was another woman. I love him, so even though he’s hurt me, I chose to forgive him.”

Lan Jinyao was sobbing and wiping at her tears as she spoke, which was enough to earn the attention of the reporters.

Li Qi, who was standing beside her and watching her act, wanted to roll his eyes. Who said that Chen Meimei couldn’t act? Damn, anyone who thought that must be blind! When this woman acted, she had an ability capable of hooking the sympathy of an audience. It was horrible, right? If he didn’t know the real story, he might’ve been deceived by this woman too!

Lan Jinyao swiftly glanced at the reporters and saw that some of the female reporters had shed tears too. Then, she continued, “Everyone knows that forgiving a person isn’t easy, but time heals everything. So, today, I’ve chosen to come here to divorce him. Maybe I shouldn’t blame him for loving another woman, yet he still married me, and I can’t overlook this scar on my heart. I ask everyone present to lend me their courage. I’ll wait here until he arrives!”

Her heart-wrenching speech caused a lot of the reporter’s eyes to redden.

Li Qi signalled for her to pay a little more attention.

She was an artist signed under Blue Hall Entertainment after all. It was a bad idea to offend their Boss as it could result in her future development becoming extremely difficult.

However, Lan Jinyao didn’t seem to think that way. After wiping at her tears with a handkerchief, she laughed at herself, “I’ve already been stood up once, so I wonder if our President Fu will stand me up again.”

The atmosphere suddenly became lighter. Some reporters smiled and asked, “Chen Meimei, your initial appointment with President Fu was for in the morning, right? It’s now almost noon, and President Fu still hasn’t arrived. Do you think that President Fu has changed his mind?”

“In that case, let us wait a little longer! If he still hasn’t come by noon, I’ll file for divorce by myself.”

The resolute expression on the woman’s face made the reporters quite frightened. So, someone tentatively asked, “Chen Meimei, almost the entire world knows that you love President Fu, so may I ask, since you’re here for a divorce, are you sure it’s not just a publicity stunt to create hype? Since no one knew that you were even married, can we assumed that the marriage is also a hoax?”

Lan Jinyao sneered inwardly, but just as she went to respond, she saw a black Land Rover turning the corner. She suddenly squeezed out a few more tears and said to all the reporters, “President Fu is here now, and although he’s late, at least he didn’t stand me up this time. It seems that he really wants to divorce me.”

Fu Bainian strode over with a calm face, pushed Li Qi to the side, and stood beside Chen Meimei.

Under the public’s eyes, he suddenly held Lan Jinyao’s hand tightly, while Lan Jinyao, who was scared by his actions, became stiff and allowed him to hold her hand; completely forgetting to push him away. Just like that, she blankly stared at this man who’d never followed common sense.

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