Chapter 41 - Troubles On Set (2)

Chapter 41 - Troubles On Set (2)

“Sister, did you really think that the Prince only took you as the Main Wife for your family’s power and influence? Haha...” a woman in a pink robe laughed as she used her hand to cover her face. Soon after, she continued, “My dear sister, since you’ve already married into the Prince’s Residence, you shouldn’t be so naive. Otherwise, you’ll only grow more miserable.”

Shen Wei’an was sitting in the pavilion wearing a crimson robe, a wooden hairpin placed in her jet-black hair. For this scene, a small amount of powder had been applied to her face to give her the look of a natural beauty.

She was simply dressed, yet she carried an air of elegance.

However, Lan Jinyao knew that, in reality, this woman was nothing like this. She was vain, treacherous, and would resort to anything for the sake of climbing up the social ladder.

At the moment, Lan Jinyao was still laughing with an arrogant expression.

“Sister, do you want to know what’s in the Prince's mind? If you want to know, then come over here, and I’ll tell you!” She beckoned Consort Pingyang over with her finger.

Consort Pingyang tightly clenched her hands into fists and trembled, her eyes welling up with tears as she walked over. Holding back her tears, she said to Jinling, “Jinling, tell me, why did the Prince marry me? The person he really likes is you, right? He’s b-blaming me for ruining the relationship between you two, right? Tell me, am I right?”

When Jinling looked at the woman standing before her, her lips curled up to reveal a sinister smile. “Since you’re insisting, I’ll tell you!”

When Li Qi, who was standing outside, saw Lan Jinyao displaying this kind of expression, he felt a shiver run down his spine. Even his goosebumps were standing straight up.

He patted the shoulder of the person standing next to him and said softly, “Chen Meimei’s aura sure is powerful! If it weren't for her face, I’d have thought that our Jinyao was back.”

The person next to Li Qi just muttered a ‘mhmm’ in response. His voice was deep and magnetic; like the suave resonance of a cello.

He turned his head to look at the person who’d responded, but he was instantly left speechless. To think that the person silently standing next to him was President Fu! Li Qi then swept his gaze around the set and, as expected, the rest of the filming crew had already fled to a safe distance; leaving him alone with President Fu.

“Haha, President Fu, you’re here!”

Fu Bainian gave a cursory glance and nod to Li Qi before moving his line of sight back to the pavilion. His gaze was intense and fixated on the scene before him.

Consort Pingyang slowly approached Jinling without a second thought, completely unaware of the imminent danger ahead. The smile on Jinling’s face gradually deepened, and an eerie look was visible in her eyes.

However, it was extremely apparent that although Shen Wei’an had read the script ahead of time and knew what was about to happen next, she couldn’t help but reveal a tinge of fear. As a flop actress, she didn’t know how to control her emotions. She felt afraid and froze for a split second, but that small motion of hers didn’t escape Chang Sheng’s sharp eyes.

“Cut, cut, cut!! Shen Wei’an, what are you doing?! Your sixth sense has been awakened, huh? You knew that Jinling was going to hurt you, so you became scared and froze. Let’s do it all over again! This time, control your emotions better!”

Lan Jinyao looked at Shen Wei’an with a bright smile plastered on her face. Then, stroking her chin, Lan Jinyao said, “Wei’an, did I scare you earlier with my expression? Haha, when I’m serious and too much into my character, even I’m scared of myself.”

Her words carried the hint of a double-entendre.

Shen Wei’an stared at the plump face in front of her and felt a tinge of rage rise in her heart. Shen Wei’an didn’t know why, but recently, whenever she saw Chen Meimei, she would invariably end up being led by the nose. Didn’t everyone say that Chen Meimei couldn’t act? Then, what was that just now?!

Lan Jinyao moved closer to Shen Wei’an, smiling as happily as before. Looking at her innocently, Lan Jinyao asked, “Wei’an, why aren’t you responding? In the future, let’s do our best together! Director Shen promised me that if I perform well, he’ll invite me to a feast! I'm so happy! Tell me, do you think that Director Shen has fallen for me?”

Shen Wei’an suddenly slammed her hands on the stone table next to her and stared coldly at Lan Jinyao like a serpent.

Lan Jinyao looked at Shen Wei’an’s angry expression and acted as if she’d received a huge shock. Then, she retreated to a corner and silently stood there. When everyone present saw this, they thought that Shen Wei’an was taking advantage of her status to bully a newcomer.

Fu Bainian stared at the pink-robed silhouette while deep in thought

Lan Jinyao’s heart was secretly thrilled when she saw that Shen Wei’an had been enraged by her. Shen Wei’an already had a patron, yet she didn't restrain herself and was still always thinking about Shen Yu. Lan Jinyao was merely guessing, nothing more, but that woman had still gotten furious upon hearing her words. It seemed that Shen Wei’an had been too carefree lately.

Perhaps Shen Wei’an noticed the strange gazes of everyone present because her tightly furrowed brows quickly loosened up.

She then smiled at Lan Jinyao and said, “Chen Meimei, since Director Shen thinks so highly of you, you should really press on and work hard to make a name for yourself. Otherwise, in the future, when people mention the name ‘Chen Meimei’, they’ll only remember someone who was always chasing after President Fu. That, or the wedding ceremony which was reduced to a farce.”

“That's for sure! Shooting is about to restart, so you must, by all means, not make an NG and give the Director the honour of yelling ‘cut’ again!”

The makeup artist came over to fix their makeup, and soon after that, shooting commenced once more.

When Consort Pingyang approached Jinling, Jinling smiled maliciously. In the next second, Consort Pingyang was pushed into the nearby lotus pond. Unable to swim, Shen Wei’an could only struggle and flounder about in the water. The muddy water splattered due to her movements and caused her body to become filthy and nasty.

At this moment, it was time for the male lead, acting as Prince Pingyang, to make an appearance.

Xu Hao was a famous movie star. He’d started his career as a model, and following his career transition, he’d soon attracted a large number of fans. His popularity quickly surged, and his reputation was now close to that of a first-rate movie star.

He wasn’t signed on with Blue Hall Entertainment, but Shen Yu had been trying to headhunt him for a long time. So far, he hadn’t been successful.

Jinling saw Prince Pingyang walking towards them, so she quickly rushed over and threw herself into his embrace, whimpering, “Prince, you’ve finally arrived! Consort Pingyang fell into the lotus pond! Please hurry and save her.”

Although Jinling had said that they must save Consort Pingyang, her hands were tightly clutching Prince Pingyang's hands, while her body blocked his way. So, it was currently impossible for him to move forward.

Upon seeing this, Li Qi was astounded and exclaimed in admiration, “Ha, it looks like I’ve really underestimated Chen Meimei! It seems like she’s quite clever. To think that she’d improvise on the spot! However, I must say that her improvisation is remarkable! It completely brought out the viciousness of Concubine Jinling’s character!”

Chang Sheng was also nodding with satisfaction as he said, “As expected of someone recommended by Jinyao! Not bad, not bad at all!”

In actual fact, Lan Jinyao's thoughts were far simpler; she’d just wanted to teach Shen Wei’an a lesson. As she’d watched Shen Wei’an flopping about like a duck in the water, her heart was greatly comforted.

“Ah! Stop filming! Someone come and save me!”

Shen Wei’an once again ruined a good scene.

After she was rescued, Shen Wei’an marched straight up to Lan Jinyao with a dark and resentment filled expression. Slapping Lan Jinyao, she accusingly roared, “Why did you secretly improvise?!”

Upon seeing this one slap, everyone present froze in shock.

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