Chapter 32 - I Don’t Need Your Help (1)

Chapter 32 - I Don’t Need Your Help (1)

Li Qi was easy to deal with, and not to mention, she had a cheat code. So, how difficult could this be?!

Li Qi, as a person, wasn’t bad. Mainly because his legs were long, if he bought a white horse, he could easily play the role of Prince Charming. Additionally, he’d unswerving liked the female singer in a bar. Unfortunately, it was a one-sided love. He liked that woman, but she hardly paid him any attention.

Lan Jinyao still remembered the time that she and Li Qi had gone to a bar together. Li Qi had been staring at the female singer, his eyes glued to her. At the time, she’d teased Li Qi, but she’d never expected that he would immediately admit that he’d fallen for the female singer. So, Lan Jinyao had encouraged him to confess. To help Li Qi, she’d even been tempted to go and inquire about what the woman liked.

Unfortunately, putting aside Li Qi’s smooth-talking, when he was faced with a person that he liked, he would be terrified. Standing in front of the woman he would continuously stammer and be unable to complete a single sentence. The woman then ended up thinking that he was a mental case.

Later on, Lan Jinyao had often used this knowledge to tease Li Qi.

After leaving Shen Yu’s office, Lan Jinyao headed straight to the bar to find Li Qi. She knew that he currently had no artists under his management, and the company regarded it as a vacation so that he could rest. This man, whenever he had any free time, would definitely go to the bar. As long as she waited there, she wouldn’t need to worry about meeting him.

She didn’t know where Li Qi had gone, but it appeared that he wasn’t at the bar when she arrived. Ordering a glass of wine to sip, her eyes landed on the woman singing on the stage. The woman looked to be about the same age as her. She had delicate and pretty eyebrows, but her looks, in general, were average. While she was singing, she had a serious and engrossed demeanor about her. The bar had just opened though, and since it wasn’t evening yet, there weren’t many guests around.

This made Lan Jinyao think of her former self. Although she would have no specific goal, she was very serious when she was filming and would throw herself wholeheartedly into her job.

The woman’s singing was good, and she might even be able to develop further if she were to enter a company. As it was, she wouldn’t be able to advance if she stayed in such a small place.

Since there weren’t many guests yet, after singing two songs, she stepped down and switched with another singer. When she stepped down, she noticed Lan Jinyao.

“Hey! I remember you!” The woman sat down beside her, ordered a drink, then tapped Lan Jinyao’s glass with her own as she said, “The last time you were here, you were drinking alone, then suddenly there were two men fighting over you. I was thinking; you must be a very attractive woman!”

Two men fighting over her? Hahaha, this misunderstanding was slightly overboard.

Seeing that the woman was taking the initiative to talk first, Lan Jinyao didn’t need to exert any effort to deliberately approach her and started chatting with the woman.

She laughed at herself. “Look at me! I’ve been unable to lose any of the fat on this body, so where would there be any charm? Not to mention, those two men...”

One had once hurt her, while the other belonged to Chen Meimei.

She had a drink from her glass before saying, “Sigh, I won’t say anything more as it just upsets me. Anyway, how come that handsome man didn’t come today? I thought he came here every day to listen to you sing?”

Lan Jinyao saw that the woman wasn’t avoiding this topic, so she continued, “Looks like he likes you! Ehh...not just your voice of course, but also you in person.”

The woman rested her chin on one hand, and when she looked at Lan Jinyao, her expression was a little weird as she asked, “I don’t recall seeing you in this bar more than once before. How do you know that person comes over every day?”

Lan Jinyao was rendered speechless by this question. She was unclear if Chen Meimei had liked to come to this bar or not.

Just as she was finding an excuse to dodge the question, she heard the voice of an angry male behind her.

“Chen Meimei, what are you doing here?!”

Lan Jinyao turned around and saw Li Qi standing nearby as he yelled at her. Although the man seemed to be itching to drag her away, he motionlessly stood two meters away. It appeared that he didn’t dare get closer by even one step. Apparently, since suffering such a blow the last time, he didn't dare approach this woman, but he still kept coming every day.

Lan Jinyao smiled at the woman, then said to Li Qi, “We’re just talking; you don’t need to be so tense.”

This time, she was here to help him. If she waited for Li Qi to make a move, it would take forever before he succeeded in bringing the beauty home.

She lowered her voice and asked the woman, “Hey, this man is outstanding. Why don’t you accept him?”

The woman put down the glass in her hand and glanced at Li Qi, the emotion in her amber coloured eyes unclear.

Lan Jinyao heard her say, “He’s too timid. Moreover, chasing a girl is so easy, but he didn’t even bring one flower.”

So, that’s how it is! Lan Jinyao couldn’t help but silently muse: It seemed that Li Qi wasn't entirely without a chance. As long as he worked harder, he would be able to get her!

“Alright, I understand!”

She still wanted to find out more, but who would’ve guessed that Li Qi would suddenly rush over and hook his hand around her neck to drag her outside. Lan Jinyao felt that she had difficulty breathing.

“Get off me! I’m going to be suffocated by you!”

Li Qi didn’t release her until he’d brought her out of the bar, but his face was as dark as an incoming storm.

“Chen Meimei, what are you up to?!”

“What am I doing? I’m helping you to pursue a woman!” Seriously, he didn’t realise her good intentions at all!

Li Qi suspiciously asked, “Really? Can you be so kind? Tell me, what do you want from me?”

Lan Jinyao had initially wanted to say that she wanted him to be her Agent, but after thinking about it, she decided not to say anything. She only told him that he would know when the time was right.

As time went by, more guests slowly filled the bar. As they passed by, they would stare at Lan Jinyao, so she uttered one sentence. “What are you looking at? Never seen a couple out having fun before?!”

Li Qi rolled his eyes. “Who’s your husband now?”

“You thought that I was willing to say that?!” Lan Jinyao squeezed him and continued, “You should have a look at yourself in the mirror. That woman said that you’re too timid. If you were just a bit more daring, then she would accept you.”

Li Qi immediately fell for her bait. “Are you serious? Hey, Chen Meimei, I didn’t expect that a fatty like yourself would have such a high EQ! You actually managed to befriend her so quickly.”

Lan Jinyao glanced at him with contempt. “Of course I did.”

After leaving the bar, Lan Jinyao went to a flower shop. After choosing the most passionate and brightest red rose, she said to the shop assistant, “Help me send a bouquet of these roses to that bar every day. Also, help me write a note to go with them, write ‘For my beloved, from Li Qi.’ That will do.”

Seeing the weird gaze of the shop assistant, Lan Jinyao said, “I’m helping my brother pursue his girlfriend!”

“Oh, I see!” The shop assistant smiled. “You’re a sweet little sister!”

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