Chapter 31 - Chen Meimei, You Look Thinner

Chapter 31 - Chen Meimei, You Look Thinner

Lan Jinyao appeared at the company a week later. In this fast-paced era, the news about Lan Jinyao being stood up during her wedding ceremony had already slowly dispersed amongst the latest news magazines. Even if someone saw her, they would merely say, oh, so this person is Chen Meimei! The one who chased after Fu Bainian, but ended up failing miserably! That was it; there wouldn’t be any further discussion.

In this company where everyone was very busy, the disappearance and subsequent reappearance of Lan Jinyao didn’t attract anyone’s attention. Taking the elevator upstairs, she headed straight to Shen Yu’s office. Fu Bainian had promised her that she would be allowed to play a role in A Thousand Years Of Tears, but she now had to personally look for Shen Yu, who knew if that man had gone back on his word?

It was a pity that the great President Fu’s trustworthiness had already dropped to below zero in Lan Jinyao’s heart.

Just as she was about to push the door open, someone opened it from the other side. It was her former Agent, Li Qi. She gave Li Qi a bright smile, which caused Li Qi to be utterly baffled. Was this woman insane?! How come she was suddenly smiling at him? Her expression made him feel that she was harbouring evil intentions. Could it be that she was interested in him?

Li Qi rubbed at the goosebumps on his arms, politely smiled back at her, and asked, “You’re looking for Director Shen, right? He’s inside, hurry in!”

If this woman hadn’t been driven insane by their President, then she must have taken a fancy to him! In the past, Chen Meimei was high and mighty, and she only had eyes for their President.

Li Qi turned to leave but felt his arm being tugged. Shocked, he subconsciously flung his hand away. Chen Meimei was stunned, and the two people stared at each other in silence.

“Sorry, I’m quite busy at the moment, so I can’t stay any longer. I’m leaving first!” he hurriedly explained.

Lan Jinyao felt depressed. Was she really thought of as such an unpleasant person within the company? One had to know that Li Qi was a cunning fox, and he could force himself to bow down to anyone he met. Hmmm, that wasn’t right...since Chen Meimei was the one who was so unpleasant, she would slowly work to redeem herself. She should just let bygones be bygones!

“Li Qi, please take care of me in the future!”

Li Qi looked at her in confusion before fleeing so fast it was like he was about to fly away.

The smile on her mouth narrowed as she pushed the door open and walked in. Shen Yu was sitting stiffly on the sofa; his body unmoving. He looked like a wax figure, with only his dark eyes blankly roving around the room every so often.

Shen Yu was in a daze? That shrewd and serious Shen Yu was actually sitting in his office lost in thought?! Lan Jinyao quietly laughed. Treading lightly, she walked towards the sofa.

Just as she was about to scare Shen Yu, she heard him ask, “Hey, tell me, are there really supernatural things in this world? For example, a dead person being resurrected? And I don’t mean vampires.”

The first thing that Lan Jinyao thought of was that Shen Yu had met Lan Xin. He would only ever ask such a question if he had seen her.

“If you saw the body of a person being buried under soil, she wouldn’t live again!” However, regarding rebirth, such an incredible occurrence has indeed happened.

Upon hearing a familiar female voice, Shen Yu snapped his head up and blankly stared at her.

“Chen Meimei, what are you doing in my office?” He looked at her in alarm, and his body quickly moved to the side of the room. “I don’t remember provoking you recently!”

Shen Yu’s response startled Lan Jinyao. Why did she feel that Shen Yu was afraid of Chen Meimei? Maybe she could take advantage of this...

She coughed, then sternly said, “I’m here today because there’s a business proposition that I want to discuss with you!”

“Business? How can you possibly have any business with me? Don’t tell me that you want me to help you chase after Fu Bainian?” After spewing out these words, Shen Yu silently cursed; he’d just touched her sore spot! If he provoked Chen Meimei, she could very well kill him! And, unfortunately, it just so happened that there was currently no one else in his office, so there would be no witnesses.

Lan Jinyao’s face turned as black as ink. Her eyes narrowed dangerously, and she coldly stressed, “Shen Yu, are you trying to pick a fight with me?”

Shen Yu felt depressed as he quickly held up his hands. “No no! How could I ever dare?! I was just asking without thinking.”

Lan Jinyao slapped the coffee table, and the dull thud that echoed in the room made Shen Yu immediately shut his mouth.

Lan Jinyao rubbed her chest and took a few deep breaths to calm herself down. She then solemnly said to Shen Yu, “I don’t want to see Fu Bainian, so, the matter of the marriage certificate will be put off until I’m in a good mood. Now, the reason I’m looking for you is regarding my future development; I want to work hard in the entertainment circle. Therefore, I’m hoping you’ll give me an Agent.”

So she was talking about an Agent! Shen Yu breathed a sigh of relief. “No problem. Which Agent do you want to change to? We have plenty of talented people in our management division. As long as you don’t make trouble, you can pick whichever one you want!”

Lan Jinyao revealed a wicked smile as she slapped the table once more and said, “I’m a bold person, so I’ll just be straightforward about it. I fancy Li Qi, and it just so happens that he’s currently not managing anyone.”

“Li Qi? Chen Meimei, I didn’t realise your eyesight was so good. Li Qi is our company’s gold-medal Agent. Shen Wei’an was placed under his care before, but after a few days he gave up on her. How come you’re so confident that you’ll be able to convince Li Qi to become your Agent though?” He was becoming increasingly sceptical about this and thought that this girl’s head had gone awry.

“It doesn’t matter. As long as you agree, I’m sure that I can convince him!”

Shen Yu obviously didn’t believe her. “You? Hey, Chen Meimei, where did you get such confidence from? From the fat in your body?”

Lan Jinyao stood up straight and prepared to pounce on him. “You’re not allowed to call me fat behind my back. Yes, I’m fat, but why do you care? Besides, I can slim down again.”

Shen Yu quickly dodged before he quietly sneered. “You’ve never been slim in all the time I’ve known you. What do you mean by saying you’ll become thin again? That’s the greatest joke I’ve ever heard you say.”

“But...” He examined Chen Meimei from top to bottom, then said seriously, “Chen Meimei, are my eyes playing tricks on me? I see that you’ve really slimmed down a lot already. You seem to look better than you did before!”

Could it be that the blow Fu Bainian had dealt her was so tremendous that she’d started losing weight?

“It’s not your imagination; it’s true that I’ve lost weight!” She flung her hair over her shoulders like a conceited peacock and said proudly, “In the future, you’ll see that I’m actually a beautiful person. When that time comes, please don’t doubt your sharp eyes.”

It was usually challenging for a person to slim down because most people lacked the determination to stick to it till the very end. Many people would become worried and ask themselves: What if I still look ugly after losing weight? What should I do then?

“Anyway, do you agree or not?!” Lan Jinyao asked threateningly as her patience was running thin.

Ultimately, Shen Yu agreed. His only requirement was that she had to convince Li Qi herself.

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