Chapter 44 - Divorce Storm (2)

Chapter 44 - Divorce Storm (2)

Lan Jinyao didn’t have many scenes in A Thousand Years Of Tears, so, other than her part at the beginning of shooting, she now had some free time. After a day of rest, Lan Jinyao dragged Li Qi to the Bureau of Civil Affairs. Along the way, Li Qi had a complicated expression on his face.

As they were headed to the Bureau of Civil Affairs, Li Qi asked, “Isn’t this the way to the Bureau of Civil Affairs?”

Then, when they’d arrived at the office building, Li Qi spoke again, “I already have someone I like! You can’t take me away by force; I won’t marry you.”

Lan Jinyao shot him an indifferent glance and said, “You overthinking things, I’m already married. I’m here today to handle the divorce procedures.”

At that moment, Lan Jinyao’s expression was slightly melancholy. The last time that she’d come here was to register her marriage certificate with Fu Bainian not too long ago. She would’ve never thought that she’d be returning so soon. She still remembered the girl from before who’d seemed to be smitten with Fu Bainian, and the words she’d said to them before they left: you’re welcome back any time! Who would’ve thought that young girl would so correctly guess their fate. Perhaps, when people saw them, they could tell that they weren’t right as a couple!

Li Qi’s eyes widened upon hearing her say that she was here to get a divorce. He turned his head to look her straight in the eyes as he asked her, “Divorce? Who are you divorcing? Could it be Fu Bainian? Damn, you two actually got a marriage certificate? I thought that the wedding ceremony was held because you’d forced him. Hence, Fu Bainian stood you up!”

He asked again, “How come there was no gossip about it?”

Lan Jinyao glanced at him from the corner of her eyes, and said, “When we registered our marriage certificate, it was all very low-key, and only a few people knew about it. So, how could you have known? It wasn’t until the wedding ceremony that the whole world knew.”

When she said the latter part of her sentence, her tone was obviously different.

Seeing that she was unhappy, Li Qi comforted her. “It doesn’t matter! If the old doesn’t leave, the new will be unable to arrive. Come on, cheer up. Maybe there’s someone better waiting for you on the road ahead.”

The two of them waited in the car for a good long while, but Fu Bainian still didn’t appear. Then, Li Qi suddenly asked, “Did you inform Fu Bainian about this in advance? Why hasn’t he arrived yet?”

“I called him this morning, and he said that I have to wait a little longer. He has something important to deal with first. So, let’s wait!”

“Alright, I’ll accompany you and wait, but I hope that President Fu won’t stand you up again.”

Lan Jinyao: “...”

Blue Hall Entertainment headquarters, President’s office.

Fu Bainian was staring fixedly at his cell phone. His cold and stern face was currently full of anxiousness. A minute hadn’t yet passed, but he picked up his phone again, pressed a button to redial, and asked the person on the other end, “How long will it be before you get here?”

The person on the phone was also anxious, and responded, “President Fu, it’s currently rush hour, and it seems like there’s a traffic accident ahead, so the road is blocked. I can’t say how long it’ll be until I get there. Please wait a little longer.”

Fu Bainian hung up in irritation. Then, putting the phone down on the table, he continued waiting anxiously.

The results would come out soon, and the thoughts in his mind were continuously increasing. He was born with an instinct that made him unbeatable in the business world, and he believed in his instincts.

All he had to do was wait a little longer, and he would know the truth.

On the other end, Lan Jinyao, who’d already waited for about an hour, called Fu Bainian. The phone on his desk rang several times before he unhurriedly picked it up.


“Hey, Fu Bainian, why aren’t you here yet?! I’ve been waiting for more than an hour! I’m warning you, if you don’t come soon, I’ll call a bunch of reporters!”

Fu Bainian’s lousy mood seemed to have dissipated. He even chuckled and said to her, “I promised you, so I’ll definitely come. Just wait for me for another an hour; I’ll absolutely be there.”

The woman on the other side of the phone seems to be irritated by his words, and she angrily said, “Fu Bainian, it was you who wanted a divorce! You practically pestered me every day, and now, by doing this, what are you up to?! I’m telling you now, I’ll wait for another half an hour, but if you still don’t appear by then, I’ll call the reporters to come here and tell them that the great President Fu isn’t willing to divorce me!”

However, all Lan Jinyao’s threats seemed to be useless, as Fu Bainian was now delighted. He leaned back against his chair and slowly said, “If you can’t wait and want to call the reporters; then do it. Just say that I, Fu Bainian, kept pestering you. Take it as compensation for the previous matter.”

He’d just finished speaking when the call was disconnected. It seemed that the woman on the other end of the phone was furious.

Half an hour later, the person who was bringing the information finally arrived. Just as he’d pushed the door open and entered, Fu Bainian immediately stood up from his chair, strode towards the person with large steps, and took the information.

The man wiped at the perspiration on his forehead, then laughed as he said, “President Fu, I’ve rushed all the way here, so I’m out of breath, but I’ll explain the result to you now!”

Fu Bainian opened the information to take a quick look, then nodded. “Mmh, go ahead.”

The man paused for a moment before speaking. “The results of the handwriting identification is that there is a 99.9 per cent similarity. Therefore, we can conclude that the two handwriting samples are made by the same person. In addition, we found that the ink traces on the two samples are obviously different, so we can infer that the date on the letter is absolutely wrong.”

Fu Bainian raised his head and looked at the man as he asked, “What did you just say?”

The man pointed to the results on the information and said to him, “The results show that the handwriting is from the same person, but the ink on the letter is still very new. It proves that the letter was written not long ago, while the date of the contract was supposedly written around the same time, yet it’s clearly older.”

Fu Bainian felt that the self-control that he was very proud of was utterly gone upon hearing this news. He even wanted to laugh.

“So the results prove that Lan Jinyao is still alive? Are you absolutely sure the results aren’t wrong?”

The man didn’t understand what President Fu was talking about, so he paused before affirmatively saying, “As I told you before, we have the most professional team and high-tech equipment. Therefore, there’s nothing wrong with the identification results.”

Fu Bainian suddenly laughed. He looked at the information on the paper and laughed joyfully.

“Alright! Thank you very much. Qian Ran, lead him to the Finance Department to collect the payment!”

Fu Bainian brought the information with him and headed to the Bureau of Civil Affairs. But, he wasn't in a rush, and along the way, there was a smile plastered across his face.

He thought since Chen; it’s Lan Jinyao. Since Lan Jinyao wanted to call a bunch of reporters, he would let her. It was best to announce to the world that they’d already registered their marriage.

And, the pain that she’d suffered, he would one day make it all up to her.

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