Chapter 40 - Troubles On Set (1)

Chapter 40 - Troubles On Set (1)

Fu Bainian went to the company early in the morning, but his complexion didn't look so good. On the way, all the people who greeted him were on edge, afraid that he’d suddenly snap if they weren’t careful enough.

When he entered his office, Shen Yu followed right after him.

Shen Yu sat on the sofa with his legs crossed and smiled at Fu Bainian as he looked at him. It seemed as if he wasn't afraid nor felt any of the gloominess surrounding the office.

"You took that letter and then left in a hurry. Don't tell me that I hit the mark? Did Chen Meimei really hire someone to forge that letter? She surely must have spent a lot of money as she even managed to hide this from Chang Sheng.” Shen Yu propped up his head with one hand and gently chuckled. It looked like he would have to see that woman in a new light because it seemed that she was quite clever. To think that she could come up with such an idea!

Fu Bainian threw the letter on the table, and then after a moment of silence, he suddenly said, “Yesterday I tested Lan Xin, and it was basically impossible for her to be able to write such a letter!”

After saying this, he locked his gaze tightly on Shen Yu's face; he didn't want to miss out on any of his facial expressions. As expected, upon hearing what he’d just said, Shen Yu suddenly slapped his thigh and got up from the sofa. He walked towards the desk and said, "No way! That letter’s really a fake?"

Shen Yu's expression instantly changed as he murmured, “If that letter isn't fake, then that Lan Jinyao must be fake. Lan Xin must’ve approached you with ulterior motives.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he excessively patted his chest. “This world's truly a scary place! To think, someone actually dared to scheme against you! That person's done for.”

Fu Bainian, who was tapping his fingers on the table, suddenly asked, “You think that Lan Xin's a fake?”

Shen Yu quickly waved his hands and replied, “I didn’t say that. I was just guessing! Moreover, since Lan Jinyao planned out such a grand act of jumping off a building, wouldn’t that mean she wasn’t planning to come back? Then, for what reason did she now appear in front of everyone? Moreover, Lan Xin joined a newcomer group today and is currently practicing with them. Tell me, why would she do all of that? In any case, I can’t think of any reason!”

He was talking when someone suddenly knocked on the door, and a man wearing a leather jacket and a black cap entered.

"Mr Fu, I’m here to pick something up!”

Fu Bainian handed him the letter on the table and then took out an old contract, giving it to the man while asking, “How long will it be before the results are ready?”

“It will take about two to three days. Mr Fu, we have the most professional team, so the results of the identification will definitely be accurate.”

“All right, you can leave now!”

As soon as the man had left, Shen Yu snapped his fingers and had an understanding expression on his face as he said to Fu Bainian, “I knew that you had a trick up your sleeve! You must have thought of everything already, right? But, what if this letter is real; what can all this prove? That, unbeknownst to you, Chen Meimei and Lan Jinyao had a rather good relationship with one another? Or, that Lan Xin isn’t really Lan Jinyao?”

“We'll know the truth when the results come out, but I still need you to do one more thing for me!”

Shen Yu looked at Fu Bainian who was being all secretive, and then lowered his voice to ask, “Do what?”

“Come closer, and I'll tell you...”

After a long while, Shen Yu finally blinked and pointed at his nose as he said, “You...have you lost your mind? I can help you with this matter, but about the doubts you mentioned, I don't believe any of it. Do you really think that something supernatural can happen in this world? Stop dreaming! Even if Chen Meimei became as thin as a stick, she’s still Chen Meimei. You should stop being so delusional!”

Before leaving, Shen Yu added, “When the results come out...don't be too upset.”

Fu Bainian sighed and didn't answer.


A Thousand Years Of Tears was originally a time-travel drama. Later, when the script was reviewed, it was changed into an ancient costume drama. Apart from shooting indoors, most of the scenes had to be shot outside on location. Today, Lan Jinyao’s first scene happened to be an exterior scene. Shen Wei’an was playing the role of Consort Pingyang, and she was matched with one of Prince Pingyang’s concubines.

On the second day of being married to Consort Pingyang, Prince Pingyang took a concubine. The woman was of humble birth and took advantage of the Prince’s favour and his cold attitude towards Consort Pingyang to behave insolently. She swelled up with arrogance and continuously suppressed the Consort. Unfortunately, this Consort was mild-tempered and didn’t like to fight back even though someone was bullying her, which meant she could only endure everything in silence.

Lan Jinyao’s thinking was that Chen Meimei wasn’t going to be liked regardless of what she did as it would all be considered as her acting as her distinctive character. In this way, she wouldn't look weird nor raise any suspicions even if she acted tart, mean, or lofty.

It wasn’t until everyone was already ready to start that Shen Wei’an slowly arrived. Lan Jinyao’s lips curled up when she saw a group of Assistants following behind her.

She recalled that Shen Wei’an had once said if she were to become famous one day, then she wanted to be surrounded by people. That way, no matter where she went, she’d be the most prominent and dazzling person.

Now, as she’d wished, she’d achieved that. But, Lan Jinyao wondered if Shen Wei’an would often think about her murderous deed and feel scared when she was all alone in the dead of night. She’d stepped on a person’s corpse to climb to the top, so no matter how high she'd risen, she would eventually fall.

Pointing to Shen Wei’an, Li Qi said to Lan Jinyao, “That woman is Shen Wei’an; she used to be Jinyao's best friend. After Jinyao died, the female lead’s role became hers. I’ve heard that she found a patron who helped her to quickly climb all the way to the top. She hasn’t acted in many dramas or movies, but her popularity has risen a lot. At the very least, she’s in a better situation than that previous rut of her’s!”

She didn't expect Li Qi to be a person who likes to gossip behind someone’s back.

Lan Jinyao rolled her eyes, and then lowered her voice to ask him, “Shen Wei’an found a patron? Don’t tell me that it’s Shen Yu?”

Shen Wei’an really liked Shen Yu, so maybe Shen Yu was seduced by that shrewd woman.

Li Qi glanced at her oddly. “Chen Meimei, tell me, just how much do you hate Shen Yu? Why would you wish for him to be a sitting duck in this kind of situation? As if Shen Yu would ever like that woman! Even if he did, he would date her fair and aboveboard, alright?”

After hearing this, she asked again, “Then...who’s her patron?”

“A real estate tycoon; one that she hooked up with at the last cocktail party. Moreover, that man has a wife.”

“To think that she actually sought out a married man!” She quietly sighed. She now perceived Shen Wei’an in a somewhat different light.

It seemed that she’d overestimated Shen Wei’an; she really would stop at nothing in order to reach the top. If Shen Wei’an continued like this, then even if she as Chen Meimei did nothing in revenge, she’d probably end up courting death herself.

She’d initially thought that no matter how hopeless Shen Wei’an was, she wouldn’t seek out that man. It seemed that Shen Wei’an's so-called love was worthless.

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