Chapter 4 - The Transformation Plan Of A Fat Girl (1)

Chapter 4 - The Transformation Plan Of A Fat Girl (1)

Later that day, after walking around the company as her new identity, Lan Jinyao discovered that Chen Meimei had a terrible reputation. Apart from the fact that her family had a lot of money, she had almost no talent. Needless to say, she was happy to receive advantages from everyone, but she was unwilling to reciprocate. She was like a bottomless pit with the way that she continuously ate, and wherever she walked the ground would shake. In addition, she had no sense of shame and would stubbornly pursue Fu Bainian everywhere he went. She considered herself as Fu Bainian’s fiancee, even though Fu Bainian had firmly refused the marriage.

Learning that her rebirth had landed her into the body of such a fatty with no prospects, Lan Jinyao was very worried about her future.

The reason why Blue Hall Entertainment had even signed Chen Meimei on was entirely because of the friendship between the Chen family and the Fu family. On top of that, Chen Meimei had only signed up with Blue Hall Entertainment to pursue Fu Bainian. It’s said that there are benefits from being connected to an influential person, therefore, on her contract, things about her commitment to work were rarely mentioned. It could easily be assumed that Blue Hall Entertainment didn’t have any hopes of such a fatty making money for the company. So, all of this had resulted in Chen Meimei been an idle person in the company.

On the first day of work, with a cup of coffee in hand, Lan Jinyao wandered around the office. As her helpless figure was huge, wherever she stood it would be in the way of others going about their work. Ultimately, a well-dressed and delicate looking woman walked up to her, and with a claw-like hand, patted Lan Jinyao’s face. “How come you have time to return to the office today? Is it possible that our President Fu didn’t come to the company? That would be impossible though, as I saw President Fu entering the building this morning. Could it be that he left again?”

Lan Jinyao unhappily replied, “Does my life’s goal only revolve around Fu Bainian?”

The woman nodded solemnly. “Yes!”

Lan Jinyao’s boiling blood instantly cooled down.

She furrowed her brows, and said in a more solemn tone, “If that’s what you really think, then that’s a big mistake. From now on, my future goal is to be a movie Goddess!”

As soon as Lan Jinyao said that, she realised that so long as she had this face of Chen Meimei’s, anything that she said would just be a joke when heard by others.


“Ouch, I can’t breathe. Chen Meimei, what’s wrong with you today? Were you injected with chicken blood?”

A woman nearby who was applying her makeup examined Chen Meimei’s figure through the reflection in the mirror with an expression full of loathing. Her lofty countenance seemed remarkably sharp and unkind.

Xu Jin’ge, another artist under Manager Vivi besides Chen Meimei, was the daughter of a real estate developer. She was arrogant and despotic and believed that almost everyone was below her notice. Since the original Chen Meimei’s heart was wholly preoccupied with Fu Bainian, she’d never worked hard or strived to land any jobs. Therefore, all the TV roles and advertising endorsements that Manager Vivi could get were given to Xu Jin’ge. Yet, Chen Meimei hadn’t cared about that at all.

In fact, even if Chen Meimei had cared, she couldn’t get any significant roles unless she got help from her rich Father.

But now, her focus was no longer on Fu Bainian. Instead, she wanted to get everything back that she’d possessed in her life as Lan Jinyao; the things that had belonged to her, and the things that she hadn’t wanted. She refused to give it all to a murderer!

Thus, Lan Jinyao exhaled a long sigh. “Yes, a woman with a career is more attractive. Fu Bainian hasn’t paid any attention to me for quite a while now, so I thought that maybe I should focus on contributing to the country and working hard instead. I feel that one day when I’ve achieved success in my career, Fu Bainian’s sight will definitely be attracted to me.”

Xu Jin’ge quietly scoffed. “You should wait until you’ve managed to succeed in losing weight. Then you can see if Fu Bainian will be attracted to you!”

Lan Jinyao beamed. “Am I the kind of person who relies on their looks to make a living? Only people who lack strength are the ones who are always looking at their faces in the mirror!”

Chen Meimei was well known for being thick-skinned, so now that she was carrying Chen Meimei’s identity, she was no longer afraid of people gossiping about her. Anyway, no one would ever be able to guess that she was actually Lan Jinyao.

So, changing the topic, she said, “But what our Jin’ge just said is right. I should first focus on reducing my weight!”

After saying that, she put the coffee in her hand down on a nearby table and left, leaving the remaining people in the room to look at each other in dismay.

“Was she serious?”

“How’s that possible, she’s just all talk!”


Meanwhile, in the President’s office on the 18th floor, a stack of photos was scattered across the desk. Almost every photo was displaying a woman with a physique that was hard to look at. The more pictures the man sitting behind the desk had to look at, the darker his face became.

“Are you sure he wants me to choose someone from here? Does our company have no other candidates?”

Shen Yu shrugged, giving off an indifferent appearance. “There’s nothing that can be done about it, ‘A Thousand Years Of Tears’ is an annual drama. Moreover, our company has invested a huge amount of money, so everyone must be carefully selected. The photos before you are the best candidates for the role that we currently have in our company!”

Fu Bainian impatiently tapped on the table. “Yes, but out of everyone, why does it have to be a fat person?!”

Shen Yu shrugged as he responded, “There’s nothing that can be done about it as it was the Director’s requirement. Moreover, this isn’t just an ordinary character but a significant role. Therefore, it must be performed by one of our company’s artists!”

At that moment, a specific plump figure appeared in Fu Bainian’s mind, as well as a pair of eyes that became slits when she smiled.

His expression darkened, and removing his gaze from the photos, he asked Shen Yu, “Why do I need to pick who’ll play the supporting role personally? Do you think I'm that idle?”

Shen Yu released an awkward laugh while rubbing his nose uncomfortably. Then, he pulled out a photo from his pocket. “Alright! To be honest, our company still has another candidate, Chen Meimei. However, I think that nominating Chen Meimei would definitely be the wrong decision. Unfortunately, if we don’t use Chen Meimei, I reckon that girl will chase me around the entire company trying to kill me! So, haha...thank you, President Fu, for troubling yourself and personally choosing the candidate. As long as it’s person chosen by President Fu, that girl can only endure it even if she’s not happy.”

Upon hearing this, a glint of coldness flashed across Fu Bainian’s eyes.

“What you mean to say, is that you want to use me as a scapegoat?” His tone was somewhat dangerous.

Shen Yu repeatedly waved his hands. “How could that be?! Who would dare use our wise and mighty President Fu as a scapegoat?!”

The next second though, he replaced his flattering smile with a neutral expression and changed topics as he asked grimly, “ you want to use Chen Meimei?”

Fu Bainian slightly pondered it for a moment, his finger rapping a steady rhythm on the table. Every once in a while, he would release a heavy sigh.

Just when Shen Yu was about to give up on receiving an answer, Fu Bainian suddenly said, “There’s no need to consider Chen Meimei. You choose the candidate that best meets the requirements! If Chen Meimei asks, just tell her that it was my decision!”

“No problem!”

After getting the answer he’d wanted, Shen Yu tossed Chen Meimei’s photo into the trash and prepared to leave. But, just as he reached the door, he heard Fu Bainian say, “This weekend is her funeral. I want to attend it this time personally!”

The atmosphere in the room abruptly became heavy.

After a long silence, Shen Yu quietly responded, “Okay! I’ll go and arrange everything.”

“No need. I want to go alone.”

After leaving the office, Shen Yu stood by a window in the corridor and stared at the blue sky outside. Then, he let out a long sigh of relief.

Fu Bainian had liked a person for so many years, yet he hadn’t dared to say it out loud because she’d once said, ‘Right now, with me focusing on my career, I don’t want to discuss love related matters’ when she was on a show. He’d wanted to be good to her, so he’d never acted on his own. Instead, he’d let his subordinate, Director Shen Yu, act on his behalf. He’d clearly prepared a grand confession, but before the roses even had a chance to bloom, the intended person vanished.

Ugh! How many lifetimes of bad luck was this?!

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